Favorite Fantasy

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My whole adult life has been ruled by others. I am slave.

I crave for moments like these, moments when the three of us are together. He the ultimate Master of my world, Her another Master, but a sub to Him, and me a slave to both.

She had me pinned. Her pussy was on my mouth and her knees held my arms flush to my side. I had to give her pleasure or I wouldn’t have any. I licked her bare outside pussy lips, then found inside and her clit. I licked from bottom to top, tasting her fluids. She was so wet, so needy. She moaned as she began to grind herself into me, wanting my tongue to move faster, to reach further, to be the cock she was being deprived of. I licked and sucked hoping to pleasure her, hoping to make her cum and to taste those sweet juices.

I felt my legs being spread apart. I couldn’t see, but I could feel the finger trace up my leg to my pussy to find out how wet I was. He used his expert skill to have his fingers run up and down my slit, in and out, pinching my clit to make it harder and more swollen. Using his thumb and finger to circle it, press it, and send tremors through the nerves of my pussy to my entire body. Then he pressed his palm over my mound so that he could insert one finger, then two and then three, my muscles clenched xslot on his fingers pulling them in and then he pulled them back out. He twisted his hand around to place his thumb on my clit. Telling me the happier I made her, the better it would feel for me.

She said something. I barely caught it, I was so engrossed in sensations; but I wasn’t making her happy and he stopped. I paid better attention to her, to what I was supposed to be doing. I began again in earnest, reaching my tongue into her warmth and sucking out the juices. Flicking her clit, licking, sucking and finally she moaned and started rubbing my face again. Not even aware I had been holding my breath, I let out a sigh and then I felt his hands on my knees.

My legs were spread further apart, his hand trailing from my knee to my cunt. But this time it wasn’t a finger I felt touch my pussy lips, it was a toy, a vibrator. He moved it up and down my slit, covering me with my own juices. So wet, they were dripping between my ass cheeks. And then he pushed the tip of it between my inner lips, slowly little by little filling me completely my muscles clenching it and pulling it. When it was all the way in and he turned it on, I could feel it vibrating against my walls, which are so sensitive. xslot Giriş I was squirming with the feeling. He slapped my ass, “stay still slut!”

It was so hard to concentrate on what I was supposed to be doing. I wanted to get lost in the feelings, but I had to make her happy. I had to keep licking and sucking no matter what. She moaned and grabbed the head board, squeezing her knees tighter on my arms and shoulders.

And then he lifted my legs up to his shoulders effectively holding the vibrator in place, and he played with my ass. He ran a finger from the end of the vibrator to my rim, getting my rim good and wet. Then he inserted one finger in my ass and pushed in and out, then two fingers, it was so tight, I felt my hole stretch. He used his saliva mixed with my juices to help keep my hole moist for his play, twisting and spreading his two fingers and pushing in and out, turning, preparing it. I moaned, I could feel the vibrator, his fingers making room for something larger, so many sensations.

It was so hard concentrating on my job. I was supposed to be licking her. She encouraged me, telling me I was doing good and giving me direction. Telling me to lick or to suck or to even bite, trying to take my attention from him to her.

Then xslot Güncel Giriş I heard him say, “don’t worry, it’ll be alright. We’re going to come together,” and he takes his fingers out and pushes his cock head into me my asshole expanded and ready for him. I want to fight it, but I can’t, and he slides it in inch by inch. I clench the sheets in my fists, he fills me and it hurts, but the pain quickly leaves and she grinds my face and he pounds my ass. The vibrator is still humming away and every time he slams into me he moves it deeper into my cunt, my insides shivering with every stroke.

And then it happens, she stiffens and her cunt muscles clench and squeeze my tongue more juices flowing and I can barely keep up; he slams into me one last time then pulls out and shoots his wad onto me, I feel the warm cum on my stomach, some going as far as my breast and I arch my back, trying to get some purchase as the waves of my orgasm begin to roll over me.

Spent, I fall back onto the bed. He puts my legs down, turns the vibrator off and takes it out. She moves from on top of me and I can relax and breathe. She drags her wet pussy over my face, coating me with her juices, but I don’t mind because I know they are happy with me. He kisses her as she lies next to me, wrapping her arms around me, and nuzzling my hair. He gets a warm wash cloth and cleans her, then gets another and cleans me. Finally he also lies with us, holding her as she holds me and he strokes my breast as we fall asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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