Dinner and a Dungeon

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Chapter 1

It was the end of another twelve hour day for what had been a six day stretch for Amber. She slumped onto the sofa and rested for a bit. Stress squeezed the muscles in her neck and head, putting her fingertips to her temples she squeezed her eyes shut and rubbed in a circular motion. Just then the door opened and closed; she didn’t look up.

“Tired Cutie?” his voice filled her ears, brisk and soothing. His hand stroked the top of her head.

“Just work stress, it’s better now that you’re

here.” Amber stood and rested her head against his chest. “Do you need anything Lovey?”

“Yes I need you to go shower and dress for me, I’m in the mood to show off my toy tonight.”

“Yes Lovey, what would you like to see me in?”

“I put it out for you this morning, it’s on the bed.”

Amber didn’t question him any further; she turned slowly and went obediently to the bedroom. She stripped out of her green hospital scrubs and put them into the hamper. She didn’t want to look yet at the bed to see what he wanted her to wear. She knew it would only serve to excite her and she had not been given permission to masturbate in the shower.

She went into the bathroom and turned on the water, adjusting it until it was warm and steamy. She stepped inside and slid the door shut. The opaque glass had been replaced by a one way panel. Patrick had done that when they moved in. Once the door was shut, she could not see out, but he could see in. It pleased him to watch her as she washed herself for him. It was not out of the ordinary for him to be standing on the other side of the door hard and waiting when she stepped out. He usually took her right there on the bathroom floor. She never once denied him, she was his and that was that.

Amber stood and let the warm water flow over her. She only used soaps in the scents he preferred, she lathered the bubbles onto her skin and rinsed well. Patrick didn’t like it if her skin had any residue from the soap, if she was a good toy he would taste her tonight. She didn’t want anything to displease him should he see fit to reward her with the pleasure of his tongue. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine what things he may have in store for her tonight. Her body shivered in anticipation as images filled her mind. Her skin tingled as she thought of his flog stinging the backs of her thighs. Suddenly he was behind her, his hands clenched tightly around her wrists, his mouth next to her ear.

What are you thinking about toy?” he asked. She could never lie to him, so instead of speaking she lowered her head.

“Are you wet toy?” he asked bringing her hands together behind her back and holding them easily in one of his. “You better answer me.” He warned applying more pressure to her wrists.

“Yes” she whispered as his free hand traveled around her body and found the answer for himself. When his fingers slipped between the folds of her pussy, Amber did her best to control the shiver he caused, but he felt it. His fingers moved inside her, grazing the silver ring of her pierced clit hood.

“You’re dripping, and it’s not from the shower. Tsk Tsk…Bad girl… Feel what you did by being such a horny little toy.” Patrick took his hand from her pussy and pulled her against him. She felt his erection press roughly into the small of her back.

“Now you are going to kneel and suck me until I tell you to stop. Turn around.”

Amber turned and sank to her knees in front of him.

“Arms up, over your head.” he demanded.

She did as she was told reaching her arms into the air above her; he held them there in his fists.

Opening her mouth only a bit, Amber flicked her tongue over the tip of his cock. Her pussy tensed and she squeezed her thighs together instinctively. Patrick saw this and used his foot to force apart her knees.

“Uh ah, Toy no you don’t.”

Amber nodded and took him fully into his mouth. She sucked and licked him, worshiping his cock. Swirling her tongue over the tip then pushing her mouth down on him until he touched the back of her throat. Her tongue caressed his balls, licking the droplets of water from his skin. All the while her pussy clenched and dripped and her clit twitched with desire for what she was not allowed to have. Often she could come just from sucking him, with no actual touch at all. The thrill of his pleasure was enough to shake her body with waves of ecstasy. The shower was still on, the spray hit her back and rolled down making a trail that trickled into the crack of her ass, this intensified the sensation in her pussy. She was very close to coming and Patrick could sense the change in her breathing. With his free hand he reached down and pinched her nipple and pulled hard. Amber let out a startled cry.

“Don’t you dare come Toy.” He hissed. He had been conditioning her from the beginning to orgasm or not orgasm on his command. She took her mouth from him only long enough to speak her obedience aloud.

“I won’t Lovey.”

“Good girl.”

Patrick began to thrust deeply into her mouth, Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort while still holding her hands tightly above her head. When he started to come, he felt her gag slightly and try to move her head.

