Pizza Delivery with a Twist Ch. 10

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It’s quite a Friday night and it’s only half over. I have taken care my regular customers and made a shower date with Zack for tonight after work. I look forward to washing dirty boy Zack super clean. I don’t know what the shower is going to do to my wig though. Right now, I plan to pull off a wig switch after the shower. I will need to find a way to distract Zach for a couple of minutes. Beer should do it.

But, right now I’m wishing that someone from the Summer Festival would order a pizza. I would really like to see what’s going on up there. Summer festivals are kind of dark at night. I could deliver there with bare legs and get away with it. Bare legs and my little skirt would almost put my cheeks on display.

I entered Lisa’s number into my phone and sent her a text.

“Hey Lisa. It’s Brie. Thanks for your number.”

Back to reality. Sal is talking about how slow it is tonight and Karen is yelling at Rick for a screw up on 2 Pizza’s.

“Rick, can you fix these 2 Pizza’s?”

“No, I already threw 2 more in. Those two are trash.”

“Sal, if it’s that slow, can I be done for the night. Rick, are the 2 mistakes good to eat? I know some folks who may be hungry, if they are going in the trash.”

Sal said I could take them and call it a night.

“Thank you. I’m out. Good night everyone.”

Zach is out on the road so I sent him a text.

“I’m leaving early. See you at 1 am?”

“I will be there.”

I finally have my first planned date after two years of dressing and it is with a stud. This is the best summer ever.

I grabbed the 2 pizza’s and headed to my car. One of many reasons I park back here is so I can change clothes while standing up in a hidden dark corner. I pulled off my leggings and readjusted my socks. I pulled my skirt down in the front and pulled it up in the back. My globes were somewhat visible. No, I’m not going to the festival. I’m headed straight to Lisa’s house and I will put the Pizza boxes down on the table myself. We’ll see how many friends Lisa has over on this beautiful Friday night.

I arrived at her house and went to the front door and knocked. I was pulling the rear of my skirt up when a bull answered the door.

“We weren’t expecting another Pizza delivery tonight. What’s going on?”

“Hi. I’m a friend of Lisa’s and as you can see by my visor, I work at the Pizza shop. istanbul escort The cook made 2 mistakes and I didn’t see point of throwing them away, so I thought I would drop them off here. They’re good Pizza’s. You can eat them tonight or tomorrow. Is Lisa home?”

“Lisa and Jake went to the store to return our cans and bottles. They always go later in the evening when the bottle return machines are less crowded.”

“They’re free. May I come in and set them down?”

“Yes, of course. Straight behind me and to the right. Guys, we have free Pizza.”

He stepped a side and allowed me in and closed the door behind.


I’m not much of one to watch reality TV, but I’m pretty sure I just stepped into the shorelines of New Jersey. I was looking at three bulls in board shorts, muscle T’s, hair gel and, well, muscles. Just like my first day on the job I could all eyes burning holes in me. I struck a pose with my feet spread a little wider than my shoulders while holding the two boxes up over my shoulder.

“Hi boys. I come bearing gifts of free Pizza. I also came to get Lisa’s opinion on a few things for my date tonight. It’s too bad she is not here, but maybe guys can help me.”

“How can we help you Sugar?”

“Please, call me Sugar B. Well, this is a little weird, but I want to make sure I look my best for my hot date after work. So, I came to get Lisa’s opinion on my appearance. You know, does my ass cake look good? Are my legs smooth enough or should I go for a quick shave? Do my boobs look good or should I wear my bigger inserts? Or in other words, am I ready to turn my man on?”

“Why don’t you take those free Pizza’s to the Kitchen and give us a chance to evaluate your assets?”

“Oh, you silly boys just want to check me out. I only have about two minutes, but I will take these to the Kitchen. No rough stuff.”

“The Kitchen table is that way Sugar B.”

I started a very slow walk right through the den of bulls. I zig zagged so they could get a good look at my legs. I stopped at Spikey Shoreline and extended my right leg out to him implying he could touch it. He didn’t hesitate and had his hands all over my leg. Spikey ran his hands up and down and manage to flip the rear of my skirt up as well as squeeze my ass.

