Do it! Ch. 07

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Ted…Master, had been away now for the better part of a week, he returned just before the weekend, though I’d only heard that he had, glad in a way that I hadn’t run into him myself after what Bella told me.

“Worst mood he’s ever been in since I’ve known him,” she said confiding in me.

“Whys that do you suppose?” I now asked.

“The Grayson account,” she said simply. “He’s been involved in it on and off now for nearly two years. Every time he thinks he’s got it nailed down, something happens, something changes. But we all know, it has something to do with the President of the company herself…Sybil Grayson. Every time Ted thinks that he’s got this one wrapped up, she throws him a curve ball, some new wrinkle she’s not happy with, wants more research done. Doesn’t really care about the money, pays him whatever he tells her it’s going to cost. In the beginning, he even made the prices so steep, he thought she’d either capitulate, or fire us…either or. She did neither. She paid, and paid…and then kept asking for other things. It’s gotten to the point now, that Master’s becoming almost consumed by it, trying to find a way to finally wrap things up, and come out ahead when he does. He’s been working on that account again this week, and apparently from what I’ve heard since his return, he’s no closer now than he ever was. I think he’s about ready to throw in the towel, and I can assure you…it would be the first time he’s ever done that, and it’s not sitting too well with him either.”

I had dealt with a few hardheaded women in my time as well, but I couldn’t recall any as being quite this stubborn or hard to work with, save for one. It turned out she in fact hated men…almost to the point of obsession, and because she did, she had made what should have been a very easy investment, turn into a living nightmare. That was…until I personally got involved.

“I wonder if it’s a man thing,” I asked. “Maybe…she just doesn’t like Ted?”

“Yeah, we wondered about that in the beginning as well. Ted even hired on a woman who he felt had the credentials, and expertise to put this one to bed. Unfortunately, that didn’t work out either, for some inexplicable reason, Ms. Grayson seemed to become even harder to work with, eventually telling Ted that if he didn’t replace the woman, and actively work the account himself, she’d sue him for breach of contract. And so…here we are again. Master’s frustrated, there’s been no real headway, and he’s ready to cave in, even if it means losing several million dollars in a lawsuit.”

“I wonder if Ted…Master, would let me look into it…into her?” I asked curiously. I had after all, done other things outside of simply being his “Companion”, to which I felt like I had pleased him, achieving the results he had hoped for and expected.

“I’ll mention it…suggest it,” Bella told me. “But don’t get your hopes up. I seriously doubt Ms. Grayson would enjoy having to work with you, any more than the other woman Ted hired when trying that before. So it’s highly unlikely…but as I said, I’ll ask…and we’ll see.”


Needless to say, I was surprised two days later when Bella came walking into my room unannounced.

“Sorry Maringa, but Ted needs you…right away, tonight,” she told me. He’s already booked you another suite where he’s staying. I’ve already ordered clothing to be delivered to your room, which should be there by the time you arrive.”

“Where am I going?” I asked anxiously, wondering how much time I had, and what I needed to prepare for.

“You’re flying out to San Diego…now. You’ll be checking in at the Hotel Del Coronado, Ted has chartered a plane for you, which will be waiting for us by the time we get there. Deidra and I are coming along with you as well, and we’ll fill you in along the way. As I understand it…Master finally did come up with some fairly useful information, though it cost him a pretty penny in doing so. He’s hoping that what he’s discovered, found out…might prove useful to him. Useful enough…to be able to use it, and perhaps gain some leverage and finally wrap this project up once and for all. But the bottom line is…you’ll be having dinner with him, and Ms. Grayson this evening, and then cocktails afterwards back in her own Penthouse there at the resort.”

“Where will the two of you be?” I then asked.

Deidra and Bella smiled at one another, finally looking at me. “We’ll be available and ready…at your beck and call, afterwards,” they said.


“Yeah…afterwards. Now…read this,” she said handing me a manila envelope, which obviously contained a bit of new information in it. “Masters hoping that from what he’s found and discovered, that your arrival, might actually end all this. Hopefully anyway. It might not be much, but it’s all we have,” she added.

I began reading through the few letters, documents, and even a private investigators report. Alone, none of them added up too much of anything. But all gathered together as I read through them, going back…reading through them again, they began to paint a very, very interesting picture for me. Suddenly, I began putting Ümraniye Esmer Escort a few thoughts of my own together.