“I don’t think so… swallow… that’s it all of it.” He watched with satisfaction as she gulped his seed.

After the last spurts went down her throat, Amber sat back on her heels and lowered her head. Patrick reached down and lifted her chin. A tiny white trickle flowed from the corner of her mouth. Patrick wiped it with his finger.

“I said all of it.” He held his finger next to her lips. Amber sucked the tip of it clean.

“Very good girl, now dress while I shower. Don’t make me wait.”

“Yes Lovey.” Amber rose from her knees and exited the shower.

She wrapped a towel around herself and turned on the blow drier. Patrick’s head popped out from behind the shower door.

“No, I want it air dried.” He said

“Yes Lovey.” Amber replaced the hair drier on the shelf and went to dress.

In the bedroom, on the bed were the clothes he has chosen for her. There was a short black bustier, a tiny matching skirt, and a coat to go over it all. Patrick was very protective and he would not want anyone seeing her in the clothes he chose with out his permission. On the floor at the foot of the bed was a pair of black patent ballet heals. Amber put on the bustier; it was tight and cinched her waist in to a slim V shape. The skirt was short, only enough material to cover the very top of her ass. When she took it from the bed there was a pair of sheer black g-string panties beneath it. She pulled these on and tied the strings at each hip, then slid the skirt up and into place. It hung low on her hips, leaving a good four inches exposed between the waist band and the bottom of the bustier. The ballet heels were six inches high. She laced them in a crisscross pattern up her calves tying a simple bow at the back of each.

On the vanity her accessories for the night were spread out. She went over, sat in front of the mirror to began her makeup. Nothing extravagant, just powder, eyeliner, mascara and a little lip gloss. She picked up the silver U shaped ring lying on the vanity. This was for her septum piercing. Normally she wore a small ring that could easily be flipped up into her nostrils and out of site. She wasn’t ashamed of it, in fact quit the opposite, it was just that most people would be uncomfortable having a nurse with a ring hanging from her nose tending to them. She removed the smaller ring and held the large one between her fingers. As she secured it into place, she remembered when she first got the ring.

It had been only a few days after she accepted Patrick’s collar. In addition to him collaring her he wanted something else to symbolize she belonged only to him; something more intimate. He decided on a septum piercing, she had been thrilled to obey him. It was her most painful piercing so far, she remembered the pinch that made her eyes water, and the sting as the metal penetrated her flesh. She yelled when it went in and Patrick had whipped her ass red for it when they got home. He told her she was never to give her pain to anyone else and she loved him all the more for it.

Next she put on the black cuffs; one for each wrist, there was a small metal ring on each one. These rings would come in very handy later.

“You can’t forget this Cutie” Patrick said from behind her. He slid the leather collar around her neck and fastened it. Amber touched it lightly and gazed at herself in the mirror. She loved to see the collar on her neck. It made her feel special, wanted, privileged even. He had chosen her, to be his and only his. She wished she could wear it all the time but that was another thing that just wouldn’t be accepted in her profession. She had settled for wearing a silver chain anklet with a small lock on it for everyday, she only took this off when she wore her neck collar.

“Let me see you, stand up.”

Patrick took Amber’s hand and brought her to her feet. In the heels she was only an inch or less shorter than him. He looked her over from head to toe.

“Perfect…my perfect Toy.” he smile and placed a soft kiss on her cheek.

Amber beamed, she was a junky for his approval, his praise her drug of choice

“One more thing, my little doll. You are going to wear this tonight.” Patrick held up a small tear drop shaped lock in front of her. Amber wasn’t sure what it was, but she didn’t question him. Patrick guided her to the bed.

“Sit, spread your legs.”

Amber did as he asked. Patrick knelt in front of her and ran his finger over the silk strip of g-string covering her pussy. There was a small slit in the fabric she had not noticed before. With a little effort Patrick managed to fit her clit ring through it. Amber was trying not to wiggle as he manipulated the delicate area. Patrick passed the hook of the lock through the ring and closed it. He took a matchbox sized object from his pocket and pressed the button on Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort it. Vibrations shot up from the lock, to Amber’s clit causing her to fall back onto her elbows. Her head flew back and she arched her back.

“Fuuuuck Lovey….”

