Day One

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For M. She knows why. Thanks also to violent intimacy for her editing skills.


Day One

A voice from a shadowy corner of the room said, “Don’t turn on the lights. You know why we are here. Sit down on the sofa and listen carefully as we tell you what we expect of you for the next forty-eight hours.”

I sank slowly onto the sofa and let the darkness settle around me, concealing the tremors in my hands, the blush in my cheeks, and though not visible, the strange ache just now forming in that secret moist place between my thighs.

“We are members of the selection committee,” spoke the voice from the shadows, cultured, silky, and deep with a hint of a British accent. The caress of the voice seemed to make the words more menacing. “There are rules you must follow during the testing process. You must answer truthfully and completely any question asked of you. You must obey silently and without hesitation any orders or commands. When the testing session is complete, you will await further notice from the selection committee as to the outcome of our decision and you will not speak of these events to anyone. Do you agree to comply with our regulations? If you say yes, it will be the last work you will voluntarily speak for the next 48 hours. If your answer is no, we will leave, your application to the society will be destroyed and you will not be given another chance to serve.”

I could only nod my head, my anxiety was so great.

“A verbal response is required. Do you agree to comply with our regulations?” he repeated.

“Yes,” I spoke, my voice barely more than a sigh.

“Remove all articles of clothing and any jewelry and put on this garment. You will now be transported to our testing facility.”

I stripped off all my clothes there in my den and donned the garment he had handed me. It was similar to a hospital gown in that there was no way to fasten the sides together. The fabric was soft and caressed my nipples as we stepped out into the cool evening air. My hardened peaks rubbed continually against the fabric as cool, night air swirled around my now exposed and moist nether lips.

The voice led the way and the other person propelled me gently forward with a hand on the small of my back. My feet were bare and I picked my way gingerly to a waiting sedan. The rear door of the vehicle was opened for me and I found myself maneuvered efficiently and without ceremony into the back seat.

We made our way silently out of my apartment complex parking lot and I could see by the glow from the street lights that my captors were just ordinary looking people, one male and one female. The man was tall, slender to the point of being lanky, with glasses and a receding hairline of light brown hair. The females had dark hair pulled back into a bun and the clean face and timeless features that make it hard to guess someone’s age.

“There is food and water in a bag on the seat beside you. Eat,” she commanded. At least she sounded young. There was indeed a bag containing a cinnamon bagel, a slice of cheddar cheese, a pear, and a bottle of water on the adjacent seat.

I ate most of it, glad that there wasn’t anything messy to deal with because my hands were so shaky. They continued to drive as I ate silently.

Approximately 40 minutes later, we turned off the highway and followed a long, winding drive to a modest brick home. I had not known that the testing facility was so close to home. “Was this the only one? Do they have others around the nation or the world?” I wondered. The society to which I had applied was of world renown, though only a few are accepted into service each year. We parked inside the garage and a door was opened for me. I exited the car and followed them to the door. I was led inside a brightly lit room; indeed all the house seemed well lit. I had not noticed this from the outside. There must have been shades on all the windows. I didn’t know whether to stand or sit in one of the chairs found in the room.

Fortunately, before I had to decide, the female said to me, “Come this way. It’s time to begin exploring your boundaries.”

I was taken to a small bathroom. There was no door. “Pee,” she said. I sat down on the toilet and wondered whether or not I would be able to obey.

How could I possibly go to the bathroom with her watching? I even closed the door when I was home alone. Surely, embarrassment would not let me follow orders. Perhaps nervousness would be my ally. Only a second later I was rewarded with the release of my bladder and a silvery sound as my stream flowed hesitantly into the bowl.

This, she noted on a clipboard she held in her hands. Then she handed me two moist cloth squares, baby wipes. “Make sure your pussy and asshole are scrupulously clean.” I followed her directions and she noted that on her clipboard as well.

She led me into another room, where the man was waiting. Also in the room was an exam table with stirrups. Any female who has ever visited her gynecologist is familiar with the Kurtköy Olgun Escort setup. There were also tables stacked with various items, some whose use were known to me, some unfamiliar. Beeping monitors of all kinds lined one wall and numerous stainless steel items sparkled, their gleam contributing to my apprehension.