“She’s smiling,” Deidra said as I glanced up at the two of them.

“Yes she is, you come up with anything?” Bella asked.

“I don’t know…maybe. If I’m wrong however…”

“If you’re wrong, then we’re no worse off than we already are,” Bella said. “But if you’re right…if there is something useful here, I know for a fact, you will make Ted…Master…a very happy man. And I for one, would prefer seeing him happy again, as opposed to becoming the very defeated looking man he’s suddenly started turning into.”

Once again I smiled. “It might be a long shot, but if what I’m thinking is correct…it might be our only shot. Just how far are the two of you…and Master, willing to go to help me do this?” I now asked.

Once again my dear friends looked at one another knowingly. “We’ll go as far as you want or need us to go,” Bella said. “The question is…will Master?”

And that I knew…might turn out to be the key to everything. “Is there any way I can reach him by phone? Even before we land?” I then asked.

“Sure…I can get him for you momentarily,” Bella informed me.

“Good…but just one more thing.”

“What’s that?” Bella asked.

“It might be better if I spoke to him alone when I do…he might not be as willing to do it as he might need to be, and secondly…if he isn’t, there’s no point on involving the two of you in that conversation either.”

I could see that both Bella and Deidra were curious about whatever it was I’d come up with. But under the circumstances, I felt until I’d discussed this personally with Ted, see what he thought…how he felt about it, especially as I now knew, he’d be involved in an entirely different way beyond anything he might have considered, or even be open too. So until we spoke about it, there was no point in letting on what it was I’d come up with.

“You can talk to him up in the stewards area,” Bella told me walking back towards me. “He’s already waiting on the line for you.”

I swallowed, stood…and hurriedly made my way forward again. I had no idea how Ted was going to take this. But it was the only thing I could personally come up with.


“You want to do what?” Ted nearly screamed at me over the phone. “You’re not serious!” he added calming down…though only slightly. He was at least thinking about it. “What makes you believe that will work? I’ve been working on and off with her now for the past two years…I don’t see…”

“Trust me,” I said actually interrupting him. “After all…Master,” I now added. “What have you…we, got to lose?”

He was quiet…considering it.

“If you’re wrong…”

“Then I’m wrong…and willing to accept whatever punishment comes my way because of it. But…If I’m right, then maybe this will soon be over with. And if it is…if I am right, then I expect to be paid fair compensation for my efforts.”

He actually laughed at that.

“All right…agreed. On both counts. So you’d do well to keep that in mind Maringa,” his tone of voice suddenly threatening. Though he soon lightened up somewhat again. “So, what is it you need me to do?” He now asked.

And I began telling him.


I was admittedly nervous as I began dressing for dinner. Bella and Deidra had selected a variety of evening gowns for me to look at and try on. But the moment I saw the elegant white dress, I knew immediately that’s the one I’d be wearing. It was fairly low-cut, though without being too vulgar or obscene, but the whole purpose of my selection was because it was slit up on the left side nearly all the way to my upper thigh. Perfect for what I had in mind, though it would entail Ted’s sitting to the left of me at the dinner table. Though even that might have to be changed once we arrived at the downstairs restaurant, dependent upon our seating.

I had continued to look over Sybil’s dossier, gleaning what I could from it, slowly putting together a picture of who the woman really was, though there was very little there all by itself that Ted wouldn’t have already devoured as well, trying to learn something more about this woman. What made her tick, what were her weaknesses in addition to her obvious strengths. There wasn’t much, but there was something that had given me a hunch about her. There would of course be an element of risk involved with this, I was going on my gut feeling here. And what made me nervous the most, was what if I was wrong? If I was…then there would no doubt be hell to pay, and I knew there and then, Master would make me pay it, especially if I truly fucked this up.

I knew Sybil’s photo wouldn’t do her justice. Not when I saw her in real life, no doubt dressed to the nines for dinner. The posh restaurant right there at the hotel would make things easier for later…hopefully, if things proved out to be correct. If they did, then a few hours from now, we’d be back here in my room, where Bella and Deidra both would be prepared and waiting for me.

“So…you got everything you need then? Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort Any questions?” Neither of them did, though they looked just as nervous about this as I was.

“We’ll be here…waiting for you, just as you asked. I just hope you’re right about her,” Bella cautioned me for the umpteenth time already.

