Sissy Crissi Ch. 02

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Chapter 2 — Facing Erika

But my bliss would be short lived. I was abruptly wakened from my dreamlike state by a jarring shove into my shoulders that snapped my neck back and sent me reeling forward to the floor. I tried to reach out my arms and break my fall, but one hand was pinned between my pantied crotch and thighs. I reached out with the other and managed to get it in front of me, but it only tended to cause me to roll to the side, throwing my shoulder into the floor and toppling me over.

“You fucking bitch!”

It was Erika’s voice behind me. Lying there still stunned, I pulled my hand from between my thighs and looked back over my outstretched legs to see Erika standing with her feet apart and her hands on her hips.

“Answer me bitch, who gave you permission to suck my man’s cock?”

Not knowing what to say, I laid speechless, just looking at Erika. She easily stood 5 foot 8 or 9 in her black 5″ heels. From my position on the floor, I could see just a hint of her stocking tops from under the black spandex skirt. Her long crimson red nails shined bright against the black backdrop of her hips.

“Is that my man’s cum all over your fucking sissy face?” she said moving slowly toward me.

“Yes Erika, I’m so sorry – I couldn’t help myself,” I finally replied, now up on one arm, turned slightly to face her approach. With one knee bent and laying on top of the other, I saw that the tops of my stockings and part of my garter straps were fully visible. I desperately tugged down on the hem of my short skirt, embarrassed that my sissy underthings were exposed for Erika to see.

“Are those my panties you’re wearing, bitch?” Erika was now standing at my side looking down at me and my feeble attempt to cover my exposed ass. She stooped over me, her full round breasts nearly falling out of her black satin and lace top, one that looked more like lingerie than anything to be worn outside. She then bent down, reached up under my skirt and quickly rubbed my panties.

“You fucking sick little sissy twat!”

Poking her fingers in my face, she continued, “you fucking shot your little load all over my panties – they’re ruined!” Erika stood back up, towering over my semi-prone figure on the floor. She placed her spike heel on my breast and pushed, forcing me over to my back, and then she stepped over and straddled me. Standing high over me, I took in all of her feminine beauty. The double-wrapped straps of her high open heels accentuated the elegant beauty of her delicate ankles. Her long smooth legs, her nicely rounded ass in her heavily laced boy shorts, her tiny waist, all were visual poetry. How long had I wished I could be under her control.

“You’ve got some explaining to do, bitch,” she said, dropping her voice to almost a whisper. She looked down at me, with her long black hair hiding part of her face, her hands still on her hips. “Now get the fuck up.”

I pulled myself up, carefully dragging my legs from under her stance. I started to stand, but Erika pushed me back to my knees with a hand on my shoulder. “Sissies have no need to stand unless they’re serving.”

“Now turn and face me.”

I pivoted on my knees and came around to face Erika, but as I looked up, I felt her grab my hair and jerk my head upward, “Sissies don’t look anyone in the eyes unless invited to do so. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Erika.”

Again she yanked my hair, snapping my head up again to look her in the eyes, “And they don’t refer to superiors by names reserved for friends and equals.”

“Listen to me, you little sissy bitch. You will, from now on, be referred to as crissi, sissy crissi, and you will refer to me as Mistress, Mistress Erika. You will do exactly what you’re told, when you’re told. Do you understand?”

For whatever reason, I hesitated to answer. Erika instantly slapped me hard across the face and then reached down, this time lifting my chin and tipping my head backward. “Now sweetie, we both know this is what you want. Don’t make it difficult.” She then took two fingers and scooped a load of Leroy’s cummy mess from my cheek and around my eye.

“Open wide honey, mommy has a treat for you. You don’t want any to go to waste do you?”

I was absolutely mortified. The most beautiful, sexy, woman I had ever seen was standing over me, feeding me another man’s cum, and I’m such a pathetic little sissy cumslut that I couldn’t resist. I hurriedly took it in my open mouth and greedily licked the remains from her fingers.

“You like that now, don’t you crissi?” Erika cooed, as if talking to a little baby girl.

“It’s alright you know, all little sissies do.”

“Yes Mistress,” was all I could bring myself to say as I again lowered my head in humiliation.

