Summer Shower

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Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the summer months. The only thing I do not enjoy, especially in the region I live, is the humidity; it can be oppressive. This particular week was no exception. Temperatures soared in the 90s and the humidity was high. Combined, they make for miserable conditions which not only affects your body, but your mental outlook. Granted, I am fortunate to work in an air conditioned office, but even in the office, the heat and humidity can wear on you.

The week had been long both in work assignments and oppressive weather. On this day, the temperatures were in the upper 90s and the feel-like temperature was 105 degrees. I felt zapped of energy and get-up-and-go and I needed something to re-energize me. Fortunate for me, I had a lovely woman named Melissa that was in touch with my situation and always had a solution.

Mid-day Friday of that week, my phone chirped and it was a message from Melissa. My day was already brightened with this message.

“Hello baby. Are you having a good day?” she asked

I responded, “Hello Gorgeous. Until now, it has been miserable. The combination of work and this weather has taken a toll on me. I need to be re-charged.”

“Poor baby”, she replied, “How about you drop by after work to re-charge and relax with me?”

I replied, “Deal! See you soon.”

“Great. I will leave the door unlocked. Come on in when you arrive.”

That brief exchange was like a fresh breeze of air and it lifted my spirits making me look forward to 5:00 o’clock.

Quitting time came and I headed out the door and on to Melissa’s house. I parked in the drive and went to the door. Sure enough, it was unlocked and I walked in.

I called out, “Melissa…Melissa”, but no response. I walked through the house looking for her when I heard water running in the bathroom. I made my way to bathroom to find the shower running and to my pleasant surprise, Melissa standing by the shower with only a towel wrapped around her.

“Care to join me Doug?” she asked with that temptress look on her face.

This totally caught me off guard and it took a few seconds for me to analyze the situation, but that is all it took. I smiled and said, “I would love to join you Melissa!”

“Well then” she said, “I think you are a little overdressed for the occasion. How about doing something about it stud.”

I started stripping clothes and looked at Melissa who was smiling at me. Slowly she lowered the towel that was covering her fabulous breasts, but, being the tease she is, kept the towel barely covering her nipples. God I wanted to see more. With excitement, I began peeling clothes while never taken my eyes off of her.

“Good boy” she said while watching me. “Strip out of those hot clothes for me baby.”

I was down to my briefs when she exclaimed, “Stop. Leave those on for now baby.”

“As you wish darling” I replied.

Melissa took a step toward me then stopped. She let her towel fall from her grip to expose to me her divine body. Like a child in the candy store looking at the candy through the glass case, I looked and drank in her amazing shape. porno My eyes roamed her body. Her beautiful face and smile; her perfect hair; her smile; her arms and hands; her breasts so firm and nipples so hard; her legs long and lean; and her clean shaven mound. Melissa just stood there, knowing I was enjoying the view.

Finally Melissa stepped all the way toward me. Her eyes were affixed to mine as she laid her arms over my shoulders and drew me into a deep passionate kiss. Her mouth was fresh and tasted like candy. Her lips were crushing against mine. Her skilled tongue was soft, yet firm as she probed my mouth and tongue. Her breasts pressed firm against my bare chest and felt lovely. I returned her kiss and pulled her close to me as my arms wrapped around her and locked her tight to me. Our kissing was deep and passionate.

She finally broke the kiss and said, “Welcome home baby. I think my man needs a nice shower to start the evening off. Don’t you?”

I smiled and agreed with her, “Sounds like the perfect start of a lovely evening to me gorgeous.”

“I am glad you agree Doug” she answered. Looking down, she asked, “Hmmmmmm…what is this?”

Melissa was looking down at the huge bulge in my briefs. Her advances and kissing had caused my shaft to become engorged with hot blood causing my cock to grow hard and the head of my cock was peeking out of the waist band.

I replied, “I would surmise, my dear, that this is what you caused with by your attention to me so far.”

Stepping back, she knelt down before me, and placed a kiss on the head of my cock sending shivers through my body. I watched as she extended her tongue and licked the slit at the tip of my cock repeatedly.

“Mmmm, my sweet baby needs to be freed”, she said with that tone in her voice that excites me.

Melissa slid her fingers into the waist band of my briefs and slid them down my legs. As I stepped out of them, my rock hard blood engorged cock fell forward and smacked her on the cheek.

“You bad boy. Smacking me like that. I think you need a lesson in manners” Melissa chuckled.

“I would agree with that Melissa. At times, that thing can be very rude!” I responded.

Melissa’s small hand reached up and took my throbbing cock meat in hand. With a hiss in her voice, she began stroking up and down my shaft just inches from her face. Her eyes were locked on my shaft.

“Oh baby! Look at this, you already have precum oozing from the tip” she said excitedly.

I moaned as Melissa gathered the precum on her fingers and worked it on the head of my cock.

“Oh god baby. You make me this way with your hot advances” I moaned.

With determination in her eyes and a look of hunger on her lips, Melissa began slow strokes up and down my shaft. Her concentration on the task at “hand” was intense as I enjoyed her work. Slow strokes up that coaxed clear precum from the tip that she would rub on the head, then deep down strokes. With each stroke, I moaned in pleasure.

“God baby, your precum looks so delicious” she said. With the next up stroke of on my shaft, a clear glob of precum was anime porno produced. She then guided my cock to her lips and she smeared it on them like lip balm. Leaning back, she looked up at me with glistening lips as I watched her tongue circled her lower lip then her upper lip as she savored the flavor of my juice. “Ahhh…so good baby” she said.

