Down The Rabbit Hole Pt. 02

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Down the Rabbit Hole Part 2–Mistress Aisha

The vibration of the cell phone on the night table woke the young man from his sleep. His hand fumbled for the phone while muttering a curse under his breath. “Who the hell would call at 7:00 am on a Monday? Inconsiderate idiots!”

Val didn’t recognize the number and was tempted to ignore the call but he could not resist the urge to give the caller a piece of his mind before hanging up on them and blocking the number. After taking a breath to clear his head, he said, “Hello, and this better be important.”

“I will let you be the judge of the importance of the call. Good morning, Val. I trust that you are well rested and your head is clear enough for a conversation but, if not, kindly say so now as I do not like to repeat myself,” said Jack softly.

Val immediately recognized the smokey voice and instantly became alert. “Yes mistress, I’m sorry for my rudeness in answering the phone but I did not recognize the number. Please excuse me and be assured that I am always ready to speak to you.”

“Good. Val, I want to see you this evening at 9:00 pm and I will text you the address. Tonight is for conversation so that there is no misunderstanding between us moving forward. If you choose not to show up I will assume that I misjudged you and I will deal with my disappointment but I certainly will not forget should a situation similar to ours arise in the future. You may not suffer any direct consequences but someone, sometime will suffer from a lack of kindness on my part and that will be unfortunate.”

“Yes mistress, I understand perfectly,” stammered Val. “I will be at the address you provide at 9:00 pm.”

“Have a nice day,” replied Jack before disconnecting the call.

Val leaned against the headboard breathing heavily. He was torn between feelings of happiness that Mistress Aisha called as she promised and a mild feeling of dread about what lies ahead for him. She kept him from being abused and protected him from the wrath of Carl, a dom who he never really liked from the outset, but she was a stranger who could turn out to be a demon in black silk. He knew that he had to repay the debt as a matter of honor and that seeing her tonight will be repayment in full. If there is no chemistry between them then he will sever their ties and let the poor souls who come afterward suffer their own fates.

Placing the phone on the night table, Val slid down under the covers but knew that he would never get back to sleep. “Damn, Monday came so fast,” he thought.

Jack smiled to himself as he placed the phone on the table, understanding how Cory must feel when he calls him. There is a certain power that comes with control, even if it is only initiating a phone call that makes someone uncomfortable and unable to relieve that discomfort. Val is a nice young man and should serve his purposes very nicely. At least he will not have to concern himself about sex for a while and this pleased him.

Jack called his office to explain that he would be working from home and then called Ami at the salon in the hotel to schedule a touch-up session for the afternoon. Spending the weekend with Cory made a mess of his make-up and Jack could not get the repairs completed to his satisfaction so he removed it all before leaving the hotel. Now he reached out for help to recreate Mistress Aisha and Ami said that she would fit him in around 6:00 pm.

Work was pleasant enough, but Jack was growing impatient as he waited for 6:00 pm to begin his transformation back into Aisha. What started as an accommodation to Cory had awakened something in Jack that was invigorating. He knew that he could not get the genie back in the bottle and honestly did not want to try. Jack liked his alter ego and wanted to see her grow and evolve.

Jack arrived promptly at 6:00 pm and Ami welcomed him warmly with a big smile. Stepping out of his street clothes Jack asked Ami if she would kindly shave the areas that he could not properly reach and she immediately confirmed that that was part of the service she planned. Grooming and fresh make-up took about an hour and a half and afterward Aisha looked radiant. She was now ready to meet with her new initiate.

Back at her apartment, Aisha slipped into the black silk gown and panties that she received from Cory and had a light dinner. She also made several notes reminding herself that she needed new lingerie and undergarments. If she wanted to inspire someone to serve, she needed the proper attire, dressing for success as is said.

The buzzer sounded at 9:00 pm and Aisha waited a couple of moments before answering the door, testing to see if her guest was anxious or possibly annoyed by being kept waiting, and buzzing a second time. The buzzer had only sounded once and when she opened the door, Val stood there, eyes fixed on some invisible spot on the hallway carpet. “Good,” she thought.

“Come in, Val,” she said, “nice to see you again.”

“Good İstanbul Escort evening, mistress, it is a pleasure to be here,” replied Val walking into the apartment.

