Cucumber Salad

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I didn’t know Tom too well, although he had worked under me on the project for six months. We were both about the same age, late 20s, but we were from different offices, and things had been so hectic that we had been working 18 hours a day and snatching as many hours of sleep as we could.

Finally, we got caught up, got the project staffed up, and the programmers were cranking away. Things were going fantastic, and as we were able to return to normal eight hours days. It felt like a vacation.

I had time then to get caught up on job administration. On a lazy Friday afternoon, when all the clients and most of our staff had already left for the day, I wrote a little excel macro to analyze the expenses my staff had turned in, and that’s how I caught it—Tom was double charging the project for a lot of travel expenses: airfare and car rental, mainly.

It had been going for nearly the entire time he had been on the project. He was directly charging the expenses through the firm’s travel agent, and then he was also charging in the receipts on his time reports. He was subtly altering the amounts and the dates, so they wouldn’t exactly match the expenses that were directly captured. I guess he thought he was pretty smart, and maybe most project managers aren’t as anal about the expenses as I am, but early in my career I had a client who went over the expenses with a fine-toothed comb, and the unpleasant experience of being caught in a mistake had seared my soul for eternity.

So, I had to fire him. It was crystal clear.

I called him in, and told him straight out that he was a thief, and that he was fired. I told him the firm’s lawyers would decide whether to press criminal charges.

He cried. He wept like a baby. He begged me to give him a chance to make it right, and to repay what he had stolen.

I was hard-hearted. I hate a thief. I kept telling him, no, no, no. But then, said something that caught my ear: he said, you can have anything you want, you can have my girlfriend!

I had been working so hard for so long that there had been no nookie whatsoever in my schedule. I vaguely remembered seeing his girlfriend, who, I gathered, traveled to the job location every weekend to see Tom. She was a lot older than he was, I recalled, and pretty slutty looking.

“What do you mean, I can have your girlfriend,” I said.

“I mean, you can fuck her whenever you want,” he answered. Well, that was pretty clear.

“Why, how, what the hell is going on that you can say that?” I demanded.

Tom looked extremely relieved. “You can fuck her however, and whenever, and wherever you want,” he said.

“What the hell are you talking about,” I asked.

Now he was smiling a little. “Bambi and I have a, well, a special relationship. Trust me, you can take this to the bank.”

“You’re Kurtköy Anal Escort full of shit, you scumbag thief,” I said.

“Ok, don’t believe what I’m saying, but come over tonight and see for yourself.”

I thought it over. This was so bizarre.

“Ok, scumbag. I’ll call your bluff. 7 o’clock. We’ll see what we do about your job and the police, but you’re going to pay this money back immediately,” I said.

“I’ll go write a check right now,” he answered. “And, Dave, thanks, man, I promise you won’t regret this.”

“Get the fuck out of my office,” I said.

At 7 o’clock, I knocked on Tom’s apartment door. We were all in the same apartment complex, in essentially identical apartments.

“Come in,” I heard Tom call.

I pushed the door open. Tom was sitting on the sofa, and Bambi was butt naked, kneeling between his legs, obviously sucking his cock. She didn’t stop her cock sucking, but just continued slowly bobbing her head in Tom’s crotch. Even from behind, I could see that she was a big-tittied full body gal. Her long blonde hair was done in two pig tails on either side of her head.

“Hey slut,” Tom said, “I told Dave he fuck you whenever he wants. Stick your finger up your ass if that’s true.”

Bambi reached behind her, continuing her cock sucking, and wet her middle finger of her left hand in her pussy, and then slid it up her own ass. Tom beamed at me, and said “See?”

I guess I looked pretty stupid, with my mouth hanging open. Tom said “ok, bitch, that’s enough for now, I think Dave wants to fuck you.” Bambi let Tom’s dick slip out of her mouth with an audible pop, and then stood up. I noticed that she kept her finger stuck up her butt, she got to her feet kind of awkwardly using only her other hand. She had great big knockers, and shiny bald pussy, with some kind of stainless steel hoop through the area around her clit. She smiled at me and just stood there, waiting, I guess, for further instructions.

I used Bambi pretty hard for about the next hour. Tom just sat quietly in a chair and watched. I had never fucked in front of anyone else before, but I kind of enjoyed mistreating Bambi in front of him. She pretty obviously enjoyed the abuse, and I guess i was trying to get a rise out of Tom.

I started off having her blow me for a while. I never can come while getting head, but I like it all the same as a warm-up. While she was blowing me, I berated Tom some more, and told him what a scumbag he was to try to steal from the company. He was contrite, just kept saying how sorry he was, and how he would never do it again. I stood up at that point, took one of Bambi’s pony tails in each first to immobilize her head, and really plundered her throat with my cock. She gagged, and her eyes watered up, but she didn’t try to Kurtköy Yaşlı Escort pull away.

