Dark Day Dream

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Big Tits

So how did it start? I’m really not sure. All I know is that in the dream I was naked and that you were standing in front of me holding the end of a length of clothesline. It was cotton and dyed a rich black color. My hands were cuffed and tied off to a hook in the ceiling. There was a small spreader bar between my ankles keeping them at about shoulder width apart. A black leather lined steel posture collar was locked around my throat. I saw the key to unlock it hanging from a chain around your neck.

You start to tie two loops of the rope around my chest, just under my breasts. The first loop was nice and tight right at the edge of my tits as it passed underneath them. The second loop went right above it, equally tight, pushing my tits up. The next 3 lengths of rope came around my back and over my breasts forcing them down again.

You take a moment to tease my nipples erect, tugging on them gently at first then pinching them hard. I bite down on my lip trying not to make a sound. You laugh softly, willing to let me get away with silence for the moment.

The next length of rope is wrapped around both my tits crushing them together. You bring the end under the bands of rope around my chest on the right side. It gets threaded underneath the strands again. Tugging on it hard to keep it tight, you pull it under both my breasts again and then make the same kind of loops around the rope on the left side. With both sides cinched up painfully tight, you thread the rope under the strands crushing my breasts together from the left side. You pull the rope around my back and thread it the same way on the right side. Once again you pull the rope behind my back and around to the front. This time you bring the loose end under my breasts and thread it through my cleavage under all the ropes there. You loop it over and under the ropes and wait, letting the anticipation build.

Looking into my eyes, you pull the rope end straight up both hard and fast. I let out a loud yelp as that one last loop causes all the ropes to tighten around my breasts. They start to darken immediately and you bend over and start sucking on my nipples. They are extremely sensitive and the feel of your lips on them with the gentle sucking sensation is Kurtköy Esmer Escort driving me wild. You straighten up to tie the loose end of the rope to a hook in the ceiling, giving it one more hard tug that brings me up on the balls of my feet to try to ease the pressure. You secure the rope leaving me balanced that way, the rope between my breasts pulling me up and slightly forward.

I can just barely see out of the corner of my eye a table that with several items laid out on it. Walking over to it, you grab a pair of the tweezer nipple clamps that I love to hate. They have a chain between them. When you fasten them to my nipples, you bring the chain up and tell me to hold it in my mouth.

The next item from the table is a medium size butt plug, not terribly long but rather thick. Its not wide enough to hurt going in, but seeing it I know I am going to feel completely opened and stretched wide. You run it through the moisture dripping from my cunt to lube it up, before working it into my ass. One of your hands is on my cunt randomly flicking your fingers against my clit. Every time you touch it I jump back pushing that plug deeper into my ass. All you really have to do is hold it steady as your other hand teases me.

When the plug is in as far as it can go, you switch it on and walk around in front of me. The soft buzzing makes my tight asshole tingle causing me to squirm. I have been making little pained helpless whimpers for a while now. They keep getting louder and with this latest sensation, I start to plead with you. Begging you to make the pain stop but mostly to be allowed to cum. Somewhere in the process the pain stopping has become second place to being allowed to have an orgasm.

You attach a weight to the chain between the nipple clamps that I was holding in my mouth and allow it to swing from my poor sore nipples instead. They are swollen and hot around the clamps, cool metal contrasting with burning skin.

You reach for one of those ‘over the head ring gags’ that are nearly impossible to dislodge. With my jaw locked open that way, I am still making the same amount of noise, but it makes a lot less sense. You get a second gag from the table. This one is a dildo pump gag. Kurtköy Eve Gelen Escort You insert it inside the first gag and pump it once to hold it in place while you buckle it up. You grab one last item from the table, a feather. You hold it in front of me and my eyes open really wide. You stroke it down my sides and I jump again as far as the ropes will let me. Heedless of anything but getting away from the tickling sensation. With your other hand you spank my cunt. One tickle, two spankings. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Over and over and over. I am thrashing frantically, desperate to escape. The sounds coming from behind the gag are whimpers, moans, and laughter that is right on the edge of being hysterical. I’m balanced like your own personal marionette, dancing to the rhythm you make.

You step away from me and I hang in the ropes, unable to think past the fact that the feather has moved away from me. You walk around me, looking close. You enjoy the way the ropes bite into my flesh, the sheen of sweat on my skin, the dark red/purple of my breasts, the red color of my nipples and mostly the moisture dripping from my cunt.

You turn up the speed on the butt plug to high then start to remove the nipple clamps. I moan softly as soon as you touch the first one, then begin to scream as you first crush the nipple tighter then release the clamp. The weight and the chain dangles from the other nipple and you leave it swing for a moment while you suck on the first nipple. You are not gentle, and I feel your teeth against it as often as your tongue. After a while you remember the other nipple still needs attention. A whimper and scream later you are applying teeth and tongue to the second nipple. When you finally stand up again, you walk to the table and grab a pair of scissors. Its much faster to cut through the ropes than untie them. A few quick cuts and I am left with only rope marks around my tits. You massage them roughly to bring back the circulation faster and then start to slap them, fast stinging slaps side to side. The circulation coming back hurts worse than the slaps at first, but that begins to change. You see it as I flinch on contact rather than the seconds delay to hear the sound. A quick pinch and Kurtköy Evi Olan Escort pull on my nipples then you move back over to the table.

Your trip from the table back to me seems to take a lot longer than the first several times. When you do return its with something that I am not really familiar with. You see the puzzled look in my eyes and say briefly “vacuum pump” and go back to setting it up. A few seconds later the pump is attached to both my breasts and you are turning it on. After verifying that it is doing its job, you move around to stand behind me. The butt plug has been going full force all this time and you remove it with a quick sharp tug, not even bothering to turn it off. My grunt is partially muffled by the gag but you hear it and smile. You step in close to my ass and hold my cheeks wide apart. My asshole is still gaping from the plug but it is starting to close. You slide your cock through my cunt getting it all wet then ram it into my ass in one swift motion. Not all the way in, just about half, more than enough to make me scream. You start to rock in and out, 2 inches in, 1 inch out. Reaching for the pump gag you duplicate the rhythm. Two pumps as you push in and then release as you pull out. The vacuum pump runs to a different drum, a relentless driving beat. When your cock is as deep in my ass as it can get, you hold it there while pumping up the gag as full as it can get. My ass and throat feel so full and stretched. My nipples feel like they are on fire and I am getting lightheaded from lack of oxygen. You release the gag and start to rock again pumping the gag to the same beat. You only pull out enough so that we can get the friction we both crave.

You cover my cunt with your free hand, spanking it gently every time you fill me deep and hold. Its not enough for me to cum but it is so close and you know it. You keep bringing me to the edge and backing off. The period of time you spend rocking gets shorter and shorter while the period of time I spend with my ass and mouth full and stretched gets longer. Finally, you lean into me and bite my shoulder just at the edge of where the collar starts and whisper in my ear that you want me to cum. The hand that had been idly spanking my cunt until then rubs my clit. That is all it takes. My legs buckle and I start to cum violently. I scream into the gag and you pump it one more time as you slam your cock in and out of my ass. Your orgasm quickly follows mine and you don’t release the gag or my clit until you have finished filling my ass with your cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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