Into The Forest

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AN: I know that this story is a bit unorthodox and quirky. But as Ursula once said, “That’s what I do…that’s what I liiiive fooor…” to make people’s head’s explode… The truth is, I was inspired by something I saw, online but I won’t say anything more than that… Hopefully, someone will enjoy this latest ‘masterpiece’ of mine (lol).

Summary: A celibate minister who serves the homeless through a homeless camp he established in the forest of a small town, finally gets to have his way with a beautiful, young woman he’s been iniquitously lusting after, ever since she arrived there… Into The Forest It always happened during the mid-morning hours, after the chill had vanished from the air and especially during the summertime… After brushing her teeth, Adelaide would end up in her usual area of the forest with her giant bowl of water, her wash clothe, towel and body wash.

With Sylvester hiding behind his usual tree, that’s when he would secretly watch her as she enticingly undressed before lathering up her towel with body wash. She would then slowly glide it over her curvy body and plump, hard nippled tits as she washed up.

But because she knew he was watching, she would also make alluring sounds with her sweet sounding voice and fondle and caress the span of her silky, medium golden brown skin and frame.

Watching her in such a filthy way always made him so horny and halfway through all of this, Sylvester would find himself sporting a raging hard-on that would painfully strain against his pants. Then once she’d soared into the main event of stroking and finger-fucking her dripping pussy as she cried out for him, he would find himself massaging and touching his throbbing cock as well.

Then finally as Adelaide’s body shivered in ecstasy, she would release howls of rapture.

Seeing her climaxing so vividly along with hearing her voice would send Sylvester over the edge, soon after and with a grunt and some other excited sounds under his breath, his beet red tip would pop like a geyser sending load after load of his cream against the tree in front of him…

But no matter how much he gawked, Sylvester Kraus’s mind and heart always kept him from actually touching. There was always a chaotic tug-of-war ripping him apart, inside.

What he was doing was immoral according to The Good Book.

He set up this ministry and a camp in the woods for the homeless but it looks like it was all for naught.

He was never supposed to end up in such iniquitous circumstances as he’s been finding himself in, as of late.

Living in a recreational vehicle in the forest, is a far cry from the life he once had as a prosperous lawyer, working at a prestigious law firm…

It was a great life until the day he had a dream where an angel appeared to him and told him he was to go back to school; get a degree in theology; become an ordained, Christian minister and then help the less fortunate.

The angel didn’t exactly tell him how he was to help the homeless but after he became a minister, he soon figured it out, on his own.

Now, he helps set up tents along with more robust shanties during the winter months for homeless people from all walks of life on the outskirts of a small town.

But that’s not all.

With the help of charitable groups and individuals, he’s been able to provide people in his camp with things like food, water, clothing, other items along with an ear and some counseling; mediating when conflicts arise and ministering when people are having a really hard time.

He loves making people smile along with feel better but unfortunately his desire to make Adelaide feel better in a different way, has tested him greatly.

He hasn’t had sex in six years for crying out loud. The last time was before his bitter divorce from his ex-wife. He doesn’t think he’s that special, looks wise but others have told him, otherwise.

In fact, women used to throw themselves at him back when he had a six-pack and even though his belly has softened a little since then, it’s still somewhat cut from all the strenuous work he does around the camp.

He’s also six feet tall and people tell him he’s nicely built with broad shoulders.

Another thing is that, his hair is naturally a mixture of light ash and golden blonde while most other natural blondes he knew as a child grew up to have dirty blonde to brunette hair and his eyes are a piercing, glacial blue while most people’s are a very dull, grey-blue.

One day when Adelaide was driving in the camp truck with him as they ran one of their usual errands, she teased him about all the women who flirt with him when their in town.

She also teased him by calling him the Greek god Apollo.

That’s when he chuckled before lightheartedly reminding her that he’s thirty-five… He has ghostly pale skin.

His cheeks are constantly red from being out in the sun, too much.

He has lots of moles.

He has light crow’s feet and his stomach is probably a Kadıköy Esmer Escort little pudgier than Apollo’s, too.

She laughed before telling him how she can hardly even tell he has any of those things and that he still looks way better than most twenty-five year olds.

He jested about how that’s still old.

She told him that’s not old and that a lot of young women like older men, anyway.

He said is she talking about other women or about herself.