“I’m almost certain I am, but we’ll soon find out won’t we?” I stated, and then gathered my small matching carry purse, and proceeded on down to the restaurant, purposely being fashionably late, though only by a few minutes. Just enough to hopefully ensure they would both be there waiting for me at the bar were we’d agreed to meet before going in and sitting down to dinner.

Sybil was as I expected, a ravishing beauty. Dressed elegantly in her own somewhat revealing, black floor-length gown, she looked the picture and part of someone well to do, accustomed to the finer things in life, and expecting them. She was tall for a woman as well, giving her an additional sense of power and authority, and easily six feet, just as tall, if not an inch taller in fact that Ted was. She had purposely pulled her long shoulder-length blonde hair up in a French bun, giving her additional height. Her breasts full, showing plenty of cleavage, just as mine were, without giving the whole show away, though simple moves in one direction or another would certainly show more than they did. At just forty-four years of age, she looked ten years younger than that, no doubt a distinct advantage over men…even men like Ted who thought they had years of experience over her. Many found in dealing with her, just how wrong they truly were. Not only had she amassed a vast fortune, she was savvy in using it, as well as being intelligent enough to know how to mix that, along with her obvious sexuality to get whatever it was that she wanted. Sybil Grayson was known for her ruthlessness when it came to matters of business. More than one man had fallen by the wayside, giving in to her demands, something she was content to ride out no matter how long, until she’d finally gotten what she wanted.

In Ted…she had met her fiercest challenge, but even he was beginning to tire of her head games.

I soon saw the two of them sitting at the bar together. Ted spotting me across the way as I approached, standing.

“Ah, Maringa. I’d like to introduce you to…Ms. Grayson.”

“Please, call me Sybil,” she said as she offered her hand to me, which I then took, shaking it.

“It’s nice to meet you,” I responded, taking a quick breath, purposely eying her. “I like your dress, very beautiful, shows off your tits very well.”

Standing off to one side and slightly behind her, I saw Ted’s eyebrows raise at the comment, as well as a somewhat surprised look on Sybil’s face too at my bold comment about her breasts. I had wanted to accomplish two things in doing that, saying that. One…to catch her off guard, and then cause her to raise her guard up just a little bit. Two, it was important for me to let her know that I wasn’t intimidated either by her beauty or her wealth. I might not have been her equal in matters of business, but I wanted to let her know, I found myself as equally attractive, and self confident as she was in simply being a woman.

“Ah well…thank you. I ah…yours are, beautiful as well,” she stammered slightly before reasserting herself. “Would you care for something from the bar? Or should we be seated for dinner?” She asked.

“Why don’t we be seated. I’ll order a wine at the table,” I told them both. I knew the next part would be critical to my plans, and though I’d be winging it to some extent, I also knew I had Ted’s blessings to do so…up until the time at least that I’d proven myself wrong, if indeed I was.

We were soon escorted towards a small table set for four, near one of the big picturesque windows looking out over the ocean. It was obviously one of the best seats in the house, but it wasn’t at all conducive for what I had in mind. When asked if our seats were acceptable, I immediately spoke before anyone else could.

“Actually no…I’d much rather prefer a cozy, private booth,” I stated once again seeing Ted’s surprised expression, as well as a rather dismayed looking one coming from Sybil as I hurriedly looked about the seating area. I found what I was looking for, but it was also currently occupied. “That one…that one over there,” I said indicating which one I meant, though the Maitre’ d looked at me bewilderedly. Though it still had a reasonably nice view of the ocean, it wasn’t exactly the best seating arrangement, that we could have had.

“I’m sorry, but…” he began.

“Yes, yes…I know. “Tell them to trade tables with us. Tell them that I will also pay for their dinner if they do, oh…and also tell them they can order a bottle of your best wine as further compensation for accommodating us.”

“Yes mam!” The Maitre’ d responded bowing, and then quickly headed off towards the other table with my request.

Somewhat put off by my request, Sybil turned towards Ted, speaking to him as though I wasn’t even there, asking him directly. Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort “I thought you said Maringa was your assistant,” she stated curiously, letting him know she wasn’t at all happy at my seemingly rude request.

“In matters of business…yes,” he began, to which I quickly interrupted.

