Sometime Things Change

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I enjoy wearing womens clothing, my wife, Lori is aware of my fetish and doesn’t object in fact she occasionally buys me clothes much to my delight. After several years I had accumulated quite a large collection of panties, bras, slips, dresses, shoes and other assorted apparel and accessories. This created the need for a wardrobe reduction due to limited storage.

Lori offered to help me sort through my “dress up” clothes and decide which ones to keep and which ones were to be donated to the goodwill, as we sorted through them she said to me “we really should have a dress up session one day soon, I think it would be fun.”

Uh huh,” I agreed as we continued sorting.

“Maybe we could play a game, you be the girl and I’ll be the guy, would you like that?” she teased.

“Sure” I replied not really taking her question as seriously as I should have, as I would learn later.

Lori wasn’t home when I arrived home from work, so I went to the bedroom to shower and change into my yard clothes. As I entered the room I found a note on my mirror it read “honey, when you shower use the Nair I left on the vanity then put on the outfit I left on the bed for you, I’ll be home soon.” As I watched my body hair flow down the drain as I showered I wondered just exactly what she had planned.

The clothes were laid out on the bed just as she said, I recognized my black panties, bra, slip, dress, nylons and shoes, but was surprised to find some new items, a shoulder length brown wig and some makeup.

I had never been free of my body hair before and as I dressed the feeling of the nylons on my bare legs was fantastic. I thought I was going to cum as continued to dress, the feel of nylon against my smooth body was intoxicating. I put the wig on then lipstick and eyeshadow. I felt very sexy as I walked through the house in my new persona.

It was dark when Ümraniye Grup Escort I heard her car in the driveway, she was pulling into the garage as I peeked out the window. I unlocked the door and retreated to the living room, “can you help me?” she called as she entered the front door.

“Yes” I replied walking toward the front door.

She smiled as she saw me walk down the hallway “mmmmm aren’t you just a sexy little missy” she said “would you mind getting the rest of the bags from the car?”

“I can do that” I said as I stepped out the door. It was Euphoric as I felt the cool breeze under my dress, I was half way to the garage, when I realized my neighbors might see me and turned to retreat to the house.

My wife was watching me as I started back toward the house “don’t forget the groceries Missy.” She said teasingly. Missy? She called me Missy, I like that name I thought feeling very feminine.

I retrieved the groceries from her car then hoping none of my neighbors were outside I made my way from the garage to the house. I was so excited as I walked back to the house I thought I was going to cum in my panties. The sound of my heels clicking on cement and feeling of my nylon covered thighs rubbing together as I walked was almost more than I could stand .

Lori stood watching me as I stepped inside “Why don’t you make us a drink while I change my clothes Missy” she said patting my ass as I passed her on my way to the kitchen.

I quickly put the groceries away and was mixing our drinks when I felt her hand rub my ass, I was lost in the excitement of the moment as I felt the silkiness of my slip sliding against my panties. “God, you got a hot ass baby” she raspily said. As I turned around to find her dressed in jeans and a man’s shirt I realized I was the girl she was the guy.

I could feel my cum boiling as Ümraniye Manken Escort she pinned me against the counter she kissing me, rubbing the satin of my bra against my nipples causing them to become erect, her other hand pushing my dress up and stroking the inside of my thighs. Moving to my crotch she pushed my panties to the side. I could feel her finger probing, searching, until it found its goal, I moaned softly as I felt it enter me. “You like that don’t you Missy” she breathed as she began to work it in and out.

“Oh yes….it’s so good please don’t stop.” I begged.

As she slipped a second finger into my ass she demanded “tell me what you want Missy.” as she slipped a second finger into my ass.

“Fuck me with your fingers baby…..ohhh deeper please Lori.” I pleaded.

Pushing her fingers in all the way to the third knuckle she began to fuck them in and out of my ass. “I got something special for you baby.” she teased. ”

“What baby, what.” I asked. Pulling her fingers from my ass and pushing me to my knees I found her pants unzipped and a 8 inch strapon waiting for me..

Holding my head she rubbed it all over my face, “lick it Missy.” she commanded as she pressed it to my lips, I tentetivly licked tip then after licking up and down the length of it a few times began to swirl my tongue around the head then let it slid into my mouth. “Ohhh yeah that’s right suck it like a good girl.” Lori moaned as her hand went to the back of my head. After I had worked on it for several minutes she stopped me and said “lets go into the bedroom Missy.”

After we walked into the bedroom Lori turned and kissed me and as she did I felt her pull my dress up then breaking our kiss she pulled it over my head, I knelt down and pulled her pants to her ankles, as she stepped out of them she demanded “tell me what you really want” Ümraniye Masöz Escort I looked up questioningly “you know what you want me to do, come on tell me.” she again demanded.

“Fuck me baby.” I breathed. Laying me on my back on the bed she took my panties off and began to finger my ass again and lube me with astroglide, then bending and pushing my legs to my chest, she pressed her strapon against my well lubed ass “please go slow baby” I begged as I felt the head of her strapon push against my ass. “Oh my god stop it’s too big.” I pleaded as I felt the head begin to enter me.

“You know you want it Missy.” she said as she continued to push into my virgin ass.

“Please Lori.” I begged.

In a sudden flash of pain the head slipped past my sphincter “oooo nooo.” I howled.

She remained motionless and the pain subsided as I sobbed “I don’t think I want to play this game anymore Lori.”

“We can’t stop now Missy” she breathed excitedly as she slid the entire length of the dildo in my ass “Oooo yeah isn’t good Missy?” Lori cooed.

As the pain eased I realized I felt so feminine laying on my back being fucked like a real girl it was when she began to hump her strapon in and out of my ass then I heard myself begging “oh gawd yes fuck me……please fuck me.” She had been fucking me for several minutes when I felt my cum begin to boil “I think you’re gonna make me cum Lori.” I panted.

“Cum for me Missy.” she yelled as she started to fuck me faster and harder.

“Oooh yes, give it to me baby.” I screamed as my cock exploded spewing cum in my face..

“Shoot it baby, shoot your hot cum.” she screamed as she slammed her strapon deep into my ass one last time.

“So do you like being the girl?” Lori asked still laying between my legs her strapon buried in my ass.

“Oh yes that was fantastic Lori” I answered

Scooping the cum from my face with her fingers “we have one lesson left then” she said putting her cum covered fingers to my mouth, “remember Missy guys don’t like spitters” she giggled.

As we lay there spent in the afterglow, she asked “Do you think I should buy a bigger strapon!!!??

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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