She gazed down with a big grin on her face.

He didn’t want to go there but it was the only way to win in one of their usual, friendly verbal spars.

That’s when he did something he never did before.

He slid his hand over her thigh.

He could hear her gulp.

He allowed it to linger there a moment as she kept looking down while still grinning.

He finally lifted his hand before pushing down on the gas petal as the light turned green.

He concluded as he stared forward with a sly smirk on his face, “It’s prolly jes’ the Irish Spring scent attracin’ these women, Addie. I’m not special, jes’ an average lookin’ white guy…”

She wobbled her face with a pursed, cheeky smirk.

“That’s like sayin’ Brad Pitt’s average but whatevah you say, Sylvie.”

He grunted as his eyes twinkled with amusement.

The truth is that he actually does get insecure, sometimes and is not pretending with her. He especially feels insecure when he’s around her along with nervous and timid at times.

There’s also the constant dirty thoughts of her that hits him at the most unexpected times which leads to him being racked by an overwhelming guilt and shame as he further envisions the man on high, staring down at him with a disapproving, scary scowl on his face.

But all of the terror and dread flies right back out of his mind once she gets into her sweet, irresistible flirting with him. Everytime she touches him, like say on his thigh or gazes at him or reveals her soft, sunny smile as her big, reddish brown eyes, twinkle, his knees go weak and he almost melts into a puddle on the ground.

Once he’s in this state, she often giggles as he’s sure, she notices the flush of his cheeks.

She’s a very carefree, kind, loving, intelligent, creative and effervescent young lady who also can be shy and sensitive sometimes.

But she can be very opinionated, somber and rebellious, too.

She seems to have a very bright and sunny side and a very dark and tortured side and she swings between the two which he already knows is because of her tumultuous, painful past.

This past is also the reason why he often feels so protective of her, almost like a father, although he’d rather look at it as an older brother since it’s hard for him to admit to himself he’s actually gotten that old (man, how time flies).

Yes, he’s very aware that her skin is a different, much richer and darker shade than his own but it’s nothing more than a small difference to him and when it’s all said and done, he doesn’t really care.

Within the last year since he’s gotten to know her, he’s taken a real liking to ‘Addie’ to the point that if someone ever tried to harm her, he’d probably do something he’d sorely regret and then pray for forgiveness, later.

‘Addie’ also likes to play songs for him on her guitar which she’s been playing for a few years, now and she likes to write and compose her own songs and sing, too.

Sometimes he pulls out his guitar and plays with her and they sing, compose and write together.

They often joke about becoming a real act.

Another quirky and interesting thing about his ‘Addie’ is that she likes to wear a lot of used, flowery skirts, shirts, ripped jeans and colorful sweaters and tends to dress in a hippy-like, whimsical way with flowers in her hair that is very long, dreaded, beaded and flows all the way down to the middle of her back.

He adores everything about her but she’s so sweet and delicate that he’s afraid that if he ever gets too close to her while they’re say, in his RV which she’s never been in, he might not be able to hold back his lust anymore and might end up breaking her little, five-foot-five body in two as he desperately pumps in and out of her until he’s howling at the top of his lungs.

As a matter-of-fact, that’s what he’s on the verge of doing right now as he sits on his couch with his thighs spread while pumping his very large, glistening, veiny erection.

But as the smuttiest fantasies of Adelaide consumes his mind, it isn’t long before he hears someone knocking on his door.

His body jolts and he freezes.

He hears the knock, again.

After rushing away and cleaning up along with straightening up, he rushes to the door and opens it.

On the other side, who else would it be but Adelaide.

They stare at each other a moment as Sylvester notices the troubled look on Adelaide’s face.

“I-I. I need’s tuh talk to yuh, it’s important. Kadıköy Eve Gelen Escort Can I come in,” Adelaide says.

While holding a pillow against himself to hide the massive, pulsating stiffy, underneath, Sylvester stares at her.

“Sh-sure. Come on in,” he chirps with his mind cloudy and absent and his heart racing with his arousal.

She steps up the short flight of stairs before the door is closed behind her.

“Um-uh-ruh. Sit down,” he says while making a gesture in the direction of his couch.

It isn’t long before they’re both sitting on the couch facing each other.

“So what’s gewin’ on, sweetheart,” he paternally says in a Southern accent, after a moment of silence.

