God of Whores Ch. 08 – Conclusion

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(Hey all, we’re almost up to 100 stores on lit! For number 100 I’m dropping something BIG and then I’ll be going on a long sabbatical. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of God of Whores!)

It was a strain, but Pericles kept his word. He’d done so much fucking to train and then fucked the elites so damned hard that it was much more challenging than he thought it would be. His humongous nuts ached for release within the first twelve hours, and by the twenty-forth were noticeably more bloated; he could feel their every sway and swing no matter how small. By hour 36 he had to sleep with them each propped up on a single satin pillow and walk while holding one aloft in each palm.

But he was steadfast. Even in his wettest dreams he slapped away the hands of nymphs and sirens to preserve what he was saving up for Kassandra and Aphrodite. The thought of drowning them in his thick spooge always put a smile on his face, though even he was growing a bit afraid of just how serious a flood he might create.

Finally he awoke at the 48th hour, a little surprised to see Zoe and Xenia instead of Kassandra as he’d been promised.

He started to ask but they only shook their heads, holding up his patriarch robes for him to dress.

They escorted him to the 4th circle baths where all six of the cowed elites bowed their heads at his entrance. Each was already naked and submerged in the water, the tallest of them to her waist, the shortest giggle a little as her massive boobs floated before her. Zoe and Xenia turned and left with the briefest of curtsies to all gathered, leaving him alone with his beyond curvy bath-maidens.

The brown-haired tactician was the first to approach him, assuming her usual role as their defacto leader.

“You are to be prepared for the Goddess and High Priestess. They want you cleaned, and thoroughly seasoned before we oil you up for them.”

Pericles chuckled as she took his hand and lead him to the water’s edge,

“Seasoned and oiled? Are they going to fuck me or eat me?”

“There’s a difference with those two?” she shot back, arching an eyebrow before they both laughed. She had a point he decided, these were both forms of consuming someone, and done right, they were in some ways totally indistinguishable.

For the first time since he’d achieved his current physicality he tensed up a little; yes, he’d outfucked these elites, but he’d seen the Goddess and Kassandra do the same with twelve of them and they might have been less worn out in the end than he was. In fact, to his recollection they only seemed ready to keep going. He’d have to hope that was all an act if he was going to stand a chance.

“You have nothing to fear; we are under strict orders not to let you get off. Join us.”

She clasped his hands and then waded in to join her sister-elites in the wonderful hot water.

Pericles did feel a little relieved and cast off his robe, loving the reaction he had on the girls, their eyes growing wide, their tongues lolling from their mouths at the sight of his body and incredible cock. Even having already seen it, Pericles’ body was a force overwhelming. The girls moved in, worshipping every inch of his skin with strokes, licks and kisses, feasting on every part of his incredible musculature, occasionally frigging themselves to little orgasms or in some cases, even cumming spontaneously at the mere contact with him. To his surprise, while the others worshipped away, the elites came to him in turn, finally introducing themselves by name.

The red-head was first;

“I am Minerva. We’re all so glad you came to the temple.”

Then the purple-haired lass,

“My name is Pandora… I’ve been told my box is more trouble than the original, yet you tamed it so utterly with that incredible cock. I’m completely smitten now.”

Then the silver-haired fellatrix,

“I’m Daphne. I’ve been able to cum just from sucking a cock since I gave my first blowjob, yet you’re the first to ever get me to actually squirt while doing so. I think I’m in love.”

The bald one was next, though she hadn’t re-shaven in the two days since their last encounter and startling platinum stubble was just coming in,

“I’m Melpomine; named for the muse. I don’t think I’m in love with you; I know I am.”

The familiar humongous tits of the black-haired busty one were on him next. She rubbed and scrubbed him with the gigantic pair, soaping and lathering him with her pillowy boobflesh as she spoke,

“Persephone. We all love you, you’re the best thing to happen to this temple since it was founded as far as we’re concerned.”

Lastly the brown-haired one re-inserted herself before him, giving him a deep, warm kiss as the others rinsed him,

“And I am Arianna. We all worship the Goddess of course… but we’re starting to worship you as well. Truth be told, and tell no one…we’re kind of rooting for you. It’s impossible not to taste that cock of yours and feel that way.”

