Mrs. Green’s Problem Student

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This is my first year teaching at a university level. I thought that college students would be different. You know wanting to learn being respectful of their professors. There always seems to be that one student that has to push things. Sitting here, at my desk, I wait for my problem student Rachel. She is meeting with me to discuss her attitude and performance lately. Her disruptions in my class are making it impossible for me to teach.

Lately she gets me to back down on things, In front of the whole class. I am not sure why she does it or why I seem to lose control. No matter how I try, I give in to her and back down. Ever since the first time, she has been getting bolder and bolder in class and I have not done anything to stop it.

Thinking about it gets me mad and yet… yet a turn on. I have actually masturbated to a good orgasm a couple of times thinking about it. I do not understand why or how she affects me like this. No, I cannot think like that. I need to stay in control. I am a married woman with kids her age.

Here I sit, waiting for her. Glancing at the clock, I feel my stomach in knots, my skin hot and flush, palms cold and clammy, heart pounding, and sweat forming on my brow. Working in my head what I will say and hoping she does not notice my nervousness. Praying I can be able to get through this with out backing down from her.

Rachel walks into my room. I see her little boobs pushing at her white tank top, as I look closer I can see her bra. Wait, why am I looking at her bra? Those nice slim legs, in the black pleated skirt and little black boots. The lace choker necklace that makes her purple hair and her cute pale face with the eyebrow rings stand out. I cannot help myself as I look at her.

“Mrs. Green, you wanted to see me?” she asks smugly.

Rachel has an obnoxiously dominant attitude that I need to set right, now, before it gets any worse. Rachel struts her small 115 lbs. frame over to my desk and sits on the edge. She looks so beautiful – wait what am I saying? My heart leaps into my throat as my pussy begins to coldly throb. Why, why does she have this effect on me?

“Yes Rachel please sit down” I say gathering myself, portraying as much confidences as I can.

As Rachel sits down in a nearby chair and spreads her legs a little. She asks “What do you need Mrs. Green?”

I can almost see her panties. Oh, how I want to see her panties. What? What did I just think? No, it is wrong. How does she do this to me?

“We need to talk… about your behavior in class” I start.

“And what’s wrong with MY behavior in class Mrs. Green?” Rachel says tauntingly.

“Your behavior has been totally unacceptable. The way you treat me. You do not show me any respect. You do not do any your assignments. And you try to push me around in front of the class. It’s going to stop and it’s going to stop now” demands Mrs. green.

Rachel smiles but says nothing.

“Do you understand Rachel?” I tell her as I keep glancing down at her crotch to see if I can see her panties. Oh, how I hope she does not notice. As I finish my speech, her legs open a little more. There it is, what I want to see, Her panty covered pussy. And it looks good. Those little white panties. I can see her puffy pussy lips pushing against her panties. Rachel presses her hips out. I can see she has pubic hair forcing her panties out. Why do I feel like this? Shit, how long have I been looking at her crotch?

Rachel smiles again noticing me staring at her and she licks her lips.

I look up into her eyes; I see her wicked grin and blush. As Rachel stands up and walks towards me, She says, “Now you will listen to me Mrs. Green” as she comes up behind me. Her nice smooth soft hands are running across my body, Seeking out my nipples. Ohhhh, it feels so good. I need to stop her. A nice hard pinch yeahhhhh, it hurts sooooo good. Squeezing my lush firm breasts. She digs her fingernails in a little just enough to mark them, to mark me, as her own. Those soft hands running down my belly. Mmmmmmmm, it feels so good, no stop her. I need to stop her. Rachel’s hot breath on my neck and inches from my ear. She goes around to the front of me, to my thighs, and avoids the spot I want her hands the most.

“Stop! I need to stop. For you to stop. Pleassssse stop.” I plead

She gets to my knees and starts back towards the center of my want, the center of my pleasure. Rachel uses her nails dragging across my legs you can see little red swollen trails where her fingers went. She finally gets to the spot that I want her touch. The spot that has me heated to boiling. I shudder.

Her breath at my ear as she whispers, “Spread your legs, Mrs. Bycasino bitch.”

I feel the warmth and smell the sweetness of her breath. It so sweet. My legs part and I shudder again hearing her voice degrade me.

