Dangerous Surprise

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She knew that his fantasy had always been to be dominated by a woman, a stranger. He wanted to be kidnapped, blindfolded, given the sensation of “threat” and sucked and fucked until he screamed.

She’d been planning this for quite some time. She’d always been the “bottom”, the submissive. But for once, she was going to show him that a woman could be tough. She’d snuck out and had a key to his apartment duplicated, so she could get in without breaking in. She also knew he worked late on Wednesdays. So that left the “scene.” She dressed in all black – black miniskirt, no bra, see-through top, and completed it with a mask. She made sure the apartment was dark, and even bought a toy cap gun – to add to the illusion.

He’d been working hard all day. These 12-hour Wednesdays were no treat. All he wanted was to settle down with dinner, coffee and some television before he went to bed. He came home, unlocked the door, checked the mail that had been tossed through the slot, and threw his keys on the end table, taking a moment to pet the cat that came bounding toward him with a large “meow.” He took off his shoes and tie, started to unbutton his shirt and headed toward the bedroom to change.

When he walked in and went to flick the switch, nothing happened. “Damn,” he said out loud. Ah well. He’d change in the dark. Wouldn’t be the first time. As he stepped toward his dresser, there was suddenly an arm around his neck, and the sensation of cold metal at his temple. “Don’t fucking move,” he heard the person whisper. His heart was beating fast. “I’m not moving – take whatever you want,” he stuttered. “Tie this around your eyes,” he heard and was handed a length of black cotton cloth. He tied it and heard another whisper of “tighter” – so he tied it as tightly as he could. “Hands on your head,” he heard and folded his hands atop his head.

The person dragged him over to the bed and sat him down. He could smell lavender – and suddenly realized that the person assaulting him was a woman!

“Lie down,” he heard in a deep, husky voice. He laid back on the bed and felt his hands being locked into cuffs, one by one. As he realized what might happen, he felt the erection Kurtköy Sınırsız Escort growing between his legs and pressed his hips upward. Once again, he felt the cold metal, but this time against his neck. “Did I tell you to fucking move?” she asked. “No ma’am, sorry ma’am.” He replied.

She unbuttoned his shirt and ran fingernails down his chest. He sucked in a breath and exhaled slowly. “Now,” she said, “I’m going to have some fun. And you’re going to do EXACTLY what I say, got it?”

“Yes ma’am!” he replied – perhaps a bit too excitedly. He felt his pants being undone and slid off of his legs. His erection sprang free out of his boxer shorts. “Mmmmmm, what have we got here?” his attacker asked, as he felt her fingertips caress the wetness that was already coming out of the tip of his cock. He moaned and turned his head side to side as he felt her stroke the wetness up and down the length of his cock.

“Ah, ah ah,” she said. “Not yet. You still have to satisfy ME first.” He felt her legs on either side of his chest and felt the wetness of her pussy slide up his chest. She straddled his shoulders, held the gun to his head and said, “Now, lick my pussy – make me cum, and MAYBE, I’ll let you live. Maybe I’ll even let you fuck me.”

He felt her cunt slide across his lips and opened his mouth to lick her gently. He felt her shudder as he ran his tongue up and down her slit. Tasting her sweetness. He ran his tongue in small circles around her clit and heard her moan. “Suck my clit,” she demanded, pressing the metal into his temple for effect. He took her clit between his lips and hummed against it as he sucked, feeling it swell in his mouth. His face was covered in her juices as she ground her pussy on his face.

“Mmmmmmm yes, that’s it, lick my pussy,” she said “Make me cum into your mouth.” He lapped at her clit, fucked her with his tongue, laved her sweet cunt with wet kisses until he felt her getting hot and swollen. “God yes! Lick my pussy!” she screamed as she grabbed his hair, came, and smothered his face with her pussy, dripping juice on his lips and into his mouth.” He felt her shudder against him, and flicked his tongue across Kurtköy Suriyeli Escort her clit. She gasped and pulled away from him.