As she starts searching for words, he takes a moment to drink in her body which is draped in a big, fluffy, quilted, deep and bright pink robe that is fastened with a tie, around her slender waist.

Her robe is also paired with some knee length, rainbow striped, cotton socks which she is wearing with some light pink, thong sandals.

‘Mmmm, so sweet and tender. I bet you’re so tight, too. You want daddy inside of you so bad, don’t yooou.’

Sylvester pushes the pillow covering his crouch closer to him.

Finally Adelaide says after her eyes dart side to side a few times, “I just wanted…”

She looks up before her eyes catch Sylvester’s pillow.

She smiles.

“Hm. That’s a nice pillow yuh got there. Can I see it?”

Sylvester’s eyes grow large.

“Uuuh. Uuuh. Guuuh.”

Adelaide giggles.

“It’s jus’ a pillow, silly. I won’t hurt it. Let me see it.”

“But I…I can’t…! You’re only eighteen!”

Adelaide’s brows furrow before she chuckles.

“Whuh? What are yew talkin’ ’bout, silly? Don’t be stingy. Hand it over.”

After looking nervous for a moment as he rubs his lips together he finally gives in and hands her the pillow.

After taking it, she looks down before gasping at the sight of his majestic woody hiding under his pants that are stained with his pre-cum.


“Addie, yuh weren’t s’pposed to see this, I…”

Adelaide keeps staring at his package for a moment as the space between her legs tingles.

A wicked smirk drifts onto her face before she folds half her bottom lip between her teeth.

She giggles with her folded fingers just barely touching her mouth.

“Sylvie, I never dreeeamed you could get so biiig,” she sighs as her eyes twinkle.

While staring down between his thighs with the severe aching of his cock, making his head spin and his skin feel hot, Sylvester gulps.

He then licks his lips.

“Addie… I’m really. Really. Really sorry ’bout thi…”

In a flash, Adelaide’s hand is between his thighs.

“Nnngh,” he groans while gritting his teeth as she starts massaging and stroking his thick length over his pants.

“Oh, Addie. That feels so good. Don’t stooop,” he groans as he starts grinding himself up into her hand.

“I’ve wanted tuh do this for a long time, Sylvie…everytime I’d look between your spread thighs in the truck…” Adelaide says.

Sylvester creates a long grunt with his husky, baritone voice.

“I’ve wanted you to do this a long time, too, Addie. If only you knew the dirty, filthy thoughts that would rage in my mind of you. Watchin’ your plump folds and juices drippin’ on the ground in the forest has always made me yearn to do the most twisted, depraved things to yooou. Sss-nnngh, keep strokin’ daddy’s fat cooock.”

Adelaide playfully moans.

“I jus’ want to please you, daddy. I promise I won’t stop.”

Sylvester groans.

“That’s a good…giiirrrlll.”

After stroking him a few more times, she moves up to his ear before she starts using her mouth and tongue to play with it and suck on it.

“Aaaw, fuck!” Sylvester growls as the fire between his legs grows brighter.

“Do you want your little princess, to suck you off?” she hotly whispers into his ear between sucks.

“Oh fuck, yes! Yes!”

Adelaide moves down between his trembling thighs before pulling down his pants.

As his swollen, deep red glan pushes past Adelaide’s voluptuous lips, Sylvester groans in delirious rapture while dominantly sliding his hand behind her head.

Once Adelaide’s mouth is dangerously stretched around Sylvester’s humongous cock, she goes to work sucking and pumping him as her head bobs between his legs and raunchy sounds fill the air.

Sylvester also expresses his yearning for her in the most pornographic ways as his hips, chiseled face and voice do remarkably savage, striking things in response to the fantastic pleasure his ‘Addie’ is giving him.

“Do yuh like sucking your white daddy’s cock, hm? Such a filthy, little whooore. Make daddy cummm.”

Sylvester snarls more dirty things at her while feeling like the most wretched man in the world. But it doesn’t feel bad at all. In fact, it Kadıköy Evi Olan Escort feels really good.

Adelaide wags her slippery, fat tongue against Sylvester’s frenulum a few more times as she hums against his tip while continuing to stroke him.

“Dear God!!! Gnnngh!!!” Sylvester finally wails as he squirts ocean after ocean of his milk, deep into the back of her greedy throat.

