Falcon and Domino Ch. 13

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Falcon was apprehensive as he entered Domino’s lair. He immediately felt the warmth, and saw a portable heater in the first room. He noticed the two mannequins dressed in his and Domino’s spare costumes. His eyes were then drawn to the corner, where two blankets covered stationary objects. When he lifted them, he found the dead bodies of a scruffily dressed, elderly man and woman. He instantly recognised them as Fred and Freda — a homeless couple who had lived amongst the other vagrants. It looked as if they had died from inhaling toxic gases. He then examined the heater and discovered a leak that was omitting poisonous fumes.

‘They wouldn’t have known anything about it,’ said a voice from behind him, and when he turned around, saw Domino. ‘Fred and Freda must have come in here to shelter from the sub-zero temperatures. They turned the heating on, and didn’t realise it was unsafe to do so. They died peacefully while they were sleeping.’

Domino walked into the large room and Falcon followed her, only to find the room was now almost empty. All he could see was the large table, with a first-aid kit, an opened tin of paint and Raven’s armoured bracelets. He noticed the charred remains of Raven’s boots amongst the ashes in the grate.

‘What have you done to Raven?’ he demanded.

‘She’ll be safely home by now, but she did cause some problems. I’ve always ensured that my lair was secure to prevent the vagrants coming in. But on Wednesday night, Raven came here and blasted off the door lock. She unknowingly was responsible for Fred and Freda’s deaths.’

‘It’s over Domino,’ said Falcon, as he drew his stungun and pointed it at her. ‘Lansdown has a private army out there. Whatever you do to me, you won’t stop him from demolishing this place. I want you to give me the disc of the master recording, and I’ll leave.’ Domino walked towards him, so that his stungun was touching her stomach. Falcon knew that a point blank shot could be fatal.

‘Go ahead Dirk. If you want to shoot me, then no one’s going to stop you.’ Then unexpectedly she peeled off his hood. ‘I’ve told you to remove that when you come in here,’ she reprimanded him. Falcon was taken aback by her bold action, but remained resolute as he held his stungun against her.

‘It doesn’t matter. You’ve seen my face many times. What does matter is this,’ he said, prodding his stungun into her. Domino unclasped his utility belt and threw it beneath the table, which didn’t impress Falcon. ‘That’s just feeble. I’ve got the only weapon I need here in my hand.’ He prodded her with his stungun again, but knew she was too close to fire, without risking her life. Then Domino tugged his trunks, as she slipped her hand inside his tights and grabbed his cock.

‘And I’ve got the only weapon I need here in my hand,’ she said, as she began stroking his cock. ‘You’re holding a weapon that can destroy me. But I’m holding something much more powerful. I have the ability to destroy you, or to take you to a magical place of extreme pleasure. So who’s holding the most powerful weapon?’ As her fingers gently caressed his cock, Falcon soon became fully erect. He loosened his grip on his stungun, and Domino casually took it from him and dropped it in the paint tin, thus immobilising it.

Falcon contemplated his situation. Minutes earlier, he was about to capture Domino. Yet now, he stood before her, having once again been unmasked and disarmed, while she casually played with his cock. ‘You’ll never defeat me Dirk. I’m simply too powerful for you,’ she said, as she continued to caress him. ‘Do you enjoy this? Do you like being striped and fondled by me?’ Falcon looked at her, but said nothing. ‘Please tell me. I want to know if I’ve excited you during our encounters. Have you enjoyed me dominating you?

Falcon opened his mouth to speak. ‘Well, I…’

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion from the front of the warehouse, followed by the sound of heavy footsteps approaching them. Domino removed her hand, and Falcon quickly pulled on his hood. Two men entered, both wearing black combat uniforms and gasmasks. The first man was pointing a pistol at Falcon and Domino, and the second man was carrying a backpack. The first man removed his gasmask, to reveal his face. He had ugly deep-set eyes, and resembled a fighter who had been hit too many times. The second man removed his gasmask to reveal his familiar face.

‘Well, what have we here?’ said Aaron Lansdown, as he removed his backpack, before turning to the first man. ‘Get her Len.’ Len grabbed Domino and pinned her down on the floor. Lansdown slid the backpack across the table to Falcon, and signalled for him to open it. When Falcon unzipped it, he saw several wads of dollar bills. ‘There’s a million dollars there. It’s all yours Falcon. You’ve earned it.’

‘I can’t accept this Mr Lansdown,’ said Falcon. ‘I don’t deserve it.’

