Couples Camp Ch. 16

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Couples Camp


“You always know just how to make me feel loved baby.” Brooke cooed as she snuggled up to Brad.

The fire crackled as the cool night air gently blew. Brad pulled her in close trying desperately to help keep her warm in her sexy yet reveling outfit.

“No matter what I don’t want you to ever forget how much I love you honey.” Brooke continued.

“I love you too ma’am.” Brad responded, not even giving a second thought to the formality of the title.

Brad held Brooke, as she snuggled into his chest, watching the fire flickering and reflecting on his relationship with her.

“I can’t imagine not having you in my life.” Brooke whispered as she turned inward to place a loving kiss on Brad’s lips.

Brad responded by leaning down to meet her lips with his, as he tried to process her words. Her kiss was so powerful it melted away any doubts he may have had about her love for him. The constant conflict of emotions seemed to be engulfed by the fire, burning away any second thoughts he might have about her feelings for him. Brooke was just as in love with him as he was with her.

Even though her sexual awakening had developed an appetite he alone couldn’t satiate, she still loved him. Brooke was able to engulf him in a sense of love and caring just by resting her hand on his knee as she pressed her ear to his chest, the sound of his beating heart audible over the pop of the fire.

“I’m getting cold baby.”

“And I want you to make love to me.” She whispered in his ear.

Brad was elated at those last eight words. Her desire sparked his, and the relaxed patient mood he felt instantly grew into a feverish desire to get her back to the room.

“Well let’s get you inside then,” Brad quickly responded.

Brooke sat up as Brad stood and held out his hand.

“Ma’am,” he said reaching forward and helping her up.

Brooke took his hand, and stood up eager to get in out of the cool air. Back at their room Brooke excused herself to the bathroom, to ready herself for bed, while Brad got undressed himself. Anticipating her return Brad quickly got himself undressed and turned off the lights, sliding under the covers and watching her shadow moving around by the light of the bathroom, as she got herself prepared for bed.

Brooke turned off the bathroom light and made her way to bed, the rays of moonlight sneaking through the curtains the only thing lighting her path. Brad wasted no time reaching for her and pulling her naked body against his. The warmth of her firm breasts a stark contrast to the feel of her iced legs.

“Oh my gosh, you’re so cold.” Brad said as he rubbed his hands up and down her smooth limbs trying to warm her.

Brooke responded by reaching her arm around him pressing herself as close as possible and kissing him lovingly on the cheek.

“Oh baby I love you so much.” She moaned.

Brad was overwhelmed with his feelings for her as he held her tight and allowed her words to stroke his soul. His desire for Brooke was more than sexual. He wanted her. He wanted all of her. The part of her body she shared with other men was less important than the place in her heart he wanted to inhabit. The desire to be loved by her was considerably more important than the temporary pleasure she shared with others to him. Her love and companionship was the most important thing.

Brad continued rubbing her legs and arms gradually bringing the warmth back to her extremities. The feel of her soft skin mixed with the unmistakable smell of her perfume worked its effect on his male parts and soon he felt the familiar restrictive bars pressing against his manliness.

Brooke’s lips soon found his and parted them with her tongue as she pressed forward exploring the warmth of his mouth. The two kissed passionately as they held one another trying desperately to express their love for the other. Brooke rolled onto her back and Brad followed her not breaking their sealed lips or their loving embrace. The feeling of holding her and kissing her seemed completely new to Brad. He had been in this position with her many times before, yet this felt different. He was hovering over her like he had so many times before as the desire to enter her, overwhelmed him, but now that desire was slightly different.

Brad broke the seal of their lips and pushed his way to her neck softly kissing her cheek and ear on his way. The desire to prove his love for her was all consuming. Brad wanted to make sure she realized how much she meant to him through his touch and could feel her love though her bodies response. Brad heard the subtle gasp of her breath escape as he placed his lips softly to her breasts, placing loving kisses all around her swelling nipples.

The bright light of the moon was shining on her erect nipple as he extended his tongue gently grazing the tip.

“Oh.” She moaned.