“I’ll be back,” she said. “Don’t move a fucking muscle while I’m gone.” He heard her footsteps out the door and laid there in the dark. His cock was painfully swollen with the desire for release. He couldn’t move. Couldn’t touch himself, couldn’t press against anything. He laid there for what felt like forever, when suddenly, he felt the warm wetness of a mouth around the head of his cock. He jumped and gasped, and heard a chuckle. “Did you miss me while I was gone? It looks like you did,” she asked, stroking his cock firmly, squeezing wetness out of the tip and then licking it softly. He moaned and pressed his hips upward. She pulled away “Did I say you could move??,” she whispered angrily, and he heard the sound of a gun being cocked. Fear and adrenaline rushed over him as he realized that he might not survive this game.

“No ma’am! I’m sorry ma’am!” he sputtered as he tried to calm his breathing and press himself into the bed. He heard her chuckle softly and say “that’s better.” He felt the cold metal of the gun being glided along the skin of his belly and thighs as her warm mouth wrapped around his cock. His breath quickened and he tried to relax and not press his cock between her wet, inviting lips. He moaned and breathed deeply.

She began to suck his cock slowly, long strokes, rolling her tongue around the head and down the length of it. He felt cold metal against the skin and realized that her tongue must be pierced! The sensation of her hot mouth stroking his cock and the smooth metal nearly pushed him over the edge. “Please, please fuck me,” he begged.

“Well, since you begged so sweetly,” she said, as he felt her legs straddle his thighs. “I think I’ll let you fuck me. He felt her pussy lips rub against his erection and moaned. “BUT,” she said, as he felt the barrel of the gun against his neck, “you don’t cum until I SAY you cum. Got it?” He breathed deeply and whispered “Yes ma’am,” praying that he could hold off his orgasm until she was ready.

He felt her hand glide the head of his Kurtköy İranlı Escort cock back and forth across her slit, wetting the head of it with her slick pussy. “Mmmmmmm yes. I think you warmed me up nicely,” she moaned, and thrust his cock all the way into her tight cunt. She gasped and ground herself onto him. Rubbing her clit against his pelvis, she leaned forward until he felt skin on his lips. “Suck my nipples,” she demanded, and he opened his mouth and took her already hard nipple between his lips, sucked it and flicked his tongue around it.

She moaned and whispered “Bite it – bite my nipple,” and he felt her hand in his hair, pulling him toward her breast. He licked and bit and sucked as hard as he could while she rode his cock in hard, deep thrusts, grinding her cunt against him. He felt her muscles contract around his cock as she cried out and drenched his cock and hips in her cum.

She leaned against him, breasts pressed onto his chest. He felt her kiss him and flick her tongue across his lips. Then he heard her whisper, “I’m not done yet, keep it up, boy.” She laughed and he felt her sit up, press her hand with the gun to his chest and began to ride him, HARD. Pulling his cock out of her until just the head grazed her lips and then thrusting deeply. The sensation was unbearable – he felt like his cock was going to explode. “Please!” he gasped. “Please, let me cum or stop, please, please!” He heard her laugh and moan as she began to thrust harder onto him. He felt her hot pussy contract around him as she screamed her orgasm. It was too much. He cried out as he poured his cum into her, thrusting his hips toward her, and feeling her cunt contract around his cock, pulling every last drop out of him.

After the orgasm subsided, he realized that she hadn’t yet told him to cum. He panicked as he felt the gun barrel against his neck.

He heard a chuckle as she leaned over and whispered in his ear. “Tsk., tsk, Charles. You really must learn to control yourself.” She pulled off the blindfold and he looked up into the eyes of his long-time friend, Nina and gasped. “YOU?!?!” he gasped, “I would have never guessed!”

As she laughed and taunted him about the night they stayed up till 5 a.m. swapping stories, he realized that they’d both shared their darkest fantasies. And here she was, fulfilling his.

As she chuckled and unlocked the handcuffs, she smiled at him, winked and said “Be careful what you ask for, Charlie, you just might get it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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