Mistress petted my head, lightly caressing my curled locks. “Now there, you have nothing to be ashamed of, sweetie. Some men are born with large cocks and bulging muscles. They are meant to take women, to be in control.” She then reached down, her large gold bracelet bands clinking together as they slid down Ümraniye Fetiş Escort her arm, and gently placed her delicate hand on my chin once again. Lifting my head, Erika spoke in a soft, yet matter- of-fact way, “others, like you sweetie, are born with tiny little dicks, more like large clitties. They’re worthless as normal lovers. They are meant to serve strong men and women, to provide pleasure with their sissy mouths. They, like you, love to eat pussy and suck cock more than anything.”

“Now, you do love to suck cock, don’t you honey?”

“I mean, it wasn’t a lollipop in your mouth when you creamed your little panties…”

Looking into her eyes, I gave up all pretense of acting like a normal man. She was right. I was who I was, sissy crissi, a cock hungry little fucking sissy slut. Right then all I could think of was how I wanted to burry my face in her sweet honey pot, to taste her sweet nectar, and then to once again be allowed to take Leroy’s monster cock, to drain him of his precious man seed.

“Yes, Mistress Erika.”

“Yes what, sweetie.”

“Yes, I do love to suck cock, big hard cock.” I became aroused just by saying the words.

“And what about the manly cum?”

“Yes, Mistress, and I love my reward of hot sticky cum.”

Her taunting was driving me wild. She drew me along, leading me further and further into her web. With each admission my dignity sunk further, while my sissy clit grew harder.

“I can vouch for that,” Leroy chimed, in a mocking tone. “She is one cock hungry little faggot, who just can’t get enough cum. I can’t wait to bust her little ass-fucking cherry and give’er her fill of cum in the other end!”

I cringed at the thought of his monster anywhere near my virgin ass. I had of course played with anal stimulation, and I enjoyed it, but his cock would rip me apart. It wouldn’t be erotic – it would be torture. This talk made me very uneasy, and I started to regret the situation I had gotten myself into.

“Back off Leroy!” Erika commanded forcefully. “You’ve had your turn, now I’m talking with my sissy.”

“Now crissi, don’t you feel better admitting what you want, who your are?” Mistress continued where we had left off.

“Yes Mistress.”

“And you understand that sissies need a bit of discipline, don’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” I replied again, wondering where her questioning was leading.

“Then you’ll understand that sissies must never squirt their sissy goo into their Mistress’ panties. In fact, sissies must never cum period, without very specific permission. You do understand, don’t you sweetie?”

“Oh yes, Mistress, and I’m so sorry,” I blurted out apologetically.

“It’s alright this time sweetie. I do have to punish you, but it will be light.”

“Now, take off your soiled panties and give them to me.”

I did as I was told, immediately reaching up under my skirt and pulling my panties down as far as I could, almost to my knees. Then, seeing my predicament, Erika told me to just sit back, so I fell to my butt and lifted my legs to finish pulling the panties down my silk covered calves, around the long heels of my Hussies and finally off.

“Now get back up on your knees and tuck that unsightly little bulge away,” Erika ordered.

I spun my legs around and came back to my knees as quickly and gracefully as I could. Facing Erika again, she reached down and lifted my head by my hair. I knew that punishment was coming as she ordered, “open wide sissy,” and when I did, she stuffed the cum-soaked panties into my open mouth until it was completely filled. With half dried cum plugging my nostrils, it immediately became hard to breath, so I sucked air through the cummy undies.

“You will clean those panties with your mouth. I want you to suck every last bit of your sissy cream from them, and if you ever spew your goo in a pair of my panties again, you will pay dearly.” Mistress patted me on the head again and walked slowly over to Leroy.

“Come on Erika. I thought I was going to be able to fuck the little cunt,” Leroy urged as she approached him.

“Oh be patient Leroy. Sissies need to be trained. They don’t really need to be forced. It’s all about helping them to understand their place, their desires. Before I’m done with her, she’ll be begging to have your cock slamming her sissy ass.”

I couldn’t see Erika and Leroy the way I was facing, and I didn’t dare turn around, so I just knelt there sucking my own cum from my soiled panties. To say that it was punishment was a bit of a stretch, as I actually enjoyed the taste of the cum soaked satin. But not being able to see what was going on behind me – that was cruel and unusual.

Moving away slightly to the bar, their voices were now nothing more than muffled whispers as they seemed to continue discussing the situation, but I couldn’t really tell. As the panties in my mouth got increasingly wet with saliva, it became more and more difficult to breath. So, I reached to clear my nose a bit only to have Mistress question Ümraniye Gecelik Escort my movement.