“But in matters outside business, our necessary roles reverse to some degree,” I informed her, once again briefly catching Ted’s slightly discomforting smile as I said that. Luckily for me, the other couple had quickly and happily agreed to the exchange as a small army of waiters quickly accommodated both parties. We were soon shown to our “booth”, though Sybil was still clearly put out by the unexpected exchange. One more quick maneuver effectively positioned me, as well as placing Ted, where I wanted him. Sybil sliding in first, to which I then stepped in front of him, saying “thank you,” and slipping in next to her. It obviously left Ted no choice but to slide in next to me, though I quickly grabbed his hand in the event he might have actually walked around in order to sit on Sybil’s side of the table.

Once seated, and left alone for a moment after taking new drink orders, Sybil spoke, an irritated tone of voice clearly coming through. “I don’t know why you chose this table over that one, the views much better over there,” she said testily.

“Yes it is…but it’s much easier, a lot more privacy here,” I responded back. “I have a very wet cunt at the moment, which needs fingering. And now Ted can do so without fear of anyone seeing him doing it,” I said holding in a smile as I saw her eyes suddenly open wide in obvious shock at my blunt comment. I could only imagine what Ted’s face must have looked like, though I had warned him earlier to try and not look too shocked, or too surprised by anything I said or did. Sybil once again looked past me, speaking to Ted.

“Is she always like this whenever the two of you are out together?”

Without turning to look at him, seeing his answer, I merely smiled at Sybil instead, pleased to hear what he said, and how he said it when he responded back to her. “Maringa is simply…Maringa. She keeps my social life interesting,” he said to Sybil. “I’ve learned to accept and allow her whatever she wants.”

Sybil’s face once again took on a new look as she eyed me a bit more appreciatively than she had before, though still shocked perhaps, taken aback by my lurid comment. “Well Ted? Like I said…I have a very wet horny cunt at the moment, which would appreciate some much needed attention if you wouldn’t mind.”

In seconds I felt Ted’s hand sliding up my thigh, surmising perhaps now the reason for sitting on that side of me as his hand traveled up, immediately finding my bare pussy. Which was in fact, wet, slick…which I’d purposely ensured earlier, though my own natural juices had likewise come to the rescue in addition to that.

“That’s it honey…finger that slick hot pussy, let me hear it,” I told him smiling demurely at Sybil who continued looking at me with a mixture of shock…disgust perhaps, though there was also a hint of a bemused smile showing in her eyes. I was quite slick, the decadent sounds of his fingering easily heard as I even caught Sybil looking down towards my lap, hearing the slippery sounding juices as Ted’s finger worked itself in and out of me. I smiled looking up, our waiter then just returning to take our dinner selections. Ted began to withdraw his hand, but I was prepared for that, quickly capturing it between my legs as I squeezed his hand there between them. “Don’t you dare, I didn’t give you permission to remove your hand yet.” I waited, pausing, “Now…keep tickling my clit with your finger,” I told him having waited to make sure that the waiter who’d only then reached our table, heard every word that I said. He too paused looking at me, and then at Ted, a slight blush coming into his face as he stood there. “Well then, we ready to order?” I asked.


I made Ted finger me while we waited for our dinner, ensuring that Sybil could obviously hear the slickness of my cunt as he continued playing with me. Several times I glanced over, gauging her reaction, though she was fidgeting in her seat, she did her level best to put on airs of annoyance at times. And yet, other times, seeing her shift as she did, antsy…I got the distinct impression this was getting to her in another way. Sybil as I’d hoped…was becoming aroused.

“If you’d like…I can have Ted finger you for a while, or…I can if you’d prefer,” I said easily taking another bite of my dinner, taking a sip of wine in washing it down with as she lifted her napkin to her mouth, wiping it.

“I’m fine. Thank you,” she said politely enough, not quite as annoyed in her response as she’d been pretending to be earlier. “I will admit, if you don’t mind my saying,” she then said turning towards me a little, and in doing so, causing one of her breasts to show far more than it had been earlier. I had surmised right myself, a simple twist of her gown would indeed almost expose it, I had to assume with her positioning, she clearly knew that. “You’re a very interesting woman indeed, a bit brash in some ways…but I find myself intrigued by that. Intrigued by who you really are, and what you obviously want and enjoy out of life. In some ways perhaps, you and I have similar beliefs and tastes in things…especially in men,” she then added actually smiling towards Ted.

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