“Would you like something to drink? I’m fixing a martini for myself, but you can have whatever you like,” said Aisha.

“I would gladly have what you’re having, mistress, if that is allowed,” said Val.

“Certainly. Tonight, you are my guest and it would be inhospitable of me to deny you anything,” Aisha responded with a slight smile. She expertly made the martinis and offered one to Val, motioning for him to take a seat in the area by the bar. She sat across from him and, crossing her legs, raised her glass in a toast. “To a wonderful and exciting relationship,” she said, before taking a long sip of her drink. Val looked into her eyes and took a sip from his drink as well.

They chatted for the better part of an hour and Aisha outlined her expectations and her rules. Much of this followed closely what Cory had demonstrated and explained to her during their time together and Aisha felt the power in saying the words and having someone agree to what was being proposed without question. She would have control over this young man, and he would, if he agreed, be hers to command, relying upon her discretion to not jeopardize his wellbeing. Complete trust and a willingness to accept consequences that he cannot understand now is of paramount importance. It is a heavy responsibility and Aisha knew it.

As the conversation was ending, Aisha hiked up her gown exposing her black panties. Without taking her eyes from Val’s face, she said “Remove my panties.”

Hesitatingly Val rose from his seat and walked to Aisha, kneeling in front of her, and lowered his eyes. Gently he placed his fingers on the fabric at her hips and slowly eased the panties down along her thighs, over her knees, and down to her ankles, whereupon Aisha lifted her feet so he could remove them entirely.

Val looked up at the now erect penis and then at Aisha’s eyes. “Take it into your mouth and show me what you are capable of,” she said quietly.

Without hesitation, Val leaned forward and licked the head of Aisha’s stiff dick before moving to take the entire shaft down his throat. Up and down, rhythmically and lovingly, Val sucked and caressed her cock while Aisha closed her eyes and leaned back, savoring every moment and moaning quietly. She had to admit, this was the best blowjob she could remember. Val had a talent as a cocksucker and she was happy to have him as hers.

Within a few minutes, Aisha felt the sensations building and, stiffening, forcefully shot her load against the back of Val’s throat. Her cock kept pulsing while Val sucked it all into his mouth, finally swallowing the entire load of semen, slowly, savoring each drop.

Feeling drained, Aisha raised her head and looked at Val. “Very nice my sweet,” she said as Val got to his feet and walked back to his chair. “You seem to have a gift and I imagine that Carl is kicking himself for being such a fool as to let you go. No matter, you’re here now.”

“Yes, mistress, I am here now,” he replied.

Aisha rose from her chair and walked over to Val, stopping directly in front of him. As she stood there, Val looked into her eyes, and then she slowly knelt at his feet. Sensing what was happening, Val spread his legs and lowered the zipper of his pants. Aisha leaned forward to take his semi-erect penis into her mouth, resting it on her tongue as it stiffened and inched its way down her throat. She moved up and down, applying her skills to bring this young man maddening close to the pulsing climax that he desperately wanted.

Aisha licked his cock one last time before standing up and whispering. “Val, you are here as my guest tonight and I said that I would not deny you anything. Is there something that you would like?”

Val waited for a few moments considering his options before replying, “Mistress, you have been more than hospitable, and I am truly grateful for everything. But, if I may be so bold, I would love to feel your pussy wrap around my cock and enjoy the sensation of erupting inside you. I know that I am not entitled or worthy to ask this of you, but you did say that I could ask ‘anything’ of you tonight and this is what I would like more than anything else.”

Aisha studied Val and responded, “Hmm, I had a feeling about this after seeing the way that you look at me. I am flattered but I also believe that you are taking advantage of my hospitality and gentleness tonight. You seem to be hoping to turn the tables and take the opportunity to thank me for protecting you by fucking me in my own home.”

“No, mistress, you misunderstand,” said Val. “You asked what I would like and I answered honestly. I know what you want from me and I will comply with your instructions to the best of my ability without question. I am yours and I know that. But, when you ask what I want on this one Kadıköy Escort night, I cannot lie. I want to be inside you, even if it is just once.”

“Very well then, if you want this ‘gift’ from me, you must take it,” said Aisha, turning and walking to the bar. “Show me that you are worthy of my indulgence.”