Her hands push on my upper thighs, still whispering, “Wider, like the whore you are.” I spread my legs as wide as I can. So wide, it pulls on the tendons in my legs. My mind swims. Mmmmmmmm so delicious a consent reminder of what I am. I am Rachel’s bitch, to play with to use for her amusement. She leans in very close to my ear I can feel her soft young skin on my neck and ear. Mmmmmmmm feels so good. In a low husky whisper, she asks me, “What are you, bitch? Who owns you whore? Where do you want my sweet hands, you dyke?” Her word so horrid but here I am falling downward with each wretch word from her vile mouth.

“So, what’s it going to be Mrs. slut?” Rachel asks me. “You know you can’t resist me, I already control you. Just look at you! I just want to hear you say it.”

I want to tell her no. I want to tell her to get out of my classroom and not to come back. I want to scream it to her face. I want to have her expelled from school. I look up at the door. Oh, how I hope someone walks in and stops her.

Rachel notices my looking and says “I locked the door when I came in.” She turns back to me and rakes her nails into me. “Now say it, bitch!”

My mouth is dry; my pussy is wet when I try to form the words, any words. ‘Don’t just sit here letting her grope and play with you.’ I think to myself. I blurt out. “Yes, I want to be your bitch” I say in a defeated tone while looking down at the floor. ‘No!! I scream inside my head. How could I say that? What is wrong with me?’

“I know you do.” she says smugly smiling. “Stand up, bitch. Strip! I want to see your body” Rachel commands me. I stand and walk to the side of my desk where she directs me. As my hands reach for the buttons on my blouse I scream in my head ‘No, No don’t do it’ but the heat in my pussy is pushing me on. I was taking my cloths off for a student, and a female student at that. I am excited and disgusted than I have ever been. My heart is pounding I can feel my pulse pumping in my head. I have butterflies in my stomach. The adrenalin is flowing through my whole body. I am aroused; my movements are jerky and not very graceful. Rachel smiles at me wickedly, licking her lips at my display. She loves every second of my humiliation. While I undress for her, she slumped into my chair. Before I know it, I am standing in front of her in my bra and panties.

She frowns and screams at me, “ALL of it!”

As my hands reach for my bra, my mind screams “No!!” My pussy gets even hotter. I quickly undo my bra. I slide my panties off of my hips, but they stay around my legs. The bra falls away like a discarded peel of a fruit. Tears streak my face. When the bra comes off heat radiates from my pussy to the rest of my body. I cannot believe how turned on I am.

“Come here, my slut. I want you to stand here” Rachel says as she points to the ground directly in front of my chair. I walk over to her with my head down. She knows I will do anything for her now. As do I. I am cringing inside and my pussy, loves it.

“Now, my little whore bitch. I want you to drop those panties all the way and show me that nasty little snatch of yours.” Rachel tells me. My whole body flushes with heat from embarrassment and want. My pussy is stewing in it’s own juices. I cannot stand it. This is making me sick, but I cannot stop myself. Why does my body react to her like this? Why can’t I stop it? Why can’t I stop her? When I hook my fingers through my panties Rachel says, “Spread your legs bitch. I want a good view of my sluts fuckhole.” As her words echo in my brain, my knees start to buckle. The nastier her mouth, the more humiliating she makes it for me, the more my body likes it and the more I hate it. It turns me on. While looking at her, I spread my legs as the panties fall to the ground. When they get to around my knees, a wicked smile forms across Rachel’s face.

“Ahhhhhh, is your fuckhole drooling for me?” she asks. I look down and see a strand of juice going from my pussy to my panties. I turn even a deeper shade of red. I can’t believe how humiliating she is making this. And how much I am getting off on it. I quickly pull them all the way down. As I start to step out of them, she stops me by saying, “Stop! Don’t take them off. You look so cute with your nasty wet panties around your ankles, Mrs. Green, my teacher slut.” Her words keep pushing me on. Why does this turn me on so much? I need to stop.

“Now get down on your hands and knees, where you belong Mrs. bitch” Bycasino giriş Rachel says as she lifts her skirt and peels her panties down.

‘It’s now or never’, I think to myself. ‘Tell her “No!!”‘ this is getting way out of hand. I realize I am slowly sinking to the floor. “No!! No!!” I shout in my head, “don’t do it, stop!!” but I keep sinking.

