The Package Ch. 04

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Drying off

He opened the door and helped her up. They staggered out like two drunks, drunk with sex and in her case drunk with joy for having her first real relationship, she thought. Suddenly it struck her – she was engaged to a gorgeous man, package and all. The real deal.

She turned and hugged him so hard she drove the breath out of him. She loved the feel of his cock against hers, the hardness of his chest on her breasts, the tickle of his hair on her nipples, and the softness of his lips making hers tingle. She danced away from him and saw his eyes grow smoky as she danced in front of him.

As his eyes flicked over her, she was aware of each part of herself; her hair flowing and jumping from side to side, her stomach muscles tightening as she moved, her dick bouncing around, her leg muscles rippling as they danced, her bum thrusting out towards him while she twisted her head to keep watching, her grin from ear to ear.

She came back to him and subsided into his arms again, and he kissed her hard. “Hey, what’s that about?” he asked.

“I’m so happy. I’m engaged to a gorgeous bloke who knows about my package and still asked me. I’m so excited to be able to be naked in front of someone and not to have to hide any more. I can’t believe my luck. I love sex with you and I love you, and I can’t wait to be married to you.”

“Phew, quite a catalogue. No wonder you’re dancing. Seriously Suzanne, I love you more than I can say. I’ve never felt this good with a girl before, and I’ve certainly never been able to share the intimate things I share with you. Like you, I’m comfortable naked with you in a way I’ve never been before.”

He kissed her again, and she couldn’t believe the electricity that coursed through her lips to her nipples, dick and pussy. She moved her lips on his to increase the sensation, and felt his tongue running round. She realised, however, that this time after – how many times in quick succession? – it wasn’t going to lead to another orgasm.

Eventually they pulled apart, and he suggested a drink. Grabbing a towel he patted dry what was left of the water on her. She felt so cared for and pampered, and the sensation of having someone else drying her was wonderful. Her skin crawled with pleasurable sensations. Then she took the towel and returned the favour, watching the emotions on his face mirroring those when he had dried her. That in itself was arousing, knowing she could affect this man so much with such a small service.

When they went through to the kitchen, Suzanne was really surprised to find herself quite comfortable with walking round his house naked and with him naked. It was a completely new experience for her, as she had never been able to do it except on her own. She couldn’t help dancing a little, and saw James grinning at her.

“I love the way you do that. It is so sexy seeing you so happy and naked.”

They made hot drinks together, both choosing green tea.

“You don’t need the variety with Ginseng,” he joked.

She laughed, and was surprised at the effect watching her stomach muscles had on him. He grabbed her for another kiss.

He led her through to the lounge and they sat side by side on the sofa sipping their tea.

“I’d like to ring my mum and tell her in the morning.” He reached out for the phone and dialled.

“You can’t be ringing your parents at this time of night.”

He grinned at her. “No, just leaving a message on the work voice mail to say I won’t be in in the morning. I’m taking a very special lady out to buy a ring.”

She kissed him again, and felt her face almost splitting with a grin from ear to ear. “I don’t think I could be happier,” she sighed, and rested her head on his shoulder.

They talked about going to see her mum at the weekend, and she told him she thought she’d leave it to her mum to tell her dad. “Is that because he wanted… wanted… Er…” James swallowed hard.

“Yes, he wanted my dick cut off so that I could just be a girl. He really couldn’t cope with it and still can’t look me in the eye. He is very conservative, and hates homosexuals. In some ways I think he finds me worse than a homosexual, so when we do see each other, which isn’t very often, it is rather awkward.”

She could see him thinking about this. After a bit he said thoughtfully, “I think if I had a daughter I would want to cherish her, whatever was wrong.”

She smiled, “Yes, that’s what Mum says. She says he would have been like that if I was disabled or autistic. But she wanted me whole without what she considered cosmetic surgery.”