Val sat there motionless, watching as Aisha went to the bar. His erection and unsatisfied desire speaking volumes. While she started to prepare another drink, he rose and walked up behind her, and spun her around to face him. Placing his hand around her throat, squeezing forcefully, and lifting her to her toes, he said, “If you want me to ‘take my gift’, then so be it. I have wanted you since I first saw you in Cory’s room with Carl. I will not overstep the boundaries but if you offer yourself to me, I cannot refuse. Now, you are mine!”

Val guided Aisha to the bedroom and onto the bed by the force of his hand on her throat. Releasing his grip, Val rolled Aisha over onto her stomach and took her wrists into his hands as he pushed his legs between hers, forcing them apart. Aisha put up a struggle, but it was only half-hearted and they both knew it.

Moving to take both wrists into one hand, Val pulled Aisha’s gown up over her buttocks and then undid his pants, pushing them down with his free hand. His erection was hard as stone as he moistened his cock with spit and placed the tip at the entrance to her anus. “You wanted me to take you and I will. Hopefully you will remember what you asked for, my mistress,” said Val as he forced his cock into her ass, forcing a scream from her throat.

Aisha felt the pain as her anus was stretched almost to the point of tearing. Tears were welling up in her eyes and she buried her face in the pillow to muffle the noise of her cries as Val continued to push in and out of her ass. After a couple of minutes Aisha said softly, “Val, please, you’re hurting me. There’s lube in the night table. I won’t move.”

Val released his grip on her wrists and moved off Aisha. He removed his clothing and took the lube from the night table, slowly applying it to Aisha’s anus and his stiff member. As he prepared to mount Aisha again, she struggled to roll over onto her back. “Val, I want to look at you as you fuck me. I want to see your eyes and I want you to see my face,” said Aisha as she placed her legs over Val’s shoulders.

“Yes, mistress,” said Val as he pushed his dick into her ass for the second time.

Val worked slowly this time, keeping up a rhythm and pushing his cock balls deep with each stroke. Aisha felt the sensations building in her abdomen, something unlike anything she had felt before. She felt the power of his shaft on a certain sensitive spot that made her tingle with anticipation. Val was feeling sensations building in his loins and he started to move faster and more forcefully. Before long Val climaxed, shooting a huge load of hot semen deep into Aisha’s bowels. Aisha climaxed as well, shooting her load onto her chest and gown while her eyes closed and her eyeballs rolled towards the back of her head.

After all the spasms of cumming had subsided, Val gently took Aisha’s legs from his shoulders and let her place them by his sides. Aisha stretched but kept her legs apart and wrapped her arms around his neck. Val leaned down and kissed Aisha tenderly saying, “Thank you mistress. I appreciate your gift more than you can ever know. I am your servant.”

Aisha gazed into Val’s eyes and replied, “Yes, you are mine and never forget that fact. But think back on this reward if you ever get discouraged or feel abused.”

“Yes mistress,” whispered Val into the silence of the room.

They lay together for a few minutes feeling the afterglow of the moment. Val spoke first, “Mistress, I should go so that you can freshen up. I have used enough of your time.”

“Yes Val, time is a precious commodity not to be wasted. I will contact you when I need you again but until then you are free to do as you please with one condition.”

“And what would that be, mistress?” said Val.

“You are not to have an orgasm until you are with me again and I will take you at your word on this. If I feel that you disobeyed me, I will not hesitate to lock you in chastity. Am I clear?” asked Aisha.

“Yes, mistress. Perfectly,” replied Val.

“Good. Understand that I am not a nursemaid for children, and I will not tolerate disobedience,” said Aisha with a tone much stricter than before.

“Yes, mistress, thank you.”

“Goodnight, Val.”

“Goodnight, mistress.”

Val washed quickly, and dressed, then immediately left without another word. Closing the door behind him, Aisha felt satisfied and very pleased with herself as well. Val came to her and did as she instructed and as she anticipated without hesitation. He received his incentive with gratitude and, as she walked to the bar to prepare a drink, she could feel his gratitude running down her leg. She wanted Ataşehir Escort to tell Cory of her success but knew that she could not call him. She would have to wait for his call or text and then speak to him in person. Frustrating as it may be, rules are rules.