Then I made her lay bend over the shitty little pine breakfast table and fucked her up the ass. I asked her, while I had my dick stuffed up her butt, if she knew that he boyfriend was a scumbag thief, and asked her how it made her feel to get sodomized to get him off the hook. She said she deserved it, because she was a filthy tramp who loved cock. She told me that I could punish her ass with my dick whenever I wanted to, because Tom said so.

I shot off in her ass, and made her clean my dick off with her mouth. I told her to go french kiss her boyfriend. Tom didn’t like that, but he went along with it.

I made them show me their toys. The way these kinkmeisters were carrying on, I just knew they would have a big inventory. Sure enough, paddles, handcuffs, giant dildos, butt plugs, vibrators, enema gear, all kinds of clamps, and quite a slutty wardrobe. I kept saying “what else, what else do you use?”

They got into it, and started me telling stories. Cucumbers, carrots, squash, the gear shift lever of a car, mouse traps, string, thread, rubber bands, clothes pins, you name it, they had used it.

In fact, somehow Tom had picked Bambi up in the produce section of a grocery store. You’d really think this kind of thing only happens in porn movies, but, honest to god, the shared sheer eroticism of a cucumber somehow led to their horndog antics.

I told them good night, and said I would hold off for now on firing Tom, and that Bambi was going to have do whatever I wanted. They were both all smiles as they assured me that I could do whatever I wanted with her.

I decided that Tom needed to suffer for his crimes.

The next night, I went over to Tom’s place again. Bambi answered the door stark naked. Tom was sitting on the couch having a beer and watching a baseball game.

I made him turn the TV off, and told him that having fun with Bambi was good and all, but it didn’t punish him enough. I told him he needed to make amends for what he had done.

He asked me what I had in mind. I told him he was going to do whatever I said, or I was going to can his ass.

I had brought over some supplies. Five minutes later, Tom was naked, on his knees and his face on the floor, ass in the air, his hands cuffed behind him, and Bambi was working a small cucumber into his ass. I told that only his spit was allowed for lubricant. As I hoped, the first round of the cucumber going in and out of Tom’s mouth didn’t get it wet enough, and it had to make a return trip to his mouth.

Finally, only the little green tip of the cucumber peeked out of his butthole.

I had Bambi make him a butthole chastity belt out of duct tape. We couldn’t have him losing the cuke.

We Kurtköy Zenci Escort got him to his feet, and made him walk into the bathroom, I made him lay down in the tub.

“Piss on his face,” I said to Bambi. Tom’s expression was classic. Bambi looked back and forth from him to me, but he gave a tiny nod, and she clambered into the tub and squatted over his face.

“Open your mouth,” I ordered Tom. He complied. “Piss in it,” I told her.

She let go, and squirted piss in his mouth for a good three minutes. I kept telling him to swallow it, and made her stop so he could catch up with the flow.

Finally, she was done. I told him I was going to fuck Bambi up the ass, and I want Tom to get her asshole nice and juicy with his tongue. She lowered her butthole to his mouth, and I let him slurp on it for a while.

I took Bambi into the kitchen. I put big steel binder clips on her nipples, which really made her wince. I gave her a cucumber of her own and told her to go stand in the corner and fuck herself in the ass with it until I told her to stop.

While she was doing that, I screwed two steel eyebolts into the little table. I went over to Bambi, and stopped her cucumber action, and secured her wrists behind her with velcro restraints. I let her over to the table, bent her over it, and secured short pieces of string from the binder clips on her nipples to the eyebolts. Now she couldn’t raise off the table more than an inch without tugging the crap out of her nipples.

I went and got Tom, and brought him into the kitchen to kneel by the table where he could see Bambi’s face. I put bulldog clamps on his nipples, too, and tied strings to the Bambi’s clamps.

Then, I really worked over Bamb’s ass. I started off with just my hand, but after a while, my palm was sore. I switched to a ping pong paddle. Then I tried a yard stick I had picked up. It was really whippy.

When I finished, Bambi’s ass was crimson and swollen. I dipped my cock in her pussy for a bit. Her pussy was a total swamp. Then I took her up the ass. She was really wincing as I slapped her ass with my thighs.

When I was done with her, I untied Tom’s nipple strings and made him lick the cum out of Bambi’s butthole. Then I made Tom hold the cucumber in his mouth and fuck Bambi’s butt with it. After about fifteen minutes of that, I made him push the cuke in as far as he could, and then I duct-taped his neck and torso to the table, gagging him with the cuke and holding it up her ass. Then I whaled on his ass for a while with the yard stick, until it was as red as hers.

I uncuffed her wrists, and let them to free themselves the rest of the way as best they could.

It wasn’t too long after this that Tom quit, anyway. It was just as well. He could hardly look at me after what I had made him do. I really hoped that Bambi had lost respect for him. He didn’t deserve her.

A couple of weeks after Tom rolled off the project, I found a grocery bag on my desk one morning. It contained a nice big fat cuke, a small container of Crisco, a plastic ruler and a post-it note with an address on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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