Rachel drapes her legs over the arms of my chair and spreads her pussy lewdly with her hands. Her pussy looks so good. Nice and wet. Her little lips, puffy, red, and swollen. MMMMM.

“Tell me you’re my little pussy licking lesbian whore, Bitch” Rachel says with a sinful grin on her face.

This is so humiliating. Here I am naked on my hands and knees between one of my students wide spread legs looking directly at her pussy. I start to beg “Rachel. Please don’t make me.” She cuts me off shouting, “Say it, Mrs. Green, you fucking queer bitch.” A jolt of pleasure shoots from my pussy to my mouth. I blurt out quickly “Yes, Rachel I’m your nasty little pussy licking lesbian whore. Do what you want with me. Use me, humiliate me, please!!” as I was screaming in my head No!!, No!!, what are you saying stop”.

“Lick me then. You nasty little pussy licking queer” Rachel says laughing at me. I have never been with a woman. I have never wanted to be with a woman, but with her words I went straight for her pussy mouth open tongue out ready to please her. My brain yelling “No!!, No!!” at me the whole time.

When my tongue touches her pussy, it sends a wave of pleasure through my body. She tastes wonderful. How can I think that? This is so wrong. I need to stop, please stop. Before long, my hands are between my legs. I am sucking down as much of her juices as I can while she snickers and taunts me. Ohhhhhh, I love the way she treats me. It’s so wrong, I hate it. I need to stop it.

To give her something more to laugh at, I do not move my hands that are working on my pussy. I gyrate my hips and fuck my hands hard so she can watch me pump my hips in and out.

“You’re a nasty little queer cunt aren’t you Mrs. Green?” Rachel asks me laughing. I just moan into her pussy.

“Answer me, bitch” she yells. To punctuate what she says she bucks her pussy into my face hard.

“Yes, Rachel I am your queer cunt” I reply into her pussy.

“Call me Miss Rachel. You’re my bitch, got it?” she says.

“Yes Miss Rachel, I’m your nasty bitch” I tell her.

“Good, now take that hand off of your nasty fuckhole and put both of your hands under my ass. So you can pull me into that little pussy mouth of yours” Rachel says sneering at me.

When I put my hands under her, I can feel my chair. It is covered in her juices. Thinking about her getting her cum all over my chair makes me even hotter. Ohhhh, how I want to play with my pussy. I start pumping her crotch into my face.

“Yeaaaa, bitch I want you to fuck me into your face” Rachel says.

“Fuck my face, work it, come on!” she says laughing, clearly enjoying herself.

I pump her pelvis into me, hard. Smashing her pussy into my face, so hard, I can’t breath. Once in a while, I cough, choking on her cum. I love it and hate it at the same time. Why do I feel like this?

“Yessssssss, Mrs. Green. Fuck the air. Dry hump it, feeling nothing in that nasty little fuckhole of yours. Show me what a nasty dyke in heat you are.” Rachel says mocking me as I pump her sweet pussy into my mouth. I did not realize it but when I took my hand away from my pussy, my hips kept gyrating. Ohhhh, how embarrassing this whole time I’ve been humping away at nothing. What a slut I have become for her. My body and face must shades deeper red. I can feel the heat everywhere.

My pussy is wetter than it has ever been. Every once in while, in between the wet smacking sounds of Rachel’s pussy and my face, I can actually hear my juices drip onto the floor. I have never felt like this before in my entire life. I want to please her more then anything. I will do anything she tells me to do. And that frightens me, angers me, and turns me on all at the same time. What is she doing to me? Why can’t I stop her? Why can’t I stop me? Why do I want it sooooo much but hate it at the same time?

Now that I know what my hips are doing and that Rachel likes it, I thrust my pelvis harder, exaggerating the motion, giving her a good show.

“Yesssss, Mrs. Green fuck that air good. Maybe you are such a sad pathetic little whore you’ll cum. You’ll cum fucking nothing!” Rachel tells me. Her words spur me on. I fuck my face harder with her pussy and fuck the air harder with my pussy.

“Yesssss, Mrs. Green, my whore, I’m cumming. I’m cumming in your pussy mouth Bycasino güncel giriş and all over your dyke face while your nasty fuckhole gets nothing.” Rachel says, “Yeaaaa, bitch fuck your face with my pussy. Fuck your face with my pussy, while your nasty cunt gets nothing. . . “

Rachel taunts me further.