As Aisha was in the bathroom removing her makeup and preparing for bed, her phone vibrated to signal an incoming message. Quickly patting her face dry, she picked up the annoying gadget and saw a text from Cory. “Good evening my dear. As an FYI, I will be back in town next Friday and Saturday for an impromptu meeting and would like to see you Friday night, assuming of course that you can make time for me. Shall we say 10:00 pm Friday at the usual location? Plan to stay over if you decide to come.”

She smiled at his sarcastic comment and was quite happy to get the note. Her quick response, “I will see if I can rearrange my schedule to meet you,” should bring a smile to his face as well. He knew that she would never say no to him. She had some unexpected planning and shopping to do but felt excited to see him again regardless of any inconvenience.

Friday came quickly and Jack found himself in Ami’s salon in the hotel at 8:00 pm preparing to get the full treatment so that Aisha looked beautiful. Jack also bought some new lingerie and a couple of nightgowns for the occasion as well since this evening would be special; he was meeting Cory more as an equal and not simply a sub to be used. Even so, Aisha touched the buzzer at exactly 10:00 pm to avoid any problems.

Cory opened the door and Aisha watched his face light up when he saw her. “Aisha, my sweet. You look absolutely wonderful, and I am so happy to see you, you have no idea. Come in.”

Aisha did a small curtsy before walking in, responding “Oh, I have some idea, but I am thrilled to be here. I’ve missed you.”

Closing the door, Cory took Aisha by the shoulders and kissed her passionately. After their kiss, Aisha hugged Cory for a few moments and then placed her head on Cory’s shoulder all the while feeling his erection pressing against her stomach. “You feel so good, and I can’t wait to have your naked body against mine.”

“We have tonight and most of tomorrow so you will feel a lot of that my sweet. Please make yourself comfortable and I will get a couple of drinks to enhance the mood,” said Cory.

“My mood was enhanced when I walked in but a drink would be wonderful,” she said. “Extra dry martini if you please while I change, kind sir.”

“As you wish, my lady,” replied Cory.

This was so different from their initial encounters thought Aisha. She was happy to be here, no apprehension or fear, simply a good feeling. She never expected to be transformed into a lovely woman when she first met Cory and he probably never expected to find such a strong creature under the female persona of Aisha. They both changed for the better it seems.

Aisha got out of her street clothes and slipped into a newly purchased silk nightgown. Checking herself in the bathroom mirror she knew that she looked lovely and if she were to meet herself she could imagine being aroused so she anticipated how Cory would react.

She walked back into the room, heading towards the bar area. As Cory saw her he took a breath and exclaimed before handing her the martini, “My God, you’re a vision. I am a lucky man.”

“I’m glad that you approve. This is all for you and I can never thank you enough for bringing this change about.” Aisha accepted the drink and she clinked his glass before taking the first sip. The cold liquid felt marvelous as it flowed down her throat and she savored the sensation all the way to her stomach.

They moved to sit together on the sofa and made small talk while they enjoyed their drinks. Eventually Corry asked about Val. “Have you spoken to Val recently?” he said.

“Yes, I have,” replied Aisha. “I wanted to call you the other evening after our first meeting to tell you about it, but I did not want to bother you. I feel that he will come along quite nicely, and I am glad to have him. Thank you for your kindness and understanding in all this.”

“I’m glad that you are happy, Aisha, and your happiness brings joy to me as well. But there is a problem, and the problem goes by the name of Carl,” said Cory.

Aisha felt a sudden chill and the hair on her neck stood on end. She thought that she was rid of him after their encounter the prior weekend and assumed, apparently incorrectly, that he would quietly recede into past.

Aisha finished her drink in one swallow and placed the empty glass on the coffee table. “What do you mean, Cory?”

Cory put his drink on the table and reached for Aisha’s hand. “Carl contacted me this week and was still smarting from what you did to him. He will not let this go and wants equal time with Val, sort of a fifty/fifty arrangement, like shared custody of a child. I told him that I didn’t think that you would agree to it but that I would ask anyway. I felt that there may be a compromise somewhere.”

Aisha didn’t hesitate. “Absolutely not! He is an animal and would torture Val horribly the first chance he got. I will not allow it. Val is mine and there is no way that I would ever place him in that type of danger.”

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