Room 448

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Sorry for the break. Real life in the way. I hope you like this, I may make a little series.


When the invitation to the cabin in the wilderness arrived, I was somewhat surprised. I had applied six months ago with no expectation of being accepted. To my surprise it showed up with directions to the location. There was just one big commitment that all applicants had to agree to before applying. We had to like cock.

No worries there as I was a bisexual male and in between relationships. The last one ended about seven months ago and it hit me hard. I read the flyer for the Wilderness and thought “what the hell?” The directions asked that we pack light with one formal dinner attire. I was ready and got into my car and followed the directions to the cabin.

Cabin was a loose term to what I drove up to, it was a huge estate that was hidden away in the woods. The big bay windows looked like one-way mirrors and you could only see out. This gave an appearance of privacy.

Once inside I saw why the windows were like that, as I walked into the lobby area there was a large muscular guy getting head from another while he was sitting. His head was back enjoying the sensation. I had to admit I was enjoying the scene as well. Moving toward the counter I saw that a nice young lady was waiting patiently for me to unglue myself from the scene. I smile as I approached her.

“Hi, does that kind of thing happen all the time?”, I gestured over to the two guys.

“No sir.” She paused, “they usually have a third person with them with them.”

“Ok. Here are my tickets and reservation. My name is Jonah.”

Looking down at her screen, “Ah. There you are, Mr. Jonah. You are in cabin 448. Your 5 other roommates haven’t checked in yet. Here are the guidelines and dress codes. Now you do understand that everyone here has a cock, right?” She smiled.

The question threw me at first. “I thought I did. I have seen a few women, are you saying that they have them too?”

To answer my question, she came around the counter and she was wearing a thong and I could see a large bulge barely covered. “Yes, we do.” She slid the cloth to the side to reveal her large cock to which she moved her hand down and stroked it a few times.

“Nice. Kurtköy Grup Escort Are you a guest as well or introduction staff?” I asked.

“Both actually. I will be participating in some of the listed activities and doing some sunbathing.”

She handed me my key and gave me directions to my room. It was in the back and was a large cabin. It slept 6 there was a main room and a loft that looked like it would fit 4-5 people. The main room slept 2-3 and had its own bathroom that allowed for 4 people to enjoy. The loft had a shower with a separate toilet area,

I didn’t know which room to put my things, so I put them down by the couch. I scanned the area and saw a large living area with an attached kitchen. I looked around the kitchen. The fridge was fully stocked. I took a bottle of water and sat back to read the guidelines; thinking I better get these down or who knows what trouble I’d get into.

I started with the packet that the clerk had given me. I found a loin cloth that fit me, so I read on. I was to wear it always and was to go topless. There was one big difference we were to go formal tonight for dinner and on the last night we were here. These seemed to be the only “rules” so I went into one of the bathrooms and changed. While I was changing I heard voices in the main room. I came out and welcome my roommates.

“Hi guys, this is the attire I believe?”

I met Greg, Don, Nancy, Courtney (the receptionist), and Sharon. All seemed like a great bunch of people. They took turns changing. The girls came out with no tops on and we were greeted with their tits out on display.

Nancy asked smiling, “I hope you guys approve.”

We all nodded our approval. She walked over to join the others and they all smiled at us.

“Why don’t we go sit on the patio. The sun doesn’t seem to be too hot out there.” Greg suggested.

We agreed and made our way outside to the deck. The chairs were large and could fit at least two people on them. I moved over to the hot tub and turned it on in case we wanted to use it.

I turned and saw that people had paired up quickly. “Jonah why don’t you come of here and sit with me?” Nancy said with a smile.

I sat down next to her and she leaned onto my chest. My right arm Kurtköy Manken Escort was around her body and resting my hand on her hip. We looked at the others and they were paired up. Greg and Don were together on a chair, stroking each other while the ladies were getting comfortable as well.

“Let’s just watch the show for a bit.” She whispered to me.