“Remove your gown and lie on the exam table,” he spoke. As I did so, he kept talking, “There are no safewords here. We are in complete control of your body. We will control your food and liquid intake and output, we will control the temperature of your body, and we will control your sleeping and waking cycles. You will experience extremes of pain, pleasure, humiliation and emotions. You must cry silently, as any noise will be punished. You will be forced to climax many times, more than you thought possible. Through all of this you must not speak. You will readily and eagerly accept and welcome more pain than you have ever felt. Know only this—your body will not be altered in any permanent way. Only if you are accepted into the society will your master have the right to harm or alter your body.”

My traitorous libido betrayed my apprehension. His words caused a torrent of desire to eke its way to the surface of my psyche. I needed to do this; I had to do this. I was born for this.

As I was lying on my back with my feet in the stirrups she said, “Place your hands behind your head so we can see you better. Keep your eyes open at all times, except when you are allowed to sleep. You must see us at all times and know that we are in control. You are not allowed the anonymity of closed eyes. In fact, you will look at me at all times when I am present. You will do all this without physical restraints. You must restrain yourself mentally, because at times you will be ordered to use your hands to offer your body to us.”

As she spoke these words, she moved to a position between my spread thighs. I knew my sex was wet and I could smell my own aroma. I wondered if she could as well.

“Use both hands and open your pussy for me,” she said. I reached down to my throbbing cunt, parted the soft, silky curls that rested there and spread myself open to her gaze. As I lay there expectantly, he peered over her shoulders at my exposed sex. I heard the snap of surgical gloves being donned and I could feel my inside walls swell and drip.

It was then that I first felt the touch of another woman on my most private parts. She was using her fingers to examine my clitoris. She pushed the swollen nub first one way and then another, used her thumb and forefinger to roll it around and tugged on it gently. I could feel an orgasm approaching. “Her clitoris is enlarged already. She’s certainly responsive.” I could feel something being inserted into my gasping cunt. “Her internal moisture is adequate for testing,” she stated.

Apparently, she had placed her fingers in my pussy, because I felt them being withdrawn and replaced with two small round metal discs. I was so close to orgasm, but wasn’t sure it would be allowed. I didn’t want to do anything to risk the wrath of my captors. “What have I done?” I thought to myself. I didn’t know these people. No one knew where I was. I was completely and totally at their mercy and I liked it. No, I loved it. I loved the power they held over me. I loved the possibilities that waited.

“She’s at the edge,” I heard. Then, the click of a switch sounded against my gasping cunt and surges of electricity radiated up through my body, beginning with my pussy.

The next statements were addressed to the male, “The two round discs are electrodes. They are attached to a rheostat to control the voltage, and they also contain elements that let us measure the current. The more natural lubrication, the more current there is. She could be drowning in pussy juice, but still wouldn’t be electrocuted. The shock sure does take the edge off for them, though.”

When my cunt stopped its angry spasms and my gasps for breath had slowed, I felt what seemed to be a reassuring touch on my mound. The electrodes were removed and deft hands were once again stroking my clit. She was stroking me while he was making notes on the ever-present clipboard. “Do you think we ought to let her come now?” he asked.

“Yes, yes,” I silently begged, but my wishes were not to come to fruition.

“You should know the protocol by now!” she snapped. With that one statement, every notion about who was in charge evaporated. She was clearly in charge and he was merely an assistant. One thing was certain, though; I had no control whatsoever!

“She is not allowed orgasm unless she earns it. She has so far only demonstrated the slightest degree of submission. Besides, when a candidate is aroused, it makes the next series of tests harder to endure,” she dictated. Endure. I wasn’t so sure I liked the sound of that.

“What was coming next that would be so hard to bear?” That thought didn’t stay in my head long. I soon learned what was coming next.

The Kurtköy Sarışın Escort elegant, latex covered fingers wound themselves around my carefully groomed pubic hair and were pulling-hard! I bit my lip to keep from crying out as tears formed in my eyes. I closed them to try to get through the pain, but there was nowhere to go. SMACK! The gloved hand came down hard on my mound. She slapped my already sensitive pussy three more times.