“When I meet your mum, I will surely thank her,” James said with feeling. “If it wasn’t for her, I’m certain you would have been snapped up ten years xslot ago without giving a slow coach like me a chance! I can’t believe I have found myself such a gorgeous girl for a wife.”

He reached over and kissed her again, while she marvelled at the touch of his lips and was full of wonder at the fact that they were naked with no trace of embarrassment. For once, she could see the attraction of naturism.

The parents

“You nervous?” James asked.

“Not a bit. Excited. Sorry, is my fidgeting bothering you?” Suzanne asked, interrupting her ear-splitting grin.

“No. I was just concerned about you. I’m nervous.”

She was instantly contrite that she was so excited she hadn’t realised he was nervous. She put her hand on his knee. “Mum is a really comfortable person, you know. She’ll love you, not least because you love me, and she knows already how happy you’ve made me.”

He took his eyes off the road for a second to grin at her. “You’re so good for me, and it helps. But I’m still a bit nervous because you are so important to me. Funny to think I didn’t even know you a week ago.”

It was strange, she reflected. “We are so lucky. And here we are. Turn in at the third house.”

“Mum, this is James.” She watched as he shook her hand and said the usual polite things. When they were settled with the inevitable cup of tea, she asked how her dad had reacted. She noticed the look of concern on both her mother’s and James’ faces. “It’s all right. I do want to know.”

The look her mum gave James and his almost imperceptible nod was not lost on Suzanne. She tossed her hair, and complained, “You two are already ganging up on me to make sure I’m all right,” she grinned, “but I love it that you both care for me so much.”

“Well, you can imagine that he wasn’t exactly over the moon, but he did say he was pleased for you that you had found someone. Then – I’m not sure I should tell you this in front of James.”

Suzanne was surprised that her mum’s mouth had gone all prim and proper. She was never normally like that. They shared everything and it had been her mum who had helped her through all the difficulties of hiding her dick from other girls and through the awfulness of guys who walked out on her when they discovered the truth.

“Come on Mum, James knows about my dick and he isn’t going to run away.” She smiled across at him and found his returning smile warmed her heart. She was surprised to see her mum’s face redden slightly as she started speaking again.

“Oh all right then. He said he wasn’t coming to the wedding as he didn’t ever want to see two dicks getting married. I was shocked. He never normally uses any language worse than blast.”

Suzanne and James went off into gales of laughter. Through the laughter, with tears in her eyes, Suzanne saw her mum struggle, and then her face began to split into a grin until she was laughing too.

“I really don’t think it’s funny that your dad won’t come to the wedding,” she said as she recovered.

As they left later on Saturday, James said, “I really like your mum. I can see why you are such a whole person despite your secret and all the anxiety it must have caused you.”

Suzanne smiled up at him, “Yes, she’s been great, and you can see how happy she is for me.”

The next day they drove over to his parents, and it was her turn to be nervous.

“Don’t worry – they’ll love you,” he said with his characteristic “concerned” look that had broken down her defences the first time they met.

She was so glad and glanced at the finely crafted, delicate diamond on her finger. “I can’t help wanting them to like me, and wanting to like them for you,” she responded.

“It’s OK. I’m not as close to them as you are to your mum. And I’m sure you’ll be comfortable with them. I’ll be there right by you. And if you are worrying about your secret, there is really no need to rock the boat by telling them. They don’t need to know, and they’ll never find out from me or your mum, so you can relax about that.”

Again she found herself being grateful for his understanding as they pulled up in front of his parent’s house. The meeting was about as good as it could get when you meet important strangers, and at the end she felt comfortable in the house, if a little stiff and on her best behaviour. His parents were quite posh and more formal than she was used to. The best bit was that his mum had genuinely admired the ring, and complimented both of them on their exquisite good taste. That was high praise indeed, James told her afterwards in the car.

She found herself looking again at the man she was to marry. Private school and a formal home. In many ways it was a wonder he was so normal, and she could understand xslot Giriş better why he had found relationships hard. She contrasted this with the warmth and support of her mother, and even though she was a girl, she thought how hard it would have been with that sort of distance and formality.