Pericles grinned as both his eyebrows Bycasino went up; for all the praise he’d received and cunts he’d ruined, this made him feel more flattered than anything else so far.

“I don’t understand. How can you love your Goddess yet want me to dominate her?”

Melpomine spoke back up, “It’s out of that love, actually. We’re closer to the High Priestess and Goddess than anyone else in the temple. To us, it’s obvious how restless they’ve gotten, how static their lives have become. They need balance; a masculine presence that’s their equal if not even greater.”

Pericles gave a startled yet pleasured grunt as Persephone was giving his balls an especially thorough cleaning beneath the water’s surface, making use of her tits, cloth and tongue in the effort, totally worshipping his floating fuck-bombs.

Phoebe added more, “You have to understand, those two don’t limit themselves to mortals. They’ve taken on the Gods themselves and Ares was the closest to truly satisfying them besides Zeus, but they’re gods, they can’t be the solid, anchoring presence a mortal—or even a demi-god—can be in their lives.

Pericles didn’t realize that word of his heritage had traveled so quickly!

Pericles couldn’t help but tease the coterie of elites a little as they worked at getting him clean. In one moment he grabbed the base of his thick stalk and grinded it up between Arianna’s legs, making her moan and cream a little.

“Oops! I seem to have gotten my cock dirty,” he chuckled, “Better clean it again, girls!”

Their fight was furious and brief, each stunning woman fighting over one another to get control of his obscene fuckstick, each licking a different piece of clean before using more conventional cleaning methods. Pericles sighed and floated as they worked, loving every second of the adulation for his incredible body before he simply “dirtied” himself the same way again with Daphne, forcing the frenzied cleaning to start all over again. As his cock and balls were utterly consumed by six sets of pillowy lips he could only laugh and laugh.

Still, his discipline held, and he would not allow any of the women to “clean” him to fruition, but he could practically feel a fresh pint or two of jizz sloshing around inside his sack after he’d enjoyed all the sucking and swabbing.

The fun came to an abrupt halt when Zoe re-appeared at the water’s edge, clearly fighting the urge to touch herself as she watched Pericles getting so gorgeously serviced.

“High Priestess Kassandra awaits your company, Champion.” She said, her voice wavering a little.

Pericles nodded, and then one-by-one swept every single one of the elites up into his powerful arms and bestowed each a deep, gracious kiss. They followed him as he walked up from the pool and then were swarming him with dry towels they’d been hiding who-knows-knows where, against giving his cock and balls maybe just a little more attention than they actually needed to achieve dryness.

When they were finished, one of them had laid out a fresh loincloth and robes for him. When he was dressed he allowed Zoe to lead him from the room, and was somewhat startled by the fact that Kassandra was actually waiting for him right in the hall. He wondered if she’d peeked in on his little bath adventure, but nothing she did betrayed this one way or the other.

“Did you have fun with the girls, brother?” She asked him.

He just grinned in response, raising his eyebrows slightly.

“Did you have too much fun?”

Now he shook his head instead, “They’re not the ones I came here for.”

“Good,” she shot back, “We definitely only want you cumming for the right people, now don’t we?” After a moment she added, “I don’t know if you appreciate the magnitude of what you’re about to experience. In your wildest dreams you can’t conceive of what the Goddess is capable of. If you have even a single iota of doubt, you should let me know because after this there will be no turning back.”

Pericles paused a moment, making Kassandra wonder if he was going express such a doubt, be he only drew closer to her and gently seized her handle, guiding it to rest on a single massive coil of his monstrous cock through the clothing,

“Sister, I have dreamed of nothing else but this moment for months and months. I have no doubt at all that I am going to pound you and Aphrodite with this humongous fucking cock so long and hard and well that you will have no choice but to submit. It is you who should be wondering if there is room for doubt about what is about to happen.

If this gave her pause, she gave no sign, only biting her thick lower lip and sighing happily, “Oh Pericles, you have NO idea what you’re in for!” She punctuated her words by sticking her tongue out, making it undulate and ripple like nothing he’d ever seen in a mocking wave at him.

Pericles moved in, hoping to catch her in a deep soul-kiss, but at the last moment she pulled away, wagging a finger slowly like Bycasino giriş a parent scolding a child.