“What are you doing crissi. Are the panties clean?”

I couldn’t really answer and she knew that, so I dropped my hand and continued my tongue washing.

After what seemed like another hour, Erika started back my way. I could hear her approach as her heels clicked on the hardwood floor. Another pat on the head, “Now that’s a good sissy. I’ll bet those panties are good and clean. Let me see.” She reached toward my mouth and pulled the red satin out into her hand. Unfolding them and holding them up to the light, she seemed impressed at how well I had done.

“Good job crissi!” Erika exclaimed. “You must love to suck panties as much as you love to suck hard cock.”

“Now, when a sissy behaves, she deserves to be rewarded, so I want you to go clean yourself up. Go wash all that nasty sticky cum from your face and fix your makeup,” Erika said in an almost endearing fashion.

“Make sure you fresh up your lipstick, and get some damn dry panties on – the red lace tangas with the small bow. I know you like those.”

Excited again, I got up straight away.

“Run along now,” she said softly as she patted my bare ass.

I started to make my way back to the dressing room, walking slowly away, swaying my ass as I placed one foot carefully in front of the other, showing off a bit I guess, but more just enjoying the feeling. My thighs gently rubbed my now semi-hard sissy-clit, my garter tugged at my waist and stocking tops with each step. Accompanied by the bright click of spike heels on the floor, there were few things I enjoyed more than prancing like some whore bitch in heat.

“Oh yeah – I’m going to have that sweet sissy ass,” Leroy shouted loudly.

I quickly picked up my speed and trotted quickly out of the room.

I immediately set about my business. I quickly minced over to Erika’s panty drawer and found the tangas she had specified. She was right – they were one of my very favorites. I tucked my little peepee between my smooth thighs and made my way to the washbasin. I first washed my face, and then the little spatter of cum that found its way into my hair. I next brushed my hair out a bit and put it up with large clippies, like I had seen Erika do so many times. I touched up my makeup, fixed my hair, and applied an extra heavy coat of lipstick. Feeling wonderfully feminine again, I pranced around admiring myself in the mirror waiting to be ordered back into the recreation room.

“Crissi, are you ready yet,” came Erika’s beckoned call.

“Yes Mistress,” I shouted back as I trotted down the long hallway.

Entering the room, I saw Erika and Leroy both seated at the counter across the large rec-room floor. I slowly walked up and stopped in front of them, never looking up to meet their gaze. I dropped to my knees and asked, “May I be of service?”

“Oh excellent crissi. You’ve remembered your lessons well. You’re going to be such a delightful little sissy slave,” Mistress Erika said proudly.

“Now run and fetch us drinks. Leroy wants an MGD and I’d like a Jack and Coke.”

I quickly got up to tend to my orders. “Yes Mistress. Right away, Mistress,” and I started to turn and go to the kitchen.

“Stop there hun,” Mistress said in a stern voice. “Sissies are always to curtsey before leaving a room,” she continued.

“Yes Mistress,” I responded politely as I curtseyed deeply and excused myself.

I hurried into the kitchen and made Erika her drink, then grabbed a beer for Leroy and opened it. I placed both beverages on a serving tray and returned to the counter in the rec-room. I took Erika’s drink, with cocktail napkin, and delivered it into her outstretched hands, then turned to hand Leroy his beer.

“On the counter, bitch,” Leroy chided in an unfriendly way. He then purposely blocked my access, placing his leg between me and the counter. Undaunted, I moved as close as I dared and bent over his leg to reach the counter. I placed a napkin down first and then his beer, but before I could release the bottle, Leroy grasped my hand, and held it around the neck of the bottle. I tried to pull away, but Leroy just held me in position, slightly bent over his thigh. He then reached down with his free hand, placed it on my skirt covered ass and started to squeeze and rub. I have to admit that it didn’t feel bad, but still he continued to scare me.

In seconds Leroy had his hand under my skirt, first feeling my stocking tops, then moving his hand to my panties. He held me firm against his thigh as he applied pressure to my ass and kept my hand pinned to the bottle on the counter. His fingers began to probe until they found my rosebud, and he pressed hard through my panties, against my virgin hole.

“You’re going to be so good and tight. Ain’t that right slut?”

“I’m gonna stretch that tight little ass-pussy of yours and fuck your sweet little sissy brains out.”

I silently struggled to get loose, not wanting to piss Erika Ümraniye Genç Escort off. “Please Leroy, may I finish serving you?”