‘Of course you do. The winos and whores have all gone, and I can start my project at last.’ Lansdown turned to his accomplice. ‘Do it Len.’

Len grabbed Domino’s left arm and pushed his foot down on it, xslot causing a loud crack. Domino screamed as her forearm broke. Lansdown turned to Falcon again. ‘I would appreciate it if you take your million bucks and leave now Falcon. You don’t have to witness this.’

‘Wait!’ Falcon said. ‘Let me take her with me. I’ll hand her in to the police.’

‘It’s too late for that now,’ Lansdown replied. ‘This bitch has cost me a fortune over the last six months. But she can’t cause me any more problems now.’ Domino screamed as Len pressed his foot down on her broken arm. Len then stepped away, as Lansdown took the pistol and stood over Domino, holding the pistol to her head. ‘I’ll deal with this bitch myself. It’ll give me great pleasure. Please take your money and leave now Falcon.’

Falcon knew that Lansdown was intending to murder Domino, and he didn’t want him to witness it. The millions dollars was a bribe for Falcon’s silence. Lansdown had a pistol, and a heavyweight henchman with him. Falcon was unarmed and powerless to prevent a murder. He didn’t want it to end this way. He looked at the objects on the table, as he heard Lansdown yelling at him to leave. He looked at Domino, who lay on the floor in agony beneath Lansdown’s foot.

‘Help me please Falcon,’ she pleaded, as Lansdown laughed at her plea. Falcon looked deeply into Domino’s eyes. ‘Please Falcon. I don’t think you’re a fruitcake in a costume.’

Lansdown cocked the pistol and prepared to fire. Suddenly, Falcon rushed forward and grabbed Raven’s bracelet. He pressed a sensor, which fired a dart into Lansdown’s arm. Lansdown cried out and pulled back his arm, as his finger squeezed the trigger. The sound of the gunshot echoed around the room, and when it was silent again. Lansdown was on his knees, paralysed and unable to move — the smoking gun still in his hand. Falcon turned around to see Len sprawled on the floor, with blood gushing from the bullet hole between his motionless eyes.

Falcon looked at Domino, who was writhing on the floor in agony. He examined her arm, and found it was a clean break. He put on his utility belt and took a morphine-filled syringe from one of the pockets, and injected Domino’s left arm. He then took a bandage from the first aid kit, and tied two pieces of wood around her forearm in a splint. ‘This will help,’ he told her.

Falcon went into the rear room and removed the costumes from the mannequins. He then uncovered Fred and Freda’s bodies, and undressed them.

When he returned to the large room, Lansdown was still motionless, holding the gun, but Domino had now passed out. Falcon put Raven’s bracelets in the backpack, before putting it on his back. He then picked up Domino’s unconscious body and carried her through the warehouse, past the now bare mannequins and out into the cold night air. He placed her on the ground and picked up a piece of burning firewood from a bonfire. Falcon re-entered the warehouse and threw the flaming wood at the leaking heater. He ran outside, just as the room exploded in a fireball behind him.

Falcon carefully picked up Domino and carried her around the perimeter of the warehouse until he reached the arches at the front. He watched as two fire engines arrived, and the firefighters stormed through the front door.

Falcon carried Domino back to his apartment, and laid her on his bed. He gently shook her and she slowly regained consciousness.

‘Dirk?’ she said. ‘How did we get to your apartment?’

‘It’s OK,’ he said. ‘It’s all over. Lansdown’s shot himself in the foot — or at least, shot his henchman in the head.’ Domino looked at her arm. ‘I’ll take you to a hospital to get your arm set.’

‘No,’ she said. ‘We’ll go in the morning. I’ll be alright till then.’ Domino stood up and faced Falcon. Then leaned forward and kissed him. ‘I love you Dirk.’

He removed her mask. As he did so, her blonde wig fell away and her long black hair dropped down. ‘And I love you Sadie.’

‘When did you know?’ she asked.

‘In your lair tonight, when you made that remark about “a fruitcake in a costume”. That was something I only ever said to you and Lansdown. No one else could have known.’

‘I owe you an explanation,’ she said, as Falcon looked at her expectantly. ‘I moved to this city to study science at university. When I graduated, I got a job with a pharmaceutical company, but then got laid off and was unemployed for a while. During that time I meet Prudence and she became a close friend. She had previously left her violent husband, and moved in with her grandfather. He was a nice old man with an obsession with playing dominoes. He had been a champion domino player when he was a boy in Jamaica. Whenever I met him, he would challenge me to a game — and soundly beat me every time!’