The anniversary

It was their first anniversary, and it was obvious they would be at the “Don’t know why” jazz restaurant where they had their first date. She thought James looked fantastic in his chinos and crisp shirt. And from his expression when she had walked out of the bedroom, she knew she looked like a million dollars. He’d given her such a long sexy kiss that she was in danger of pulling him down onto the carpet and having sex there and then.

Somehow they’d got out to the car and he rested his hand on her knee while she was driving. The warmth and pressure kept her wanting him, and she had to concentrate on driving. When she drew up in the car park, she pulled him to her and kissed him roughly and repeatedly while massaging his cock through his immaculate chinos.

“That’ll pay you back for arousing me while I was driving,” she laughed.

In the restaurant they had requested the same table, and got it because it was their first wedding anniversary. Suzanne noticed that their waitress was petite and particularly attractive, with long cornflower hair down her back and a slight curl at the end. “Hi. My name’s Claire. What would you like to drink?” She also had an infectious grin.

They got their drinks and were in no rush discussing the menu. Claire was back twice before they were ready to order.

“I’m sure the chef would poach or grill the fish if you would prefer not to have the batter,” Claire offered.

“I’d like it poached – I love the white stuff,” Suzanne responded.

“Yes, I love the white stuff too!”

Suzanne noticed that Claire’s grin was in evidence and she was looking straight into her eyes. Suzanne couldn’t quite believe that it was a double entendre, but felt her dick harden at the thought.

I can’t believe I’m thinking this. I’ve got a gorgeous husband. Our sex life is amazing (although we’ve not managed four times in an hour since the high of that first night). And I’m attracted to this cute little waitress. Then she suddenly realised that not only was she attracted to Claire, but she suspected Claire was flirting with her as well. Hell, that was sexy.

She was grateful Claire was taking James’ order as she flushed at the thought. She suddenly tuned in to the conversation.

“How would you like your steak?”

James grinned up at Claire saying, “Well done.”

Claire grinned back and said, “May I recommend that you have it medium? The flesh is pink and softer, making it much more inviting.”

Suzanne was now certain that Claire’s double entendres were intentional. She wriggled as she realised that she now had a raging hard on and her knickers were wet from her dick and pussy. Damn, it was so sexy that Claire was flirting with them both.

Suddenly the image of Claire naked with them both flashed into her mind. Her flesh burned with the thought, and she had to concentrate to prevent her hands from straying to her breasts and crotch. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was, and the thought popped into her head that, with Claire, there was a realistic chance they could beat their record of four times in quick succession.

When the order was done, James was looking at Suzanne with an eyebrow lifted. “You like the waitress then?” he commented.

She blushed again and nodded. “I told you I didn’t go for girls, so I can’t understand why she turns me on so much. I just love her thick cornflower hair, and she’s got a gorgeous petite body too. She’s too young for me, though. I think she’s a student working to pay her way. By the way, I notice that she was flirting with you as well. Did you notice the double entendres? I’m sure they were deliberate.”

James looked slightly embarrassed. “I could hardly fail to notice, and she’s nearly as stunning as you, and she was definitely flirting with both of us. I found that aspect particularly a huge turn on. A slight downside about her, I assume, is that she’s missing another ingredient that you have.”

Suzanne smiled at him. “I still can’t get over how much you love all of me. It makes me so happy when I think of it. You’d have thought I would be accustomed to it after more than a year.”

She remembered only last night dancing around in front of him in the lounge, and the wonderful sex that followed on their rug in front of the fire. As they lay exhausted, sated and happy in each others arms with the fire crackling beside them, he’d said, “I was going to get rid xslot Güncel Giriş of this rug, but it reminds me of our first date, and it’s one of my favourite places to be with you.”