I watched as Courtney and Sharon were taking turns sucking on their tits. Each one throwing their head back in a moan. This became almost too much for us. My hand moved down Nancy’s hip to her asscheeks, rubbing in a circular motion, I made my way to her anal ring. She latched onto one of my nipples and suck it to mimic the girls across from us.

I looked over to Don and Greg. They progressed further than us and were in a 69-position, sucking on each other’s cocks. Greg’s large black cock was bigger than Don’s 9 incher. They were thrusting their hips up into the other’s mouth, so they could take more of the logs inside them. I moaned a little at the sight.

Nancy had moved her hand up my inner thigh and found my cockhead. She moved my loin cloth up and started stroking my cock while watching Sharon and Courtney. They had removed their loin cloths and stroking each other’s cock.

“You like the scene?” Asked Sharon, she was looking at Nancy sucking my cock.

“Its wonderful.” I said in between breaths.

Nancy glanced over to them, “You should taste this cock. It’s wonderful.”

I moved my hand that was on her hip and spread her asscheeks with my thumb. I found her anal ring and massaged it with my index finger gently moving inside. I felt her cock on my leg, it was at semi status and she was moving it up and down my leg. My index finger found its way inside her with one final push forward.

She moaned as she went down further on my pole, her hand pulling on my balls as she engulfed my cock. She moved up to the tip of my cock and looked me in the eye. I smiled at her and enjoyed the sensations she was giving me. Closing my eyes, I laid back and enjoyed her blowjob. She moved her tongue down to my balls and circled them with her tongue.

“OOOOOOH, that feels so good.” I moaned loudly.

She moved my knees up so that my legs framed her Kurtköy Masöz Escort head; I could see into her eyes as she moved up and down on my cock. The sight made my cock twitch, she responded by stroking my cock harder and faster.

“You’re going to cum for me now, baby.” She said.

She sped up her stroking and pushed my balls up. She moved up and positioned herself so that my cock was up by her tits. She sucked on the tip and I started cumming, I pushed my hips up forcing me into her mouth. She rubbed my cock on her tits as it spurted the last of my cum.

“That’s my boy. Now enjoy the scene. Don and Greg, can you guys come here and keep Jonah warm.”

“Sure thing.” They said as they came over and laid on either side of me.

Nancy waded through the hot tub over to Sharon and Courtney. They were sucking on each other’s cock, stroking the hardons further. Sharon’s head was by the water as the cock was pistoning in her mouth.

“Let’s switch positions. I need your lips Sharon.” Nancy said with her hands on her hips.

Sharon smiled as Courtney stayed on her cock and moved her ass down by her legs. Nancy bent down and kissed Sharon; sucking on her tongue. Nancy stood and moved in closer.

“Now I’m going to feed you my cock babe.” She said cradling Sharon’s head.

Nancy’s cock went into Sharon’s mouth. She moved her head up and down in between Nancy’s legs. Nancy’s butt cheeks flexed as she bent her knees in time with the motion. We could see that Sharon was getting tired and so was Nancy.

They moved to the deck, so Sharon could rest her head on a pillow, Nancy straddled her head and placed her cock in Sharon’s waiting mouth. Nancy was fucking her face as Courtney sucked slowly on Sharon’s cock.

In the position that we were in we watched as Nancy’s ass moved feeding her cock to Sharon. Nancy spread her cheeks and we could see her ring. Don and Greg were taking turns stroking my cock and sucking on my nipples. My hands cupped their asses.

“I’m gonna cum babe.” Nancy moaned.

We saw her give one final thrust into Sharon’s mouth and I thought I could see the cum move down the shaft and explode into the waiting mouth. It was fantastic! Sharon shot her load so forcefully it landed on Nancy’s tits and up Courtney’s nose. We all rested trying to catch our breath.

“Let’s all get into the hot tub for a bit.” I said.

We rested and let the warm water seep into our sore muscles. We were arm in arm, also hands on each other’s cocks underwater.

This was my first day with my roommates.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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