As quick as he had turned it on , Patrick turned it off.

“Maybe that’s too much to start…let’s try this.”

Patrick pressed the button again, but this time a slow steady vibration eased its way up the ring.

“MMmm” Amber groaned, sitting up straight again.

We’re going to have dinner at Rosa ‘s. I’ll keep this, and adjust it according to your behavior. You will not make any signs that it is there.”

He turned the vibe off and ordered her to stand. The lock was also weighted, causing a delightful sensation. Amber knew her clit would be throbbing by the end of the night, and she would be slowly sinking into the place only Patrick could take her. She loved it when he brought her into subspace little by little teasing and taunting her each step of he way.

Patrick took her coat from the bed and held it up for her to put on

“You’ll keep the coat on until I say to take it off.”

The coat fell just below mid thigh, it cinched tight at the waist, and the sleeves where long enough to cover the cuffs she wore. Her collar was still visible and Amber was thrilled that he was allowing her to publicly display her devotion to him, although few people knew the actual meaning of her most cherished possession. Most people probably thought she simply had eccentric taste in jewelry.

“Yes Lovey, is there anything else?”

“That’s all for now. I have a car for us tonight. Let’s go.” Patrick offered her his arm, and she took it. Positioning herself at his side, but still slightly behind him.

The car was waiting in the drive when Patrick and Amber stepped outside. The driver came around and opened the back door for them. His eyes roved over Amber from her slightly tussled blond locks, down the slant of her nose, pausing at the ring, lower over the cinched coat to the top of her bare thighs, then to the high laced ballet heels.

Amber felt Patrick grip her arm tighter as he shot the driver a territorial glare. He was like an alpha wolf staring down a lesser male of his pack. The driver’s eyes immediately averted Patrick’s. Amber giggled to herself. If they had been wolves this driver would have been on his back, with his neck exposed in submission to her mate, her awesome, dominate, Master. Her heart fluttered and her pussy moistened at his effortless display of power.

” Rosa ‘s restaurant, down town.” Patrick said, his warning to the driver in his tone and not in his words.

“Yes Sir I know where it is.” The driver said quickly, keeping his eyes low.

Patrick motioned for Amber to get into the back seat, she gracefully maneuvered her body into the seat, Patrick settled in next to her and the driver closed the door behind them. As the car hummed into motion, Amber turned her gaze to Patrick. She stared in awe at him; she studied every curve of his face. He must have felt her looking at him, he turned and stared back. He brushed her cheek with the back of his hand, when his fingers left her skin, a wave pulsed through her clit. As she had been instructed earlier Amber made no indication of the weighted lock’s vibrations through her pussy. She kept her eyes steady and her face like stone as Patrick increased the speed. Her wetness was starting to seep into the fabric of her panties, pretty soon they would be soaked through, still she sat still. She concentrated on her breathing, the lock felt as though it was heating up, Amber’s head was swimming and a sigh rose in her throat. She tried to swallow the sound but her body shook ever so lightly when she did.

“I felt that, Toy.” Patrick scolded abruptly halting all sensation to her teased and tingling clit. “And I’ll remind you of it later.”

Patrick’s hand moved to Amber’s thigh, and rested there briefly before traveling higher. His fingers were met by the slick wet satin between her thighs. Patrick smiled slightly, glanced at the driver, who was focusing intently on the road, and pressed hard against her sensitive clit.

“Come for me Toy, but no squirting. We wouldn’t want to make a mess on the nice leather seats.”

Instantly Amber’s knees squeezed together, her ankles splayed and her eyes rolled back. Her muscles contracted, and Patrick felt her pussy quiver. A small noise escaped her throat. Patrick watched the reaction her body had to his command. She writhed in her seat, her mouth a tight slit, her nostrils flared. She was starting to tremble. He kissed her forehead.

“Enough.” He said in a low voice.

Amber slumped against Patrick, her eyes dreamy and half closed, her breathing slowly returning to normal.

“Sit up, and fix your clothes, we’re here.”

“Yes Lovey, thank you.” Amber whispered, as she adjusted her coat and cuffs.

