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Big Tits

Jamie was sitting in the closet of his neighbor, Nicole.

He’d always kind of had a crush on her, but she rejected him. As an alternative, he spent many days coming up with ways to creep on her. His latest plan was to hide in her bathroom while she was in a different room and wait until she took a shower so he could see her naked. It was risky, but the plan had come together perfectly. He was hiding in a towel closet in the bathroom and was now waiting for her to take a shower.

She walked into the bathroom and started to disrobe. In trying to get a better look, Jame had slightly opened the door to the closet. Hearing a noise coming from the closet behind her and going to investigate, she revealed Jamie standing there. He fell out of the small room and onto his knees, desperately trying to explain. “N-Nicole! This isn’t what it looks like…”

Nicole put her hands on her hips (after making sure to put her pants back on). “You’re in a shitload of trouble.”

“No please… I’m sorry – I know this is wrong. Please can we just forget about it? I promise i’ll never bother you again…” he pleaded.

Nicole had an idea. “Well, since you’re clearly so keen to creep on women, why don’t we see how you’d like BEING one. If you do, then this can just be between you and me.”

Barely even hearing her offer, only the reward, Jamie instantly accepted. “Yes, of course! Anything you want Nicole, I’ll do it. Just, please, can we keep this a secret?” He didn’t even stop to think about how this affected Nicole, only how it might have affected him in the future if people found out.

An evil smile crept up her face. “Well, let’s get you dressed up, shall we?” she said, leading him into her room and to the closet, throwing the door open.

Jamie let out a sigh of relief, not able to comprehend what she had in mind. “Okay then,” he replied fairly cautiously. Despite being relieved that she wouldn’t tell, he noticed the grin on her face as she guided him towards her wardrobe. Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort She pulled out some clothing and motioned for him to sort through it.

Jamie briefly looked up at her in confusion. “Go on, then – pick!” she said assertively. Taken aback by her tone, he stripped down and tried to put on the jean shorts over his own underwear before Nicole stopped him, and presented him with a pair of lacy pink panties. Blushing, he stripped nude and put the panties on. He then tried the shorts, slipping them on easily, much to her delight. Then, picking up the blue striped shirt and sliding it over his head, he heard her giggle at his appearance before turning him to face the mirror.

He…didn’t look bad at all. In fact, most people would say that she looked attractive.

Taken aback, Nicole handed him a bra and a pair of socks to stuff it with.

Jamie meekly took the bra and put it on, before covering his chest in socks, standing in front of her with what looked like a fairly busty chest. “Okay, you’ve had your fun – are we finished?” he asked impatiently, embarrassed at his appearance.

“Not yet.” The vengeful look is still there, but there was something else there too. Almost…lustful?

“O-Okay, so what’s next?”

Nicole dragged him over to the bed and opened up a cabinet. Inside were a bunch of bullet vibes. One seemed to be designed to slip over the whole penis and vibrate. She put it in Jamie’s hand. “Put this on. Keep wearing your clothes.”

“Okay…” Jamie gulped and put the device on over his cock. The cold material caused him to stay soft at first, but he began to realize what the next part of her plan was as she grabbed a remote control and smiled wickedly. Her smile still had that same undertone of lust. “Let’s see how you like this!” she said, hitting the button and turning the device on, to its first setting.

Jamie instantly felt a shiver run through his whole body, as the device started to Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort shake. He moaned loudly as the vibrations caused his dick to harden. “Ooohhh Nicole… please play nice!” he cried out, unable to even get up due to the pleasure and confusion going through his body and mind.

“Nice? NICE?” she shouted, shoving him backwards onto the bed and stripping down. She came over, naked, and sat on his face. “Lick,” she commanded him. “It’s what you deserve for perving on me earlier…might as well get something out of it.”

Jamie could barely control his thoughts due to the vibrator. He could already feel himself fully erect, with the machine only on its first setting. He did as he was told without complaint, and started to lick around her pussy, tentatively at first. Soon, with her commands, he began to lick inside her. “Mmmhhh…” she sighed. “Good job, slave. Here’s your reward!” She hit another button, turning the machine up to two. He let out a high pitched squeal as his dick was mercilessly vibrated by the machine, and he could feel himself being close to pre-cum as she laughed at his expense. He continued licking, getting deeper for her.

Nicole grabbed one of her boobs, laughing partly with pleasure and partly out of fun. Trying to say something witty wasn’t possible, as she could barely think. Trying to turn the machine up one notch, she missed the button and unintentionally turned it up to its highest setting, 10.

Almost immediately, Jamie let out a full on orgasm at the feeling of the ultra high speed vibration on his cock. The orgasm lasted another few seconds before he came again, blending into the first one, and feeling close to yet another climax. “Nic-cole…no…more!” he said, only able to say one syllable at a time due to his state of arousal. At this point his licking was nearly matching the speed of the machine.

Cumming as well, she fumbled for the remote, turning it off before standing up and letting Ümraniye İranlı Escort out a sigh of relief. “I don’t think I’m quite done with you yet,” he heard, before passing out.

Later, he woke up, still dressed in the female clothes and bound to Nicole’s bed. Nicole was sitting in a chair across from him. The vibrator had stopped. She looked up and saw him there. “Ah, you’re awake finally. So here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to leave you here for a little while to, ah, reconsider whether it’s okay to creep on girls.” She smiled and turned on the vibrator to its full power.

Before she switched on the machine, Jamie took a moment to take in his surroundings. He tried to get up, but noticed that he was tied in a starfish position to her bed posts. Then, hearing her plan, he began to protest. “No wait, Nicole! I’m sorry but ple-” But his voice is cut off by another moan as she started the vibrator again, his legs spread out straight and struggling against his restraints as the machine violently worked its magic. He became instantly hard and within seconds, was breathing heavily and leaking pre-cum.

With the same wicked grin, Nicole walked out the door.

“NOOOO! Nicole, wait, please!” he shouted, as she closed the door. He was tied to her bed, cum dripping from the machine all over the panties he was wearing. It was not long before he has come again and again, but the max setting on the machine doesn’t allow him to pass out. He was left to lie awake in his own sensations of overstimulation (and the cum splattered all over his clothing) until she returned. In this period, he came several more times.

Nicole rushed back in the door. “I hope you’ve learned your lesson,” she said, quickly untying him and turning off the machine. Jamie sat there, panting. She peeled the clothing off of him. “Eugh. Gonna have to wash this a TON.”

Jamie rolled off the bed, completely nude but unable to lift himself off the ground to get changed due to mental and physical exhaustion. “I’m s-sorry Nicole” he gasped to her quietly.

“It’s fine. I got what I wanted,” she said, throwing his boy-clothes back at him. “Now put them on and get out of my apartment.”

Jamie trudged out of her home, clothes hanging off of him. Hoping never to experience this nightmare again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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