Group peeing after-hours: Office

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The end-of-day buzzer had sounded yet there were those who had decided to stop behind for some naughty fun. For one, however, her plans for a long satisfying piss over the attic floor had been put on hold, for as Gabriella had rounded the stairwell doorway she had discovered a semi-naked Zara, squatting over the top step, and with a flowing torrent of hot pee flowing from the base of her curly-haired muff.

‘Sorry,’ Zara shouted down over the hiss and patter her flowing toilet was making as her hot piss splattered over the wooden steps she was busily peeing over. Gabriella did not reply her gaze firmly locked on the sight of the other girls flowing urine fountain as it squirted from her lower lips. She would have quite happily have stopped until the end of Zara’s toilet but the need in her bladder was most acute.

‘If I can’t pee in the attic then I’m going for one in my office!’ she stated somewhat petulantly to herself more than her office counterpart whose attention had already returned to watching herself peeing over the steps.

Gabriella moved out of the stairwell and back into the main office only to be confronted by the sight of Rebecca’s wide and round bare bum cheeks hovering over the bin she was busily pissing into. The sight of her golden shower was hidden from sight but not so the loud hiss and patter her toilet was making as she urinated strongly into the plastic tub. Gabriella felt a pang of jealously at Rebecca’s naughty deed, the need in her bladder pressing even more. She was on the verge of pissing into her panties, something she had once tried with wonderful results. However, having a leak in her underwear at work would pose a rather awkward situation afterwards. Lizzy who had taken the decision that she was going to take a piss over the floor rather than wait for either the attic stairs or the bin to become available for her own wee, was not helping matters.

Lizzy’s bare round bum cheeks were already sliding into view as the slim brunette escaped the confines of her work trousers and cotton white panties. Butterflies were dancing in Gabriella’s stomach at the thought of witnessing her co-worker having a piss over the carpet, a matter that was not helping her own need to pee. Lizzy had only just dropped into her pee squat and begun her toilet shower when Gabriella was forced to turn and race into her office, her fingers already fumbling with her trouser fastening. In her mind was the image of the racing piss stream she had just seen leaving Lizzy’s crack and decorating the floor with a stain of hot, wet urine.

As soon as Gabriella had removed her trousers and underwear from her around her pert round bum cheeks, she was searching for a suitable spot for a pee of her own. Squatting like Lizzy and pissing over the floor was an obvious choice but the petite blonde was eager to be even naughtier. Inspiration arrived as her wandering gaze settled on Nadine’s coffee mug. It took two steps before the semi-nude Gabriella was standing by her manager’s desk, one hand grabbing the mug and quickly placing its open rim up to the deep groove of her pussy slit. She was only just in time as the need inside her bladder became too much as she began to pee, a jetting stream of her hot piss erupting from her pee hole and spraying into the empty mug. It was a most wonderful feeling for the slender supervisor; her nipples hardening inside the cup of her black bra as she gained a massive thrill from spraying her pee into her manager’s cup. She had been fit to bursting, the hot, steaming contents of the cup rapidly ascending towards the lip as Gabriella continued her much-needed leak. A laugh from outside the office revealed that Heather who had yet to find a spot for her own toilet had witnessed her antics.

‘You won’t tell?’ Gabriella asked Bycasino nervously, most conscious of the fact that she was still pissing strongly into Nadine’s almost full cup.

‘No, I won’t’ promised Heather as she entered into the glass-fronted office. It looks so much fun though that I might give it a go especially as Zara is blocking the way into the attic.’ By now, Gabriella’s toilet into her manager’s cup was in danger of over spilling. Desperately, the short blonde tried to hold back her piss, a small pooling spray of urine landing over Nadine’s desk just before Gabriella forced her piss flaps shut. On the other side of the desk, Heather had her trousers and pink thong around her knees and was bringing Zara’s large mug up to her pussy slit, nestled as it was inside a curly mass of brown pubic hairs tapering down as a tight triangle between her legs.

‘You naughty girl!’ laughed Helen, a quick squirt of piss shooting away from her pussy lips as she sent her first shot of pee into Zara’s mug. ‘You’ve just pissed over Nadine’s desk!’

‘I still need to finish off,’ whined Gabriella.

‘Piss on her keyboard then,’ urged Heather who took this moment to resume her own slash. From the deep groove nestled between her thighs shot a hot spraying stream of piss that vanished from sight as it pattered noisily inside Zara’s mug.