“Okay Leroy, let go of her. Like I said before, you’ve already had your fun.” Erika saved me again, reaching out her hand to take mine and guide me around in front of her.

“Now give me that tray and stand back and let me see you,” she commanded.

I handed her the tray, took a couple steps back and stood with my hands at my side.

“Is that the best you can do?” Erika asked, more as an order to do better than any real question. “Maybe I should just let Leroy have his way with you?”

I quickly started posing, as I had done for myself so many times before. Hands on hips, one knee bent slightly and positioned in front of the other. I pursed my lips with each pose, then licked them in an exaggerated fashion.

“Turn around and let me see that ass that Leroy is so fond of”

I did as I was told.

“Bend over”

Again I followed instruction, bending over and causing my skirt to hike up and expose my stocking tops along with my upper thighs and the lower portion of my pantied ass.

“Oh yes, I see what he likes,” Erika said sensually as she got up from the stool and approached me. Pushing down on my back to signal that I shouldn’t move back up, Erika started to rub my thighs. She slowly worked up to the soft bare skin above my stockings, tracing her fingers across the smoothness. She lightly touched my pantied bottom, between my legs, and then drug her finger nails lightly over my sissy clit.

“Very nice,” she expressed her appreciation as she moved her hand to cup my ass.

Erika ran her other hand along the length of my back, pressing gently as she moved, until she came to my hair, which she then pulled slightly, a signal for me to stand straight. As I stood up, Erika moved behind me, pressing her pussy against my ass. She reached around with both hands and briefly held my silicone breasts before she started massaging them, then working her hands down. Caressing my sides, my tummy, and then my hips, Erika continued her slow sensuous assault on my body.

She held my hips low and pulled my ass back against her as she began to grind against me. Reaching under my skirt, her delicate hand found the satin vee of my pantied crotch. Holding around me, her hands both pressing between my thighs, she again rubbed my excited sissy clit. With her lips only inches away, she whispered in my ear, “You are one hot little bitch.”

“I think you’re bringing out the lusty lesbian in me.”

“Would you like to give Mistress pleasure?” She continued in a whisper.

I had never felt, or even dreamed of anything so erotic. Erika was truly a goddess, and she was fulfilling my every fantasy. “Yes Mistress, more than anything.”

Erika then grabbed me tightly about the hips and spun me around to face her. Holding my face with both of her hands, only inches away from her probing eyes, Erika looked deep into my soul, and then in the most surprising moment of a night of surprises, she pulled me to her and pushed her luscious lips again mine. She moved one hand to the small of my back as she pulled my body against hers and slowly began to explore my tongue with her own. The scent of her perfume, the taste of our lipstick, our lips sliding one on the other, I was dizzy with lust. Her kiss, both long and deep, ignited a blazing fire of lust that boiled up to consume my entire being.

With one hand still holding my body to hers, she held my hair tightly and plunged her tongue far into mouth. I felt the full thickness of her probing tongue, and then she pulled it out, holding my hair to keep me from following. I sucked at her withdrawing tongue, not wanting it to leave, but she finished with a soft full lip kiss.

Erika looked me in the eyes and cooed, “You are one hot sissy bitch!” She then pulled me to her and holding me tight, forced her knee between my legs and pressed against my sissy crotch. As she started licking my lips, my neck, my ears, I returned the heated foreplay.

I turned from passive toy to active lesbian lover as I squeezed her tightly, feeling her large full breasts against my own. My breath became hard as I panted into her ear. Licking and gently blowing, I exchanged caress for caress. Not knowing what she would think, I reached down and grabbed her fine firm ass with both hands. Her moan was all I needed to urge me on.

The scent of Erika, her feminine beauty held in my arms, was almost too much to take. She continued to massage my now hard sissy clit with her intruding leg, and I began to worry that I might spill my load. I reached under her tight spandex skirt to cup her lacy butt in my hands – my god, she was so fine, curved and rounded, yet muscular and firm… I rubbed her upper thighs, feeling her stockings, her garter straps. Everything I did seemed to only drive her into a hotter passion.

Erika massaged my sissy breasts as she drug her wet tongue along the length of my neck. She stopped at my ear and slowly whispered things I couldn’t really understand, and then slowly probed inside with the tip of her tongue. Pulling my head back again by my hair, Erika found my lips and pierced between them with her hard tongue, frantically kissing my mouth. We twirled and twisted our tongues in a mad moment of unbridled frenzy.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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