Oh, how I want to cum but I want to make Rachel happy more. I will kneel here in frustration with her cum all over my face and my pussy dripping in need. I will love every minute of it if it makes Rachel happy and hate every second of it for the same reason.

“Mrs. Green, why you are a great pussy licker.” she laughs before continuing, “you are my pathetic little dyke slut. You are my whore. You gave me a wonderful idea too. I’m going to have a slumber party when my parents are gone on a trip next week and your going to be there as entertainment.” Rachel smiles and her eyes twinkle with delight at this idea.

“We are all going to pass you around on a leash. Each of us taking turns on your face. While you just get hotter and hotter as we cum on your face and in your mouth. You, just kneeling in frustration begging to be allowed to cum. And. of course we will just be laughing at you while we wipe our sweet little pussies clean in your hair and all over your body. You will be so hot your sick little dyke cunt drooling. All of us girls laughing at your nasty wet hole. We might even take photo to laugh at later or show you in class.” Rachel explains as she lies in my chair recuperating from her orgasm. Her words hammer a spike of pleasure through my pussy, twitching, and pulsating like never before.

“Stand up bitch I want to see you and that nasty fuckhole of yours” she tells me. I stand and present my pussy to her for her inspection. It takes all I have not to put my hands between my legs and rub my clit to orgasm.

Rachel looks over my body making little comments. Then she instructs me to tell her about myself.

“I am 33 in very good shape, and 5’6″ 125 lbs. My 34C breasts are firm with sensitive large nipples. My green eyes have a big contrast with my freckles. My blonde hair is cut short.”

Rachel nods and says, “You know Mrs. teacher slut, you look a lot like Meg Ryan but your tits are bigger and you have more freckles.” “Yes, miss Rachel, a lot of my friends tell me that.” I reply.

Rachel says, “But I bet Meg Ryan doesn’t have a nasty gross drooling cunt between her legs. Does she bitch?

I blush a deep red as I answer her, “No, Rachel she probable doesn’t.”

“And you better start calling me Miss Rachel or I will punish you.” she says as she playfully smacks my ass. “When you get home I want you to get rid of that hair on your cunt. Dyke sluts like you don’t cover their cunts with hair. They want everybody to see it.” Rachel tells me as she inspects my pussy.

“Use cream or wax I don’t want any stubble. I want it to look like it never had hair.” She says grinning at me.

I shockingly nod.

“Now pull up your panties. Cover that sick hole of yours.” Rachel tells me. I pull up my panties. They feel cold and wet against my skin. As Rachel pulls her pants up, she tells me to get dressed. While she is collecting her things, I start cleaning my chair.

“No, leave all that sweet girlie cum on your chair. I want you to smell it all the time. It will help remind you that you’re my pussy licking bitch.” Rachel says stopping me. My face goes hot and flush as I say “Yes, Rachel”

“Yes Miss Rachel” I say, flushing even a deeper red.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Green. I will see you tomorrow in class.” Rachel tells me as she walks to the door. Thank god it’s over.

“Oh, and Mrs. Green, don’t forget about that nasty little fuckhole of yours, remember I want it smooth. I’ll check it tomorrow. Got it, you little queer whore?” Rachel says. As my knees buckle, I almost fall down. It’s not over. Why did I let her do this?…again I sigh.

“Yes, Miss Rachel” I nod with tears of humiliation and anger in my eyes. She smiles at me and is out the door as if nothing happened.

As I get my stuff ready to go, I start talking to myself. Telling myself, I will get her kicked out of school. And how much I hate her and she will pay for this. The whole time I am saying these things, I’m trying to think of where I can get cream or wax to remove the hair from my pussy. And what I will tell my husband about getting rid of my hair when he notices.

My hand goes into my panties. Mmmmmmmm it is soooooo fucking wet. It feels sooooooo good. “If only. . . but Rachel told me not to play with myself” I pull my hand out of my panties. That’s when it hits me. I start crying. I know I am not going to get her kicked out of school. Oh god, I’m her little queer slut and I will do anything she tells me to. I will love every second of it at the same time hating myself for loving it.


If you have any comments or questions I would like to hear from you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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