Gabriella considered the offered advice. Her bare buttocks were tingling in the cold office air, the thrill of naughty pissing heightened by Helen’s on-going toilet only scant paces away. At any moment, Rebecca and Lizzy would finish their collective leaks and would spy what was going on inside the Customer Care office. Gabriella had always been nervous about peeing in front of others especially if it was in naughty places. Regardless of this fact she couldn’t resist moving up to place her warm thighs against the wooden rim of Nadine’s desk, staring at the sight of her pussy slit aimed at the surface she was more than ready to piss all over.

A strong hiss and splatter accompanied the recommencement of Gabriella’s toilet, a strong flowing stream of clear urine jetting from her pee hole and spraying Nadine’s desk and keyboard with a splattering piss fountain. A gasp of surprise from the still pissing Heather was a wonderful accompaniment to her naughty deed, twisting her bare thighs from side to side so as to cover as much of Nadine’s desk as possible with her hot, wet pee. A knock on the glass from behind her grabbed her attention, whirling round to see Lizzy and Rebecca grinning at her, both their pussies on display through the glass. Gabriella felt her cheeks burning, the fast shooting stream of piss spraying from her cunt vanishing. Another knock on the glass came, and she turned again fully conscious that her colleagues could see her bare bum cheeks on proud display. It came as a shock to see that both Lizzy and Rebecca had started to pee, their thin piss streams flowing down the glass. A loud laugh from Heather revealed that the other woman had seen their naughty display and was keen not to be outdone. Moving Zara’s almost full mug of hot steaming piss away from her still squirting pussy she allowed her flowing urine shower to fall messily over the floor, a dark stain appearing as the office carpet absorbed her pee.

Too embarrassed to continue her naughty wee all over Nadine’s already piss drenched desk Gabriella ran around to Reg’s desk, yanking out his chair before plonking her rounded posterior on its padded surface. Wheeling herself forwards so that she was at a working position at Reg’s keyboard, Gabriella then spread her bare legs wide, bringing her pussy crack to the chair edge. It took little effort to resume her toilet, her urgent need racing to her pee hole, which opened in response to Bycasino giriş allow a new flowing stream of Gabriella’s piss out into the world. Although Gabriella could not see herself peeing it was still a gorgeous sensation to be relieving herself at somebody else’s desk. In accompaniment to the delicious sensation of peeing was the soft hiss emanating from her squirting pussy and the gentle splatter as her urine landed on the carpet.

Gabriella continued her toilet, enjoying every second of her naughty wee as she squirted her hot spray out of her piss hole. She was rapidly nearing the end of her toilet and really wanted to find one last means of emptying her pee before she was done. It did not take long to come up with an idea. On the other side of the desk, Heather had vanished from sight, having adopted a more traditional squat with which to finish off her leak over the carpet. Lizzy and Rebecca had gone off giggling, possible to enjoy each other’s company in a more exciting manner leaving the cute blonde to get into position for another naughty slash.

Small splashes of spent pee marked the inside of Gabriella’s bare thighs as she stood and turned to aim her pussy lips towards Reg’s drawer that she had just opened. This was even naughtier than anything else she had done before and it took several intense moments of straining before she felt a familiar need sweeping down to her lower lips. Seconds later and she had started her latest pee, a short arch of squirting piss shooting away from her pussy hole and landing messily inside Reg’s drawer.

Gabriella felt the butterflies racing inside her stomach as she naughtily played the impact point of her splattering piss fountain over the drawer contents, watching as her hot wee filled inside a paper clip holder before staining a notepad with her hot flowing piss. Her pee arch was drooping now, more splashes of piss landing against her uncovered flesh as she struggled to keep her urine fountain going.

Gabriella finished her wee with one last squirt of urine from her pussy lips, watching as her hot wetness splashed over a collection of pens that had somehow managed to escape her initial piss into the drawer. She continued to stand in the spot she had just been using for her toilet wondering desperately how she could be even naughtier. Acting on impulse she quickly hurried to the Ladies’ toilet where she wasted no time. With a sigh of relief, Gabriella had a quick pee over the floor, a hot fast shooting stream of piss squirting from her lower lips and forming a little puddle between her legs. Gabriella marvelled at how quickly she had able to pee again after her various toilets upstairs, testament indeed to the amount of water she had drunk earlier in preparation for such fun. The puddle of pee between her spread legs looked so wonderful that Gabriella allowed another squirt of piss to escape her pussy before she sealed her piss flaps shut. Standing up she quickly wiped herself with some toilet paper before the need to pee overtook her again.