After her mouth slides off of his nature, while cradling the side of her face and caressing her buttery soft, milk chocolate skin with his with his thumb, he whispers, “Mmm, Addieee. You did such a great jooob. Daddy’s so proud of yooou.”

“Really? That makes me so happy,” she chirps with a hazy eyed smile.

“But daddy thinks you’re not happy enough. Git up here and spread them legs for him. He wants to give you a little present with his tongue.”

She gives him a flirty grin as her teeth clasp her lip.

“Okay daddyyy,” she concludes.

She stands up before alluringly removing her robe.

Sylvester feels himself hardening once more as her breasts the size of cantaloupes, stiff nipples and neatly and shortly trimmed, small bush, greet his blue-eyed, languishing gaze.

His tongue glides kinkily against his upper lip.

“Mm. MM! That’s my sexy, little princeeess. Get that juicy bottom over ‘ere to your daddyyy.”

After ‘Addie’ submissively spreads her legs for her ‘Sylvie’ while pressing his hands against the inside of her thighs, he urgently buries his face into her gushing pussy.

Adelaide cries out for him as he drinks her in like an expensive wine and gorges on her like caviar.

Never in her wildest dreams could she have imagined being eaten out feeling so terrific as mind-blowing sensations burn through her like an inferno.

Sylvester also feels his head growing light while his now fully engorged cock tormentingly throbs and drips pre-cum from her exquisite taste, smell along with everything else.

He relishes the feeling of her juices slathering his face like barbecue sauce after he’s devoured some mouthwatering Southern, pork ribs.

Finally, after fucking her sopping entrance with his tongue a few more times, he starts beckoning her g-spot with his fingers and sucking hard on her swollen clit.

She wails for her ‘Sylvie’ soon after as bright, explosive orgasms rip through her like fiery tornadoes.

Once she’s come back down from her extraordinary high, Sylvester slicks his fingers from inside of her before sucking them clean of her intoxicating juices.

Then after that, as he aches with urgent need, Sylvester wastes no time instructing her and getting her into the position he wants her so he can finally give her the punishment she deserves for being such a bad, bad girl.

As he sits on the couch and her back faces away from him and she holds the top of the couch from behind while straddling his spread thighs, Sylvester thrusts up as her voluptuous ass lowers.

Adelaide gasps, sighs and whimpers and Sylvester creates a long grunt as his enormous girth slides past her soaked passage and stretches her walls.

Sylvester starts pumping in and out of her as she fragily whimpers and gasps while riding him.

“Stroke your clit for daddy,” he groans.

Once she does so, the mild sensations of pleasure she’s feeling increases dramatically.

In fact, it’s as if a sun is blazing in her womb.

The way she expresses her satisfaction for Sylvester is so needy and intense, it drives Sylvester absolutely mad with desire.

Also, watching her plump, round ass bouncing over his cock makes him thirst for her even more and he plunges into her deeper, harder and faster.

“Mmph! Oh God! So tight! So tight!” he snarls as their love making grows more and more desperate and wild with Adelaide’s howls of passion growing more and more vivid as her huge titties and swollen nipples bounce up and down.

“Aaahnngh, daddyyy! You’re so big! Fuck me harderrrr!”

As she finally orgasms, her body convulses and she howls in ecstasy with the tremendous sensations overwhelming her.

Sylvester feels her walls clenching and convulsing hard around his stiff cock and he senses that he’s about to reach his plateau.

After howling, “Lord have mercy!!!” as he releases gasping, choking cries with his nipples as hard as rocks, he shoots such a large amount of cum inside of his ‘Addie’s’ twat that some of it squishes and gushes back out.

They both keep riding out the waves of nirvana that they’re on until finally the last pangs of gratification dissipate.

But even after Sylvester slicks out, Adelaide still finds her pussy aching for more of his enormous manhood.

Also, usually, once he’s finished pumping his cock until it pops while alone with very sleazy fantasies of Adelaide, defiling his mind, he’s spent for a good few hours.

But now, to Sylvester’s delight, he’s still hard.

“Mmm, looks like your daddy’s gonna have tuh take his girl for another riiide,” he groans in his deep, gravelly voice.

Soon after that, he takes her from behind with her on her knees and cheek while he does things like pull her hair and snarl and hiss naughty things into her ear and she howls for him as he slams in and out of her while she rubs her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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