“Your legs have a little stubble, but you will be fine for tonight, but you will escort bayan need to shave in a couple of days. Your ass is perfect, except for these panties.”

“You mean my cake sweetie? I always wear panties on the job. You can pull them down a little so the others can peek my cake. Just a peek.”

I’m still holding the boxes and bending over slightly while he is pulling my panties down from the back. The den started to grunt and growl as Spikey twisted me so everyone got their visual fair share.

“That’s enough. Let me set these boxes down.”

Spikey didn’t pull my panties all the way back up, but he let me go. I proceeded to the table and bent way over to put the boxes down. I took my time as I lifted my skirt and adjusted my panties back over my butt cake. Everyone loves cake, right?

Once I turned around to start my walk back out, I noticed the Kitchen light switch. I reached over and turned it off. I wanted to whip my shirt off, but the grunting from the den was getting more aggressive.

“It’s so bright in here. I hope you don’t mind that I turned the light off.”

Before I could one step into the Living Room, all the remaining lights started to go off. Only the front porch light illuminated the room. I took four steps into the room and took a wide step stance and put my hands on my hips.

“Well, is somebody going to tell me that my cake is ready to be baked tonight? The clock in my head is running and we are down to one minute.”

I was surrounded immediately with hands and lips all over me. Bruno Shoreline latched his lips on the back of my thigh. I think he was trying to give me hickey. Spikey had both hands on my ass and was pulling my panties down. Everyone backed off as he wiggled them down my legs. For some reason I lifted my feet so he could remove them completely.

“So, your date gets to bake this cake tonight Sugar B?”

“No Spikey, not on the first date, but I need to know that he wants to. Am I good?”

“Oh, you’re good. Can I at least lick the spoon?”

“I like the thought of that Spikey, but that might be a bit much for tonight. Anyone have a comment on my boobs? Will he want to massage them?”

Vinnie Shoreline went up top and put his skills to work.

“Yes and no. They certainly help with your fem appearance, but will make no difference at the end of day. We don’t get Kurtköy escort that much out of it. Sorry. It’s not you.”

“I know. I don’t get much out of it either. But, I’m not ready for real implants just yet. Is that why Lisa doesn’t wear her inserts anymore?”

“Probably. Nice to look at for five minutes, but they have no role in the ass poundings we give Lisa.”

“Does everyone pound Lisa’s ass? Spikey, you can have one quick lick.”

In perfect harmony the chorus responded “Yes.”

Then I felt Spikey licking my cake spoon. The first time my spoon had been licked. It might feel different after twenty times, but the first time was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t help but to bend over and present myself in full. I was pushing back on his tongue as hard as he was pushing is forward. Now, I was the one grunting and panting.

I felt something else going on down south. I looked down and found Bruno stroking my bread stick. OK Brie, this has gone far, time to go.

“You boys are going to ruin my date.”

Vinnie said “You’re young, you will recover. Bruno just has to stroke something.”

“Time. Where are my panties? I’m late.”

“OK Sugar B. Vinnie took off with your panties. You probably won’t see them again. Save that cake. We look forward to seeing you again.”

“Thanks for your valued opinions boys. I see there are a lot of boners in here. Don’t be too rough on Lisa tonight.”

“After this little tease show all we can promise is that Jake will be first in line, unless Lisa blew him off on the way home from the store. After that, Lisa will be ours to gang bang. Just like most other nights. Here’s a tip for the free Pizza’s.”

A free $30 tip is worth one last quick cake flash so I bent over. Realizing I had no panties on I stood right back and adjusted my skirt. I gathered myself as best as I could and walked out. I need to go home and freshen myself up before my shower with Zack.

“Thanks for the tips boys. Tell Lisa I came around.”

As luck would have it, as I was walking down the walkway, Lisa was getting out of a car with Jake. Jake was pulling up his zipper, so I think Lisa was only going to take 3 in the ass tonight.

“Brie, what are you doing here and why are you half naked and hard?”

“Hi Lisa. I came to see you, but you were gone. I’m late for work for so I can’t explain any further, but you have a tube of lube, right?”

There it was, Lisa’s famous S pose with her hands on her hips.

Just enough time to dress and stop by the big box store and grab some cheap, but clean sweat pants for Zack.

End Pizza delivery with a twist 10

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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