He scowled but she just turned around, giving him a view of that incredible ass as she sashayed slowly into the heart of the temple, Pericles following hungrily behind.

He was surprised when she walked right past the communal hall where he’d demolished the elites; assuming that it would be the same place that was worthy of the fuck-fest they were about to have. Instead, she stopped at a dead-end at the end of the hall where someone had painted an intricate ruin, symbols that Pericles knew to be Aphrodite, both in modern writing and other scripts that dated back farther than Pericles knew how to read. The letters were scrawled in sentences either, but rather twisting around and through one another to weave the shapes of an Apple, Aphrodite’s most readily identifying symbol.

Around it were more words for her name forming Doves and Rabbits and Dolphins, her sacred flowers of rose and anemone decorating the edges. There was even her most obscure symbol, a single leaf of lettuce at the very bottom. The workmanship was exquisite, such that Pericles wondered why such a marvelous etching was hidden away in a corner like this, out of sight but the select few allowed to be here and in a place with no other clear reason to be here.

All his questions were answered when Kassandra stepped forward and begin to deliberately tap different parts of the mural, each one illuminating as she did, the order strange and unspecific to his eye, but clearly in an intricate pattern memorized by her. Like the pieces of a puzzle, each glowed and pulsed with her taps until finally, she touched the lettuce leaf last of all.

In a haze of ultra-pink florescence a new pair of doors shimmered into view, gilded and wrought from metal he could not define. Kassandra opened them and stepped through, not bothering to check if Pericles followed, which of course he didn’t.

“Where are you taking me?” He finally asked when they were a few steps into the hallway.

“These are my personal quarters. This is also the exact center of the temple; all rings surround my personal chambers.

The hallway opened into a huge room with an altar and endless statues; it seemed to be some sort of personal shrine or chapel for the High Priestess. There were stone carvings and statues virtually everywhere he looked, each depicting one of the gods mid-coitus with The Goddess. Pericles had to put a hand over his mouth to stifle a giggle at the sight of one in particular where the Zeus he’d seen in his dreams had Aphrodite bent over in a totally submissive fuck-stance, her face a cross-eyed mask of utter pleasure and overwhelmed sensation, her tongue lolling out of her mouth crazily. His most confident parts told him he’d do the same to her very soon.

She paused in the shrine only long enough to bow before the altar and lead him on after he’d done the same. The next room was a vast bed-chamber, its decorations far less dramatic yet utterly beautiful, different versions of the Goddess’s symbols all over, each one the frame of an enormous mirror that reflected back towards the bed. In one corner there was a modest dresser with an additional oval mirror on it. Pericles wondered how a creature as gorgeous as Kassandra would ever need any mirrors, surely knowing that she always looked beautiful beyond compare or comprehension.

The biggest feature of the room was easily the bed; the thing was massive, boasting a single-piece mattress easily large enough to have allowed fifteen people to sleep totally sprawled out, and something about how it rippled suggested a texture of water. This was further emphasized when he drew close and saw that he could see his face in the slick surface; yet another mirror of sorts but more like a tranquil pond than something man-made. Pericles didn’t know what to make of the bed, at a glance it seemed potentially uncomfortable, but Kassandra took his hand and placed it palm-down on the slick-looking surface.

He found it to be as firm as any mattress with the pliant surface one would expect, yet it did leave his hand coated in a warm, tingling sensation, more of the glistening substance leaking up from the bed when he pressed down harder. He toyed with it, marveling at the seemingly infinite viscosity, looking quizzically at the High Priestess.

“It is the perfect moisturizer and lubricant, Champion. It keeps my skin supple even as I sleep and it is perfectly edible. In fact, it is derived from Ambrosia, the nectar of the gods.”

She illustrated her point by again guiding his hand, this time to her mouth where his fingers felt the most perfect pillow-sup lips suck away at the fluid. She released his hand and let him taste as well, his eyebrows raising at just how sweet and pleasant it was, with a savory richness behind it. While he continued eagerly licking his hand clean she led him over to her private bath, a pool large enough to rival the communal Bycasino güncel giriş baths with an endless assortment of oils and unguents and scents all around the periphery. Kassandra it seemed would never need to smell the same way twice in her whole life if she didn’t want to.