“Keep your eyes open and on me at all times,” she commanded. As I struggled to obey, she once again pulled my pussy hair with one hand; the other was pinching my clit. Amazingly, an orgasm welled up from somewhere deep inside me and I began to buck and thrash beneath her hands, writhing in pleasure, my eyes locked onto hers.

As my pleasure subsided, she removed her hands from my body and began speaking in low tones to the assistant. He was noting her statements on the clipboard. “Ability to withstand moderate, localized pain is adequate. Arousal despite pain is satisfactory.” The tapping sound of heels clicking on tile accompanied her quick exit from the exam room.

“Satisfactory, hell,” I thought. I was just coming out of one of the biggest orgasms of my life and I wanted more. Since my boyfriend and I had broken up, my orgasms had vanished. While we were together, I had started to need pain to take me over the peak and he was too straight-laced to really hurt me. He began my journey down this road by slapping my ass and pulling my hair while he was fucking me and it had caused me to come like gangbusters. When that became too tame and I needed him to take it up a notch, I purchased a soft whip and some restraints. He quickly said that it would be too intense for him. We kept on seeing each other for a few weeks, but I needed more and he needed less and pretty soon he stopped calling me at all. I needed someone to push me to my limits, and it seemed I was about to get my wish. If he could see me now, he would think I bore no resemblance to the self I once was. I rested there, a sex-flushed, quivering would-be slave.

My thoughts were interrupted by something cold being applied to my mound. I hadn’t realized that my mind had drifted, but I was glad my eyes had remained open. I glanced down to the juncture between my thighs and saw a thick film of shaving foam had been applied. Then he appeared with between my legs with a razor and began quickly and efficiently removing the curls that grew there. I usually enjoyed keeping myself neatly groomed, so this didn’t bother me at all. To be honest, I could feel arousal building in me again, despite the earth-shattering orgasm I had experienced only minutes earlier.

Once I was completely bare, I was rinsed and some soothing lotion applied to prevent razor burn. He spoke to me then.

“The hair pulling is always one of the first tests. We have to test you that way before we shave it off, plus it makes the pussy that much more sensitive to stimulus. Also, it makes it easier to clean you up after your enema if you are completely bare. That’s next, by the way, an enema. Some candidates find that knowing what happens next reduces anxiety, but I think that in your circumstances, it might make you more nervous about what’s to come. This way, we can use the dread you feel to escalate your responses and get a truer reading of your submissive qualities. Also, it makes stretching your anus easier and cleaner.”

I barely had time to ponder this before she came back into the room with the apparatus needed to cleanse my bowels. I had never had an enema before and was apprehensive about the procedure. This was much more intimate than peeing while someone watched. I steeled myself to be receptive to the procedure. “In for a penny….” played through my mind.

She attached the red rubber bag to a high hook beside my table and spoke to me, “Use both hands to spread your asscheeks apart. You are offering to me the most private part of yourself, knowing that I will violate it and you will be powerless to stop me. Look at me when you do this, and know that I am in control.”

I couldn’t believe I responded as she said, but I found myself reaching down beside me, grabbing my ass and exposing my puckered hole. Somehow, this seemed more symbolic than any other act; opening my heart as well as my anus. As I did this, the head of the table I was lying on was lowered, making me completely horizontal except for my feet in the stirrups and my legs in the air. The assistant must have been there to do that. A smear of cold slickness was applied to my pucker and I could feel the intrusion of the cold nozzle deep inside my body.

“Watch me,” she said, and slid it home. “I am even in control of this,” she added as she released the clamp on the tubing leading to my bottom. I felt the warm fluid filling me up, but I kept my eyes on her.

“There are two quarts of liquid in the bag. You will hold it all for a minimum of 10 minutes. It may become uncomfortable, but do not let it out.” Kurtköy Şişman Escort She let about half of it run in and shut the clamp. A nod to the assistant had him coming over to massage my tummy. As he kneaded, the pressure and cramps began to decrease. She then opened the clamp and allowed the rest of the fluid to flow in. The warmth and pressure were incredible. She removed the nozzle from my ass and said, “I could put a large butt plug in your ass to help you hold it in, but you’ll learn so much more control this way.” With that, she placed my hands back under my head and started caressing my ass and cunt.