My mind was about to explode at her ministrations of my eager cock.

With her hand wrapped around the base of my shaft, Melissa looked back at my cock, parted her lips and slid it into her hot mouth. The feeling of her tongue rubbing the underside of my cock felt so good. Always attentive, she cupped my hanging balls in her other hand and gently massaged them.

I felt Melissa’s arms go around my legs and her hands on my ass cheeks as she started moving me back and forth as my cock slid in and out of her mouth.

“My baby wants a good mouth fucking I can tell” I said.

Melissa mumbled, looked up at me and nodded her head in agreement.

I reached down and held her head with my hands to begin thrusting in and out of her mouth as she slurped and swallowed my fleshy cock. Watching her mouth being fucked by my cock is a sweet thing to behold.

Melissa stopped me, and I knew what she wanted. Looking down at her I asked, “You want me to throat fuck you. Don’t you baby?”

Melissa smiled and nodded her head. I leaned into her and her skillful mouth took more and more of my cock as I watched it slide all the way in and down her throat. With my cock all the way in, Melissa held me to her until she had to breathe and pulled back as she gasped for air. The salvia was thick from her mouth and drooling all over the head.

“God yes baby. That is exactly that I wanted” Melissa said breathing heavily.

She pulled me back to her and once again, my cock deep throated her. I felt her hands move me back then forward as she guided my shaft in and out of her throat. I moaned, “Fuck baby, you are so good to me.”

Melissa pulled back gasping for air. “Oh Doug, oh baby Doug I love it when you fuck my throat like that” and she took me deep again.

The sensations of her throat and mouth taking my cock were intense as I rammed in and out of her.

“Okay…okay baby” she gasped as she pulled back.

Melissa stood up and kissed me deep. I swear, there isn’t a better kiss from a woman when she has been throat fucked. Her mouth is hot, and the salvia is thick.

Melissa gathered her composure then said, “Let’s take a shower baby so you can feel refreshed and energized!”

“Sounds wonderful to me baby.”

Stepping into the shower, the water pelted our skin. It was cool and refreshing compared to the horrible temperatures outside. We spent a few minutes letting the water wash over us.

“Does this make my baby feel better?” Melissa asked.

“It is wonderful sweetheart.”

Melissa then positioned herself so she could lift her left leg onto the shower bench. She reached for me and drew me close. Looking into my eyes, Melissa said, “Let’s masturbate one another until we cum hard Doug.”

“You arap porno are reading my mind Melissa. I was thinking the same thing.” I replied.

I positioned myself so my right hand could find her sweet and shaven pussy lips. Melissa’s right hand found its way to my cock and she began stroking it. With my left arm, I pulled Melissa to me and we engaged in deep lovers kisses. Melissa’s free arm wrapped around my shoulder for support.

My finger probed her wet folds until I shoved a finger into her dripping pussy. Melissa responded and began massaging my cock harder. I pushed up into her hot pussy lifting her onto her toes as I began a hard assault of finger fucking her sweet pussy. Melissa responded and kissed me deeper and stroked my cock as only she knew how.

I broke the kiss and started licking and sucking the side of Melissa’s neck. Her breathing was rapid and hot. I then slid a second finger into her wet pussy and rammed it hard. Melissa responded with moans and began pumping my cock with fury.

“Oh Doug…oh god…oh Doug you are going to make me cum hard!” Melissa blurted out.

I continued kissing and biting on her neck and only moaned.

“God yes Doug, finger fuck my horny pussy…finger fuck it baby” Melissa cried out.

I slid my thumb to be able to engage her stiff clit. When I touched it, Melissa tensed her entire body.

“Oh sweet baby, do it to me…don’t stop…please don’t stop” Melissa cried out.

Melissa’s grasp on my cock was tight as she jacked it harder.

“Oh baby…babyyyyyy” I moaned as my orgasm came close.

Suddenly, Melissa gasped and tensed her body as her orgasm swept over her. She leaned against the shower wall, mouth open eyes closed as her pussy contracted around my fingers.

“Oooohhhhh…goooooddddd…feel me cum for you Doug. Feel me cum for my baby” she cried out.

Her pussy convulsed and clamped down on my fingers as she came hard. Melissa came out of her trance and looked in my eyes with fury.

“Now baby…you cum for me!” as she jacked my cock faster.

I did not disappoint her and leaned back as her tiny hand caused my cock to explode a stream of cum to shoot into the air. Melissa jacked my cock again and another rivulet of white cream exploded from the tip splashing onto her soft belly.

Melissa dropped to her knees and aimed my cock at her mouth as a flood of cum streamed onto her tongue and she then swallowed my cock whole as it leaked more cream. I felt her wrap her arms around me, like she did before, and pull me to her.

Admittedly, my knees were weak but I asked, “Baby wants more throat fucking?”

She nodded and pulled me to her as my cock slid again down her hungry throat where I started pumping in and out of it. I looked down and Melissa had a hand between her legs and was working her clit. I responded and grabbed her head and fucked her mouth until Melissa came hard again!

She dropped to the floor of the shower, looked up at me with a drizzle of cum seeping from the corner of her mouth and asked, “Now, is my baby re-energized?”

I sat on the shower stool and took her face in hand and said, “I think we need to dry off, and step out of the shower so you can re-charge me some more.”

She smiled at me, stood up, opened the shower door and said, ‘Okay, plug in baby…I will re-charge you all night!”

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