Brad felt a bolt of excitement run through his body, realizing he was exciting her this way. The sense of accomplishment Pendik Ukraynalı Escort that came with the knowledge he could still affect her like this made him feel like the most valuable player on the winning team. The energy coming from her heaving breasts ran from the tip of his loving tongue all the way to his caged cock.

Brad worked his way down her body making love to her with his lips and tongue as he went. He stopped for a short pause at her navel leaving light wisps around the edges, before heading farther south. Brad could feel the subtle quivering of her skin as he continued his gentle assault on the silky area between her belly and her most sensitive parts. The aroma of her perfume was undergoing a change as Brad worked his way south. The scent of her changed with her arousal and the close proximity to her opening, and it drew Brad in even deeper.

“Oh yes,” Brooke hissed, as Brad placed his first kiss as the edge of her moistened folds.

Brooke was pushing herself ever so slightly up to meet his mouth encouraging him to go farther and continue his loving advance anticipating his tongues arrival.

Brad slowly lapped at Brooke’s outer opening and could taste the moisture that had already escaped as he worked his way closer and closer to her dripping prize. The flavor of her was more intense than he had remembered, and her deliciousness was more addicting than ever. Brad found himself overwhelmed with a desire to plunge his tongue deep and suck out every ounce of her goddess juice but knew he needed to restrain himself for her pleasure. Working her up to a boil was something he had learned was much more preferable to her than giving in to his primal desire to dive in like a teen at the local swimming hole.

Brad methodically worked his way along her opening making love to her skin with his tongue as he scooped up any of her escaping sauce, while Brooke increased her bucking trying to fuck his tongue as he went.

“Fuck me with your tongue.” Brooke desperately called out, as if she was pleading for mercy.

Brad obliged by probing her and drawing his tongue up brushing her clit as he exited.

“Do you like the way I taste baby?”

“Yes ma’am I sure do.” Brad assured as he pushed himself back in for a second helping.

Brad continued darting in and out, brushing against her clit as he exited. It wasn’t long before Brooke was flooding his mouth with her juices, coating his tongue with her affection as he pushed himself deeper and deeper. Brooke bucked her way through two orgasms fucking his tongue as he pushed himself up into her trying to get to her heart and soul. Brad was relishing the feel of her smooth thighs as they rubbed against his cheeks and the energy she was sharing through her hands as they pressed the back of his head into her deeper.

Brooke slowed her bucking and gently stroked his cheeks with her soft hands, indicating her appreciation for his attention.

“Oh that was amazing baby, thank you so much. I love you.” Brooke cried as she pulled Brad to her mouth for a thank you kiss.

Brooke pushed her tongue deep into his mouth and attacked his tongue cleaning every drop of her off of him. The mixture of love turned to passion as she seemed to want every drop back. Slowly as her flavor vanished so did her passion and she pulled her lips from his.

Brad was as satisfied with his performance as Brooke seemed to be, and as the warming waves of pleasure slowly faded leaving a tired body in its wake, he rested his head on her chest. Brad listened to the frantic beats of her heart as they slowed, and as he felt the warmth of her affection hugging him reminding him of the precious nature of her love, he imagined what it would be like without her.

The thought of not feeling like this forever with her brought a fear to his mind he had never really before imagined. Sure the thought of losing her to another man had occurred to him many times in the last few weeks but the realization that he could lose this feeling was more than he could stand. There was no way he could go through life knowing he had this with her and lost it. The scene of the auction repaid in his head. The announcers request for single woman to volunteer played over and over in his memory. If Brooke wasn’t single she would never have been up there in the first place. Instantly the realization of what he must do completely engulfed Brad.

“Would you marry me ma’am?” Brad whispered.

Brooke didn’t say anything as she drifted off to sleep holding Brad in her loving arms. Brad wasn’t sure if she had heard his question and just didn’t answer him, or if she had fallen asleep before his words reached her ear. Either way he was committed at this point to make sure she would say yes. Hearing the words roll off his tongue and reverberate in his own mind reaffirmed his desire to commit his life to her. He wanted her to be his wife, and to lock the feelings they had for each other together forever.

Brad drifted off to sleep at Pendik Üniversiteli Escort the beats of Brooke’s heart softly ran through his dreams. The next morning Brad woke up to Brooke scurrying around getting ready for the day.