Moving up to the tiled wall Gabriella took a quick standing piss enjoying the sight of her urine stream hitting the tiled wall before forming a running stream down to the floor. Stopping she wandered over to the sink. With her bare buttocks facing the wall she stood on tip-toe so as to allow her pussy crack aim over the rim before allowing another squirt of piss to leave her body. As her pussy fountain sprayed into the sink bowl Gabriella deliberately squirted harder, watching with glee as her hot piss stream washed over the taps and pattering over the sink top before running into the bowl where her spent pee rushed to the waiting plughole. Sighing with disappointment Gabriella finished her leak into the sink. She had just enough pee left for Bycasino güncel giriş one last naughty act!

Turning from the sink she had just been pissing into, Gabriella moved over to the bin, its open mouth most inviting. Standing with her legs parted, Gabriella aimed her pussy lips towards the bin and let loose with her remaining piss. In response, a short arching shower of hot pee escaped her cunt and began to rain over the paper towels inside. Gabriella watched as they absorbed her pussy fountain until at last she was spent of urine..

Upstairs the other girls were also enjoying themselves. Lizzy had returned to her desk, placing the round contours of her firm, round bum cheeks on the edge with her legs spread so that Rebecca who had gone to squat before her, could place her tongue into Emma’s wet crack. It was a most exciting experience more so for the fact that every so often Lizzy would allow a little of her remaining pee to escape her lower lips, pissing directly into Rebecca’s mouth who was eagerly drinking every drop.

Rebecca was also enjoying an occasional shower of her own, allowing her piss flaps to open so that she could spray the carpet with a small amount of her wet pee. She had one hand between her legs, pissing over her palm and her fingers whilst enjoying the warmth of her toilet whilst she continued to play her tongue inside Lizzy’s pussy lips. If this was not enough, Heather and Zara were taking it in turns to come to stand behind Rebecca before taking a piss over the kneeling girl, either pissing directly into her hair, which was Zara’s trick. Her auburn mass of pussy hairs hid her wonderful slit from sight until the moment she began to pee, her hot spraying pussy fountain shooting directly over Rebecca’s bleached blond hair. Heather, who was slightly shorter, would pee directly over Rebecca’s work shirt, trying to soak as much as the material as possible with her wee. Zara’s original piss into Rebecca’s hair had soaked the material so that it was quite clear to see Rebecca’s bra underneath, both girls wishing that they could pee directly onto Rebecca’s small firm tits. The piss sodden girl beneath them guessed at their desire and started to unbutton her blouse even as the other girls continued to use her as a latrine.

Rebecca’s small pert tits moved into sight as she allowed her piss sodden bra to fall away. Then it was down to the other girls to take turns at pissing over her exposed, hardened nipples, their hot pee running over her bare flesh. When they had run out of pee they guided Rebecca to one of the desks where they stripped her naked before getting her to lie down on the wooden surface. Zara dropped into a squat at one end of the desk, two fingers sliding in and out of her love lips as she began to play her tongue over Rebecca’s clit. Lizzy meanwhile had gone to sit on Rebecca’s face, allowing her pussy to be licked playful by the girl she had just recently been peeing over. Heather for her part was taking long swigs of water from a plastic bottle between sucking each of Rebecca’s nipples in turn. She was desperate to able to do another piss for this time she wanted to stand behind the squatting Zara, and have a long slash into the buxom brunette’s long brown hair.

The last pee of the night saw the girls squatting over the carpet together before starting to relieve themselves in a competition as to who could either pee the greatest distance or make the biggest piss puddle on the floor. Lizzy won the former, Rebecca the latter whilst Heather who had decided the game was rigged, had gone to take a piss over the side of the office photocopier, leaving behind a long tell-tale stain on the plastic. As they made to leave the office they found that they had not been the only ones who had gone on to make a mess with their naughty toilets. A large, glistening stain further up the office revealed that either Nadine or Gabriella had pissed over the carpet whilst one filing cabinet was covered by a long piss stain similar to the one Heather had made with her leak over the photocopier.

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