“Two minutes,” the assistant said.

Her gloved fingers reached inside my pussy to press against my inner walls. She caressed my full rectum from inside my pussy. “Oh, no,” I thought as the stirrings of a climax began to flutter in my womb. “If I come, I’ll never be able to hold all this in,” I despaired. She echoed my sentiments when she said, “If you let go, we’ll just start again.”

“Four minutes.”

“I’m not going to make it,” I thought. “Let’s test your control a bit more,” she said and removed her gloved hand from my pussy. The fingers found their way to my clit, where they expertly worried that little button of pleasure until I found myself gasping for breath. She reached inside once again. “So very wet,” she whispered.

She swiped her pussy slicked hands across my own lips and said “Taste how wet you are.”

This served to heighten my arousal. I had tasted my own cum juices before, but never had they flowed so freely.

“Six minutes,” the assistant murmured softly.

I didn’t know how I was ever going to last. I felt so full and bloated, but the arousal was so strong. My clit was throbbing and my pussy clenched and relaxed in effort to find relief. She placed her fingers back on my clit and moved them around in slow circles. Never before had I been so close to orgasm without allowing myself to come. I knew if I did come, it would be a mess. Her fingers continued their relentless circling, every once in a while flicking lightly over the engorged flesh, causing me to moan uncontrollably.

“You’re doing well,” she remarked. Her next move was so totally unexpected. She leaned down and her tongue flicked over my mouth, tasting the musk she had only recently placed there. Her tongue seemed a lifeline; I held on tight. Eyes wide open and locked onto hers, I thrust my tongue out and kissed her with more passion than I thought I possessed. My tummy was full of water, but my heart was filling with emotion.

“Is it possible to fall in love with a master?” I asked myself. “I must! Surely the one who chooses me after the training will be someone I can love. Then, these tasks will be more than just bodily exercises. I want to please someone, I need to please someone.”

“Eight minutes.”

“I can make it, I thought.” My pussy and ass felt as if they were about to explode. I knew I could make the ten minute mark.

“Eventually, if you’re accepted into service, you’ll learn to climax during an enema. It’s a spectacular orgasm. Today, you’ll be expected to come as you expel the fluid. You won’t have a choice, remember, I am in control. Look at me.”

Now I was worried. I had thought I might have privacy to go to the bathroom, but this was not to be the case. Mortification gave way to desire to obey. “Watch me, please!”

“Nine minutes.”

“I’ll be forcing you to orgasm soon. You are to lie right there on your back and expel the fluid that’s inside you.” She turned to address the assistant, “I need a basin, if you please. Hold it right there,” she said to him. Speaking to me once again, she said “Ten minutes. You’ll come now.” She withdrew a small, silver, vibrating egg from her lab coat pocket and placed it directly on my swollen clit. She turned it on at the same time she inserted two gloved and lubricated fingers into my straining ass.

I gushed, everywhere. I spasmed and my ass relaxed and all the liquid rushed out and into the waiting basin. I was too excited to be embarrassed. I shuddered once again and relaxed my muscles to make evacuation easier. Still, my spasms repeated themselves and I looked lovingly through tear-soaked eyes up at her. She was smiling.

“That’s it, let it all out now.” She replaced the egg on my clit and reinserted her fingers into my waiting ass and I watched her as my arousal grew. Once again, my ass spewed forth the liquid from its depths and my pussy ground out another orgasm. Finally, I was spent.

She removed her hands, took off her gloves, kissed my tear stained face and told her assistant, “Fill her up again. She needs three quarts this time. Keep repeating until the water runs clear. Empty her bladder, too. If she resists, catheterize her.” With these words, she left the room.

He cleaned me with warm, soapy water and then rinsed me well. I was ordered to close my eyes and rest as he cleaned my nether regions. “Open your eyes and empty your bladder into the basin,” he said. “If you fail, I’ll place a catheter into your bladder. You have no control over this, either.” After peeing in front of her and expelling an enema in front of both of them, this was nothing. The warm stream of urine splattered into the waiting bowl. I sighed, exhausted, as it exited my body.

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