Sexy Hung Red Head Pt. 02

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This is the second part of the story of “Francine” a Transgender woman from California. She and Jonathan meet in a Tucson resort two weeks after their first weekend together.

Note from Francine-Thank you Mrstanley for writing and submitting my story. In real life I live and work in California and Mexico as a painter. Jonathan is a real lover from Phoenix.



My name is Jonathan and I am a single 27 year old bisexual man. I say bisexual, but that doesn’t mean I have sex with men. I prefer shemales over women. I love pretty women whether they have a cock or a pussy. Smoothly shaven bodies are a must. Oral sex is my favorite sexual activity. I love to give and receive. Recently I have discovered a massively hung pretty transgender woman.

I am six foot one and weigh 200 pounds. I work out regularly and am heavily muscled. I have shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I sunbath in the nude several times a week and have a bronzed body without tan lines. My body is smoothly shaven and hairless from the neck down. I am very well hung at eight inches in length. My circumference is seven inches mid way down my length. My testicles are the size of large eggs and hang in my stretched ball sack. I stretched my sack with wide rings until it hangs down almost six inches below my cock.

Scottsdale Arizona is my home and I live in a gated community. I work as a physical trainer and help older rich people to get in shape. My clients are mostly men with a few women. Three years ago I had a 30 year old client by the name of Susan. She was a very tall attractive blond. After one of our sessions with I made a pass at her. One thing led to another and we ended up naked. To my surprise Susan had a fat six inch cock. She instructed me to the art of sucking cock. We 69ed for hours and fucked each other bareback as well. I dated her for over two years until her job took her to the East coast. She flew down three months ago and we spent five days together in every known sexual position known to man.

Early last month I met another wonderful transgender woman on the internet. After a few weeks we agreed to meet at my place in Scottsdale. Francine is a physical specimen. Older than me by seven years she is 5 foot eleven and 165 pounds of muscle. She lifts weights and has a very well defined body. She wears her hair a little shorter than shoulder length. In the face she looks very much like Mia Isabella the shemale porn star. Francine and Mia have another thing in common, a very big cock. Her cock is just short of ten inches long.

We spent three days together sucking and fucking. Franny sucks cock more aggressively than Susan. She amazed me by deep throating my extremely thick cock. Her cock is so long I was never able to take all of her in my throat. I enjoy sucking Francine as much as she enjoys sucking me. We 69ed every night and were able to reach orgasm in each other’s throats. She topped me several times over the weekend and was able to bring me to orgasm by fucking me.

We wrestled for twenty minutes the second day we were together. It ended in a stalemate that gave both of us huge erections. This led to another bout of me on my knees being violently sodomized by Franny’s huge cock. Over the weekend the only things that entered Francine’s tight anus were my tongue and finger. I loved rimming her ass hole. I wanted to sink my thick cock in her ass. She would not allow me to fuck her. She promised me that on our next meeting she would let me fuck her in the ass.


I spent the last two weeks thinking about my three days I had with Jonathan. I dominated him sexually for most of our weekend. I lost track of how many times I fucked his throat. I love to suck cock as well and was able to deep throat his very thick penis. We went into several lengthy 69s as well. Several hours of sodomizing his anus with my large cock brought him to several explosive orgasms. Jonathan wanted to fuck me in the ass. Topping men is usually what I do. Many lovers have put a finger in my tight anus while they sucked on my penis.

Jonathan is so sexy. I get an erection just thinking about his body. His body is hard and thickly muscled. Kurtköy Ukraynalı Escort Jonathan is a personal athletic trainer and is in fantastic condition. The thing I like most about Jonathan is his very large penis. I have never seen one as large. His erect penis is like a huge squash which is much thicker than my large cock. I am longer like a banana, but Jonathan is seven inches in circumference to my six. Seven inches is about the size of my wrist. His testicles are somewhat larger than mine and hang very low in his scrotal sack. This past two weeks I have been using several large butt plugs to expand my tight rectum. In the past I have never allowed anyone to fuck my ass. I am falling in love with this man. I want to experience the same sexual gratification that I have given him.

Our 2nd Meeting

I have arranged for accommodations in an upscale resort east of Tucson for us. We are meeting at the airport at Tucson today. My flight is almost over and I am thinking about Jonathan’s hot body. I have never felt this way about a man. Jonathan might just be my soul mate. My thoughts are so focused that my flight is over before I know it.

After landing I pick up my luggage and then I see him. He is wearing a tight red polo shirt and khaki cargo shorts. On his feet Jonathan wears some Roman Gladiator sandals. I can tell he is erect by the thick bulge in his shorts. His shinny smooth tan arms and legs are covered with body oil. He smiles as we walk toward each other.

“Hello Francine. You look amazing. Did you have a good flight?”

“Yes I did Jonathan. What is that in your shorts? “

“I can’t help myself Franny. You have been on my mind all morning.”

“The feeling is mutual Jonathan. My erection went away after my ordeal of walking across the airport in my high heels thongs.”

“Give me that big bag. We have a short walk to my car in the parking lot.” Jonathan says.