‘She invited me to the Pilkington Lane Ladies Social Group, where she introduced me to Anna, Sally and Soo Li. Much later I met Charlotte. As I joined in their tranquil activities, I realised I was lucky to have such good friends. Then I got the job as Aaron Lansdown’s assistant.’

Sadie xslot Giriş paused briefly before continuing.

‘It was only a matter of time before I was invited to The Kandy Klub. I hadn’t experienced anything like that before, but soon realised that the members were just ordinary people with a mild fetish. I would watch Prudence and the others playing harmless adult games through role play. I found it reassuring that they could interact with men in this way, having previously suffered domestic abuse. Then one evening, I went outside and saw the nightladies. When I spoke to them, I realised that they were also victims of circumstances. Some had suffered domestic violence, many were on drugs and some even had children — although most of those had been taken away by the Child Protective Services. In other words, the nightladies were also victims, who had been forced into a life they didn’t want.’

She looked at Falcon who was mesmerised.

‘Shortly afterwards, I discovered that Aaron Lansdown had bought the land and was intending to demolish the whole of the red-light district to build offices and luxury apartments for wealthy clients. He didn’t care about the nightladies and vagrants, but knew he couldn’t forcibly evict them, as it would be bad publicity for him. He wanted the cops to clear his land, but they saw the nightladies as nothing more than an inconvenience, and didn’t consider prostitution a serious offence. They would only make the occasion token arrest, and often would do nothing, in exchange for a freebie.’

‘Lansdown knew that if the cops wouldn’t take care of the nightladies, then Falcon would. You have a reputation as an honest crimefighter with high morals. I knew the nightladies weren’t afraid of the cops, but they were scared of you. It was only a matter of time before you did the cops dirty work and captured all of them. Once the land had been redeveloped, the vagrants would have nowhere to live, and the nightladies would lose their only source of income. I knew I had to use my inside knowledge to thwart Lansdown’s operation. It was while I was at The Kandy Klub, that I noticed how much the dominatrices would control their male slaves, and often subject them to humiliation. I knew that the only way to stop Falcon, would be to trap and humiliate you, so that you wouldn’t return.’

‘I discovered the old warehouse and equipped it with some unwanted pieces of S&M furniture from The Kandy Klub. I designed my costume using the dominatrices as inspiration, and decided to wear a wig as well as a mask, to protect my identity from any of Lansdown’s cronies who might see me. I also disguised my voice for good measure. All I needed was a name for my alter-ego. Then while playing Prudence’s grandfather at dominoes, I finally beat him. He was shocked to lose, but accepted defeat gracefully. He laughed as he slammed his final domino tile on the table, and told me that I whipped his ass. I knew that my new creation would be called Domino.’

Falcon nodded and listened intently.

‘In order to lure you into my lair, I laid the bait by robbing a few local convenience stores. The staff had no idea that I was using an imitation pistol. I only took a few hundred dollars from their tills, but I knew they would call the cops — and then call their insurance companies. A few days later, I would return and discretely leave the cash in an unmarked bag for them to find — although I doubt whether they told their insurance companies about that!’

‘I then arranged for the nightladies to start the rumours about me, to lay a trail to my lair. It was easy for me to set my traps, as I majored in science and knew exactly what to do. I knew the knockout gas, electric shocks and sedatives would all temporarily disable you, without causing any permanent effects. I simply wanted to get the upper hand, and the last thing I wanted to do was cause you any serious injury.’

‘So everything was organized methodically?’ asked Falcon.

‘Yes – to the exact milligram of sedative in my heels, to the number of volts in my mask. My intention was to simply unmask you, and release you once I had done so. I knew that no one had ever seen Falcon’s face before, and I figured that you wouldn’t return to the place where you had been unmasked. I used a hidden camera to film it, but only as a precaution.’

‘Why didn’t you release me after removing just my mask?’

Sadie bowed her head in the manner of a naughty child. ‘I’m afraid I got carried away. When I saw your handsome face and muscular body inside your tight fitting costume, I knew I wanted to see more. I just couldn’t help myself and had to strip you naked. Then when I saw your huge cock, I knew I had to have it and couldn’t stop myself. I felt quite ashamed afterwards. Although I did watch the recording of it many times afterwards,’ she added, while grinning.

‘I felt totally humiliated being jerked off by a woman who had just stripped me,’ he said.

‘Earlier this evening, just before Lansdown arrived, you were about to answer my question. xslot Güncel Giriş Did you like me dominating you? Did you enjoy being liberated of your costume — no longer a tough action hero? You were just a mere man, receiving a handjob from a woman. Did you enjoy it?’