She had smiled, and reminded him, “You remember when you said we’d never be able to tell out children how you proposed? Well you could tell them it was on this rug, and that’s why we kept it!”

He laughed, and said seriously, “Suzanne, I really want children with you.”

She was touched and replied, “So do I, but I’m enjoying life so much at the moment, let’s leave it a little longer.”

When she returned to the present and looked up, he was looking at her with one eyebrow raised again. “I was thinking about last night.” He grinned. “The rug,” he said with complete understanding, and took her hand across the table.

Just then, Claire walked up with their plates, and they turned together and grinned at her while she put them down. She smiled back, and said, “You both look great together. I wish I had a friendship as special as yours.”

Suzanne put her hand out to Claire’s as she let go of the plate. She jumped at the electricity that flowed between them, and she could see from Claire’s eyes that it had been both ways. “I’m sure it will happen for you. I had to wait ten agonising years to find James, but he’s more than worth the wait.”

Claire looked serious. “I’ve already waited ten years.”

Suzanne was amazed. “We thought you were a student.”

Claire laughed, “People always think I’m a child. Actually I am a student, but I’m on my second doctorate, so I’ve been a student for ten years, hence the crying need to work for money when I can.”

Suddenly James butted in. “What time do you get off?”

Claire turned to look at him, “An interesting choice of words. If you mean when do I finish my shift, I’m off early tonight at eleven.”

Suzanne nearly fell off her chair with surprise, both at James’ off the wall question, and at the tone of Claire’s reply. But she was quick on the uptake and added, “Would you have a nightcap with us before you go?”

Claire looked at her. “I’d love to come to your place for a nightcap.”

Suzanne was sure the surprise showed in her face, as she was expecting a nightcap in the bar, not at their house. As realisation dawned, she felt her dick grow hard again, and knew from Claire’s glance down at her chest that her nipples were showing through her dress.

“I think you can see that I’d love that, and I know that James would too.”

She’d obviously learnt from James to be more off the wall and direct, she reflected.

Claire said, “I’ll see you in the bar as soon as I finish, and we can get off.” And she walked off to attend to her other tables.

The anticipation

They looked at each other, stunned by what they had just done and experienced. “My God, she really wants us. I can’t believe our luck or what I think we’ve just agreed between us without even talking about it. Are you certain you want this?”

She looked into his shining eyes, and knew her own were reflecting his answer. The rest of the meal passed in a blur of delicious anticipation with Claire appearing at the table from time to time to do her job. She flirted openly with them both, and they both flirted with her, heightening their enjoyment.

Claire served them their coffee on the settee tucked away in the corner. She was able to be more obvious with them there and Suzanne felt her brush against her leg, and brush her hand as she moved the cups on the low table. Suzanne took her hand and kissed the palm, which made exquisite sensations on her lips. Claire’s eyes were stormy with desire. Suzanne watched her brush James leg, and saw James repeat her kiss of Claire’s other hand.

“I’ll pay you back for this later,” she said as she left.

Suzanne reached out for James’ hand and kissed the palm, and loved it that he had the same thought and kissed her palm. The feelings that coursed down her body from her hand and lips made her groan aloud.

“Oh God, don’t do that,” James ground out, “or I’ll have you on the floor like we nearly did on the way out.” She felt his arm on her shoulder, and she snuggled into him while they drank their coffee slowly.

Claire appeared again much later with another pot of coffee. “Only twenty minutes till I get off. Or rather twenty minutes till I finish and I get off shortly after that.” She twinkled at them and danced off to attend to her last tables.

“I’m so turned on I can’t think,” James told her.

“I think I’m even more turned on than that,” Suzanne whispered. “She’s so hot.”

True to her word, Claire appeared without her apron twenty long minutes later. Suzanne was on her feet before she reached the settee. “Let’s go,” she said in a tight voice.

“Yeah, I’m in a hurry too,” Claire responded.

The two girls climbed into the back seat, and James drove. They laughed when he said, “Don’t start without me.”

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