The car pulled to a stop in the parking lot of Rosa ‘s and the driver opened Ümraniye Vip Escort the door. Patrick stepped out of the car and offered Amber’s his hand. She eased herself from the seat. Still shaken from the orgasm he had given her, she planted the spiked heels carefully onto the pavement and stood. Taking his arm they made their way into Rosa ‘s. The ballet heels forced Amber’s steps to be short and slow. Patrick liked the look they gave to her stride and silhouette when she wore them. It had taken her a few weeks practice and some pretty nasty spills to be able to walk functionally in them, but it had been worth it to have his appreciation and approval, the first time she came into their room wearing them. He had held her legs high in the air by the heels while fucking her breathless and raw. She came eight times that night, and they had only played for an hour because Patrick had been exhausted from a long day at work.

“After you Cutie.” Patrick said opening the door for Amber to enter.

He placed his hand possessively on the small of her back as he guided her to the back of Rosa ‘s. Amber could feel eyes on her and there were some hushed whispers as they crossed the restaurant. She pulled her hair back over her shoulders and held her head high, proudly displaying her collar and septum ring. This display of pride pleased Patrick, he liked that she was confident and sure of herself. It made her submission to him more meaningful. She surrendered her will to him by choice, and trusted her mind and body in his care.

They sat in the back corner; the table was dimly lit by a small electric candle. They could see the entire restaurant clearly, but most of the other patrons would have to turn in their seats to see them. When the waitress came around Patrick ordered for both of them. They conversed about the week’s events over the appetizer. Between courses Patrick sent Amber to the bathroom. She went with out question, even though she really didn’t need to use the restroom.

In the bathrooms powder area were two older, richly dressed women. They each followed Amber with their eyes as she passed them. When Amber came back to the powder area to wash her hands they were still there. She saw them raise eyebrows at each other in the mirror. Amber made sure he cuffs were seen by them as she dried her hands.

“Costume party, Dear?” One of them asked in nasally better than thou voice.

Amber finished drying her hands, and disposed of the napkin. She looked at each of them in the eyes, then answered.

“No, Dungeon party, Ladies. Would you like the address, from the looks of you two biddies, you both could use a good ass caning.”

The mouths of the two women gapped open. It was a full five seconds before one of them spoke.


“Oh I don’t doubt that.” Amber shot back, then left the bathroom.

When Amber got back to the table Patrick had adjusted the position on her chair closer to his. There was a look of mischief on his angular face. The main course was on the table waiting. Amber sat and reached for her silverware. Patrick’s hand moved over her’s, stopping her.

“No, a good Toy earns her dinner, hands at your side. Raise you ass.”

Amber dropped her hands and lifted her ass off of the chair. Patrick pulled the back of the coat up.

“Now sit.”

Amber sank back onto the chair. The cool leather now pressed against her ass cheeks.

“I want you to keep your ass planted right there Toy. Now open your napkin.”

Amber reached for the folded linen square and opened it. Inside was a small bottle of lubricant. She took it from the table and looked at Patrick for further instructions. He picked up the napkin and laid it across his lap.

“Now… earn your supper Toy.” He demanded.

Amber placed a few drops of the lube in her hand, and then slipped it under the napkin. His cock was rock hard and waiting for her touch, as she encircled it with her fingers. She stroked him lightly at first, glancing around to see if anyone was watching. Her worry was wiped away when she felt the lock buzz to life on her clit.

“Mm…” she sighed, increasing her speed on Patrick’s cock.

“No noise.” He ordered.

Amber nodded and continued stroking him. His cock was so solid, like steel, she lusted for it to fill her, to pound her to her core. Her pussy ached for him, the lock whirring her clit to madness. Her hand gripped him and slid down his shaft, back up, pausing to stimulate the head, then down again. The muscles in his thighs were beginning to tense. As he got closer to release he was increasing the speed of the vibrations.

“Use your other hand on yourself, Toy. Stick your fingers into your sopping greedy cunt.” He told her.

Amber gratefully moved aside her panties and started to finger fuck herself. She matched her strokes on Patrick’s cock with her rhythmic prodding of her hot little hole. The combination of the wonderfully hard cock in her hand, the vibrating lock on her clit and her finger banging against her g-spot was sending her flying. She felt Patrick’s cock jump and he brought his hand up to the back of her neck curling his fingers into her hair. He pulled hard, the quick tinge of pain was all Amber needed to fall over the edge of reason and rational thought. Patrick could see the tendons in her neck strain in effort to stay absolutely quiet.

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