‘Yes. I did enjoy it,’ Dirk admitted. ‘Any red-blooded guy would love being striped and jerked off by a beautiful woman in a sexy costume.’

‘I knew it,’ Sadie said triumphantly. ‘I knew you wouldn’t return, and the nightladies would be safe from Lansdown’s plans. However, everything changed one month later. When Lansdown took me to meet you at The Grand Hotel, I couldn’t believe it when I saw your face, and realised who you were. I was ecstatic when you asked me out, and knew I could have some fun. While strong Dirk Peterson was dating Sadie Newman, the prim and shy girlfriend, your alter-ego would suffer further humiliation at the hands of my alter-ego. It was easy to convince you to return to my lair, so that I could have some more fun with you.’

‘So everything you did to me was planned?’

‘Not quite everything. I arranged your session with Julie and her friends at the costume convention. I wanted to embarrass you by making you undress in front of a group of attractive young women, dressed in sexy costumes. I also wanted to watch you running naked around the same hotel the following weekend, retrieving your costume. I arranged for you to have to strip at the bachelorette party, but things got out of hand. I had no idea those drunken milfs would do what they did!’

‘What about The Kandy Klub?’ he asked.

‘That went as I planned, apart from when Sally decided to use you for the endurance contest. I didn’t like another woman touching my man’s cock — especially a friend like Sally! I made her aware of my disapproval in no uncertain terms, and she has since apologised to me.’

‘Was there ever a computer timed to release the recording?’

‘Of course not! I destroyed the disc once you’d seen it. As long as you thought I still had it, then you had no reason to doubt it. There’s no way I would let anyone else see what I saw. I love you Dirk, and would never allow you to be humiliated publicly. Everything I did was for my own pleasure and nothing more.’

Dirk smiled, as Sadie continued.

‘I knew that Lansdown was turning up the heat, when he offered you that reward.’ Sadie noticed the backpack on the floor. ‘I needed you to appreciate that not everything is black and white. It’s not just cops and nightladies — good guys and bad guys. I introduced you to the Pilkington Lane ladies, as I wanted you to see The Kandy Klub mistresses as they really are. I wanted you to understand how they could re-build their lives after suffering domestic abuse – to enjoy sexual games in a safe environment, and learn to trust men again. I wanted you to understand the reasons why the nightladies do what they do. I was shocked when you reported Charlotte to the police, but realised you were desperate to catch Domino, so that you could start your new life with me.’

‘At least Charlotte is alright now,’ Dirk said.

‘Everything was going to plan until Raven turned up. She happened to be staying at The Palace Hotel and I recognised her at the convention. I could tell her costume was genuine, and she didn’t quite fit in with all the other fans in fake costumes. Maybe it’s a woman’s instinct, but I sensed she was watching me and following me. I managed to give her the slip and followed her back to her room. As Lansdown owns the hotel, it was easy for me to access her guest records — the phone calls to taxi companies and other police departments. I discovered that Rachel Benton was Raven.’

‘What did you do to her? I saw her boots on the fire.’

‘She’s fine, and will be home by now. I didn’t want to harm a good costumed crimefighter, who also happens to be a hard-working police officer. However, I couldn’t risk letting her ruin everything I had worked for. It was necessary for me to warn her off, but Rachel will be alright.’

‘So that’s it?’ said Dirk. ‘It’s all over now. From now on its Dirk and Sadie – no more Falcon and Domino.’

‘Yes Dirk, but we must be Falcon and Domino for one final time.’ She held out her arms and gestured to her broken left arm. ‘But this time, it’s your turn to take control. I am no longer your mistress. Undress me Falcon.’

Dirk removed her right glove, and Sadie raised her arms aloft — the morphine clearly having taken effect. He lifted her dress over her head, and carefully unzipped her boots, before sliding them off her slender legs. He placed his fingers under the waistband of her black tights and slowly pulled them down. As he took them off her feet, he glanced at her flawless skin on her ankles, and a thought entered his mind.

‘I know what you’re thinking. My tattoos were only temporary ones,’ she said softly. Dirk smiled inwardly at her ingenuity, as he realised how she had fooled him. Sadie stood up and Dirk looked at the large breasts heaving beneath her lacy bra. He unclasped her bra and her prosthetic breasts came away, revealing Sadie’s pert tits. He knelt down and removed her panties and admired Sadie’s naked body, as she stood obediently before him. ‘You’ve done it. Domino has finally been unmasked and striped by the mighty Falcon,’ she said softly.

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