She turned again, leading him back to the shrine they’d first walked through and she gestured for him to kneel with her before the most opulent statue of The Goddess that Pericles had ever seen.

“We must pray together to summon her to our side.”

He blinked, “I see you hanging out with Aphrodite all the time!”

She put a finger to his lips, smiling patiently, “This is special. This is a ritual that we’re about to do and it requires proper invocation to work correctly.”

Pericles furrowed his brow, wondering what the purpose of this big ritual was if not simply for the two most beautiful women in the world to get off to his big dick. Still, he was fully trained in all the temple ways and joined with Kassandra, bowing repeatedly as they intoned the words of the Goddess together, praising her beauty and offering their thanks.

In a flash of violet light, Aphrodite appeared, standing tall and regal in her full ceremonial garb, complete with her ornate headdress. They were still kneeling, but she drew them to their feet with a single caressing hand on their cheeks, her head cocked to take in Pericles as he drew to his full height, taller even than the goddess herself now.

“Did you have a restful two days, son?” Aphrodite asked.

Pericles snorted, lewdly cupping one of his big balls through his robe and loincloth, “Are you kidding? These fat fuckers are so backed up with jizz-bombs they’re actually slowing me down from the weight!”

Aphrodite only giggled, “Excellent! All packed with seed is the perfect peak for you to be tested at!”

She drew them both in for a quick kiss each before leading her children with her into the bedroom. Once she’d cleared the threshold she abruptly whipped her headdress away, then tossed her robes after it, now standing before him in only her straphion and a sheer white shift, hinting at every inch of her flesh while still keeping it enticingly covered. Pericles could only shudder as he took her in, his breath quickening further when Kassandra followed suit, shaking her black hair free as she shed the headdress to spill over the swell of her breasts beneath her shift and encircled by her own straphion.

The two circled him then, like a pair of she-wolves sizing up the lost little lamb they were about to devour. As they circled, Pericles stripped away his own headdress and robes, leaving just his massively over-packed loincloth, the fabric already going threadbare from the sheer weight of his massive genitals. This made the two women breathe noticeably faster as they circled.

“What do you think, daughter,” the Goddess asked, “Is he the most beautiful man you’ve ever seen?”

Kassandra grinned, “Well mother, I’m not sure. Every time I see him I get instantly wet and can think of just nothing at all but fucking the life out of him. I guess that’s probably a pretty big sign…”

“Speaking of big signs,” Aphrodite added as Pericles’ bulge noticeably swelled, his monstrous cock rise, taxing those poor threadbare portions of his loincloth all the more as it grew.

Pericles turned with them to face Aphrodite more as she paced, “And you, mother-dearest? Are you as depraved as my sister?”

Aphrodite’s perfect pearlescent teeth sank into the pillowy redness of her thick lower lip, “Oh honey, when I saw you taking the elites, completely naked and drenched in sweat, it made me want to do just so many things to your gorgeous, brutish body. You’ve become everything I ever hoped you would be, a perfect strapping stud that I can fuck the crap out of.”

Pericles grunted as she spoke, her final words bringing a primal roar from him that startled even the horse-hung champion, his cock completed its upward arch, ripping right through the loincloth in a shower of decimated thread, the stiffness of him vibrating as his length smacked his own chest with a hard slap, his huge full balls swaying wildly in their sack below. The two predators froze, each unconsciously licking her lips as a glob of precum the size of a peach spilled from his cum slit and rolled down the underside of his cock in a slick trail.

They breathed noticeably faster, their breasts swelling with the rise of their chests as Pericles spoke in his deep, bass voice, “I can’t wait to fuck my own mother and sister. I will prove to you that I am the ultimate stud; I’ve seen you both handle very impressive men, but you’ve never had someone like me. My stamina will have you begging me to stop from sheer overwhelming pleasure, my size will break your cunts into new shapes you didn’t know they could take, my balls will fill you with and coat you with so much cum you’ll be living in a world of my sperm for months after every fuck session. I hope you’ve practiced groveling for mercy, bitch-mother and slut-sister, you’re going to need those skills very shortly.”

Aphrodite laughed then, her shift threatening to break from the jiggling weight of her incredible tits, “Oh my! We’ve built him up too far, haven’t we, daughter?”

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