“Hey you better get moving, you don’t want to be late to exercise class.” Brooke laughed.

Brad wiped the sleep from his eyes and slid out of bed urgent to get to the bathroom for his morning habit.

“I will meet you at Michelle’s after class, and make sure you wear your collar, ok?” Brooke hastily said as she gave Brad a kiss on the cheek.

Brooke quickly left Brad alone in the bathroom to get ready for the day and hurried out the door to begin her day, leaving her roommate to finish his morning ritual. Brad was still waking up as he realized it was getting close to class time. Worried he would be late, and knowing the punishment for being tardy would be severe, he quickly got dressed and ran out the door to class.

Brad had a hard time working out, distracted by the fear Brooke had heard his proposal but chose to ignore it rather than tell him no. Fighting the voices of insecurity and doubt in his head, he pushed on through class and returned to his room to take a shower.

Brad was just getting out of the shower when he heard a knock on the door. Brad wrapped a towel around his waist and went to the door, pulling it open.

“Good morning Ten.”

It was One, standing in the doorway as the sun over his shoulder shun into Brad’s eyes.

“Uh, oh hey One, what’s Up?” Brad questioned, surprised at the appearance of his acquaintance.

“Well I was sent over here to retrieve you, and make sure you were ready for class.”

“Class,” Brad questioned.

“Yeah you need to hurry up.” Was all One said as he stepped forward pushing his way into the room.

Brad let One in and closed the door behind him.

“Give me just a second.” Brad said walked over to the closet to get some clothes.

Brad pulled a shirt down off its hanger and slid it over his head, and retrieved a pair of tan shorts sliding them up, tucking his tightly caged cock in place. While One stood waiting, Brad hurried to the bedside drawer pulling it open and snatching up his black leather color.

“Let’s get going, you can put that on while we walk.” One said, trying to hurry Brad along.

Brad followed One across the courtyard to Michelle and his room while he wrapped his collar around his neck and fastened the buckle into place. To Brad’s surprise when One opened the door inviting him in, the room looked much different than it had the night before.

Rather than the many couches scattered around the night before, providing seating for all the guests, there was a room primarily empty. There was a large oriental rug in the center of the room with a three foot high black bench sitting in the middle of it. The bench had a red padded top and what looked like half a dozen or so silver rings hanging from the sides of it.

“Ahh, good to see you again Ten.” Rang out a voice from a chair sitting in the far corner,

Brad looked over to see Michelle sitting in a high backed red velvet chair with ornate wood trim, the kind of throne a sixtieth century queen would rain from.

“Come take your place, please.” She ordered in a calm commanding tone.

Brad walked over to her not sure exactly what he was expected to do, but curious what Michelle had in store for him.

“Take your clothes off Ten, and kneel.” Michelle ordered, maintaining her restrained yet demanding tone.

There was something in her voice that made it clear Brad better not resist her commands or he would soon feel the sting of the crop she was wielding in her right hand. He did as required and was stripped down naked on his knees only his collar and cage remaining, when she tapped the crop to her leather boot.

“Show some respect Ten.” Michelle directed.

It was obvious to Brad she wanted him to kiss her foot figured he would play along.

“Much better Ten, now tell me, do you know why you are here?”

“No ma’am.” Brad meekly responded, feeling intimidated by her commanding presence.

“Well then, let me explain. You came to Pine Lake to go through our unique five step couples program. First we have to break down your views on your old stale relationship. We needed to strip away the old to rebuild, if there was to be anything new. The second step was to change the way you interact with Brooke. Realizing you no longer had the luxury of your old relationship, you had to learn how to interact with one another in a whole new way. The third step was simply getting you both to focus your attention on your true feelings for one another. Often that is the hardest step for many couples. Some realize they no longer have the same feelings they once did for each other and wish to leave, never to see one another again.”

Michelle tapped her other foot with the leather crop, indicating Brad should show respect Pendik Vip Escort to it as well, as she continued.

“If a couple makes it past the third step, and still wants to continue, then they must learn to express those new found feelings to one another. By that point most have learned to accept what they desire and simply need to practice expressing it so their partner can understand it as well.”

Brad lifted his head from kissing Michelle’s boot as she placed the crop gently under his chin coxing his eyes up to meet hers.

“Now we will find out what your strengths… and weaknesses are.” She mischievously smiled.

“Put your hands behind your back for me.” Michelle ordered.

Something about her voice was both firm and at the same time reassuring. Her tone and cadence made it easy to comply, and the slight threat of the crop, made resistance seem like a gamble. Brad complied and put his hands behind his back as he raised his head and upper body to show his proud stature. Before he could realize what was happening, Brad felt the cold hard steel clamp around his wrists as the click of the lock sealed him in. He tried to pull his arms apart but the metallic cuffs held his wrists close, preventing him from defending himself.

“Relax Ten, I will make sure nothing bad happens to you.” Michelle chuckled as she stood from her thrown.

One handed her the keys to the cuffs he had just installed and stood next to her ready to serve.

“Stand up for me Ten.”

Brad stood up, but felt vulnerable and shy now for some reason. Something about being helplessly cuffed made him feel more naked, and more exposed than he had previously.

“One here is going to secure you, so we can get started, just relax and let him do his job please.”

One instantly walked around behind Brad and took him by the wrists guiding him to a spot next to Michelle’s thrown. There was a four by four wooden post sticking up from the floor with a number of round rings hanging from it, just like the ones dangling from around the bench in the middle of the room. Brad hadn’t noticed it before but there it was clearly with an open padlock lying on top. One positioned Brad with his back to the pole, facing the center of the room, and with a loud click, locked him in place.

“Now I want you to relax and try and pay close attention to everything that happens. It’s important you learn as much as you can about what you are good at, as well as what you aren’t. As with most learning, it’s important you watch carefully and listen, and it is my rule you do not speak unless instructed. Is that understood?” Michelle instructed in a smooth silky tone.

“Yes ma’am.” Brad timidly responded, as he heard the Door open and familiar voices chatting away.

It was the unmistakable laughter of Brooke as she entered the room with Nick and Logan in tow. Brad felt more embarrassed than ever for some reason. Seeing Brooke with Nick and Logan had become a familiar sight that while still stirring feelings of jealousy, he had grown to accept. This time however the added distraction of the Michelle’s crop tapping gently on his ass made processing his feelings more difficult and added to his unease.

Brad’s uneasiness was soothed by Brooke as she sauntered in her arm wrapped inside of Nick’s as he guided her to the center of the room. She deliberately made eye contact with him and blew him a kiss. It was a simple yet reassuring gesture Brad felt was meant to remind him of her love for him, and a way to comfort him in his time of need.

Brad stood there watching as Nick began taking control of the situation and kissing Brooke passionately as he ran his hands down her body. The emotional bond Brooke seemed to share with Nick was much different than the primal lust she expressed with Logan and it showed in the way she responded to his touch. She seemed to melt under his touch. When Nick placed his hand on her face her entire body seemed to relax. Her shoulders lowered and her muscles seemed to turn to mush. He had complete control of her body with a simple touch of his hand.

“Do you see how she melts for him Ten?” Michelle whispered, taking a break from her relentless tapping.

Brad was fixated on the way Brooke opened herself up to his every advance, putting up no resistance to anything he attempted. Nick slowly worked the buttons of her shirt open one by one working his way down, placing kisses on her bare skin as he went.

“You see how he takes every inch of her and makes it his?” Michelle taunted softly as she commenced her rhythmic thuds.

Nick took his time undressing Brooke and softened every inch of her luscious body with his gentle lips. After discarding her shirt and bra he paused and pulled her in, pressing her bare chest against his white shirt, and plunging his tongue in her pleading mouth. Brad couldn’t help but notice the way Brooke’s body was responding to Nick. It was as if a weight had been lifted from her body, and there was nothing holding her down. Nick continued his passionate kissing as he expertly worked the zipper on the back of Brook’s skirt loose and freed it to fall to the floor.

Brooke wrapped her arms around Nick as he squeezed her bare ass, pulling her tight, nearly jerking her off her feet, and causing her to let out a moan of approval.

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