Jonathan takes her biggest bag by the long handle and they hold hands as they pull the wheeled luggage toward the front of the airport. His eyes move over her tight body. Her eyes are shielded my large round lenses in wire framed sunglasses. Francine is barely covered by a short sleeveless blue sundress. She has a large blue designer handbag strung across her broad shoulders. Her full breasts are held in place by a thin bra. Her muscled thighs and calves are totally on display below her skirt. She has blue four inch thin strapped high heel thong sandals that display her pink sculpted toes. People are checking us out as we walk by. Many of the men are looking at Francine’s body as we pass. Several women make eye contact with me and smile.

“Did you see that Jonathan?”

“Did I see what?” He asks.

“Those girls were looking at you. They want to fuck you.” She says.

“Yes I saw several women looking at me. I also saw several men undressing you with their eyes.” He responds.

“That would be interesting Jonathan?”

“You mean if they saw you naked?” He replies.

“Yes I bet most of the man would be jealous.” She says with a smile.

The lovers walk holding hands as they pull the wheeled luggage through the parking lot. Jonathan opens his car trunk and they put her luggage into their car. As he opens the passenger door for Francine they embrace in a deep French kiss that lasts several minutes. Jonathan’s hand finds Francine’s thick erection as they kiss. She pushes his hand away and grins as they break their embrace. She slides her sun glasses on top of her head and winks at him. As they drive toward the resort they glance at each other’s bodies. Francine puts one of her sandaled feet on the dash and hikes her dress up to her hips. She reaches her hands over and unzips Jonathan’s shorts. His thick cock springs out into her hands. She massages his length with one hand as he drives down the Interstate.

“I am going to swallow this monster when we get to our room.” She says.

“Why wait Francine? Take me in your pretty mouth as I drive.”

Without a word she drops her head into his lap. He feels her warm breath on his cock. Francine is on her knees in the passenger seat with her upper body across Kurtköy Üniversiteli Escort the center console. She takes his tip between her thick lips and swallows his cock head as she scratches along his length with her long pink fingernails. Her eyes travel down his muscled calves and feet as he drives. She notices that his muscles twitch as she swallows his thick penis on each down stroke.

“That is fantastic girl. Suck my cock deeper.”

The shorts constrict his cock and prevent her from deep throating his entire length. In this position she is able to swallow about six inches of his thickly veined erection. Her head bobs up and down on each stroke and she sucks his tip with force. Francine fellates him for about fifteen minutes and is careful not to bring him to orgasm. Jonathan brings the car to an abrupt stop.

“Francine we are here. I was afraid you were going to make me come.”

“No worry Jonathan. I was just pleasuring myself. I love to worship your thick cock with my mouth and throat.”

As she speaks she rises up in her seat and brushes her hair away from her perfect unblemished face. He looks at her reapplying her makeup in the visor mirror. He thinks that this feminine creature is the most beautiful woman he has ever laid his eyes on. As he watches her Jonathan slides his erection back into his shorts.

“What are you staring at baby?” She asks.

“I think I love you Francine. You are so sexy and pretty. I have never felt this way about anyone.”

She licks her lips and takes a deep breath. “I have feelings for you also. It is more than the sex. When I first saw you I felt butterflies in my stomach. “

They kiss for several minutes and caress their faces as their look at each other. The lovers get out of the car and walk toward the resort office with their bags. The staff greets them and checks the couple into their room.

The resort is amazing. Their room is very spacious, about 1600 square feet. The walls and ceiling are mirrored. A dining area and kitchen cover one side of the room. A large two person tiled shower is tucked into a corner. The bed is king size bed and lies against the wall on the opposite side of the kitchen. A padded leather table with handles, bars and restraints is next to a large Jacuzzi in the center of the room. They look at each other and grin.

“This is a sex table?” Francine says with a smirk.

“Yes I believe so. We can fuck and suck each other in many angles with this thing.” He says.

“I need to freshin up some Jonathan. I am a little slimy from my flight.”

“OK I have an idea. Let’s take a shower together. What do you think Franny?”

“That sounds great Jonathan. That way we don’t have to wait for each other.”

They tear their clothes off and run naked into the shower. They quickly wash their nude smooth bodies with sponges and soap. Next they shave each other’s genitals of stubble and stray hairs. Jonathan drops to his knees in front of Francine and licks and nibbles at her long stiff erection.

“Baby, show Franny how you love her.”

“I have been practicing this.” He says with his lips millimeters from her 9.5 inch cock.

“Practicing on who my love?” Francine asks.

“Well on fruit and vegetables mostly.” He replies.

“Mostly?” She asks.

“I have a ten inch dildo that is five inches around. I have trouble with the bananas and dildos because they are not flexible. A real cock has some give and will slide a little deeper than hard plastic or stiff fibers.” He explains.

Francine holds his head in her hands as she sinks her meat into his mouth.

“Deep throat me baby.” She commands.

The water from the shower lands on them as Jonathan obediently sucks on the head of Francine’s immense erection. He takes her ball sack in his hands as he plunges her length into his throat. She looks at his face as he struggles with her length. Her cock is buried in his throat to a depth of about eight inches. She smiles at him as he gags on her cock. She shoves her hips forward as he swallows her again. His eyes bulge out as she finally bottoms out. Francine’s ball sack dangles on his chin. Kurtköy Vip Escort She picks up a rhythm with his swallowing and thrusts as he goes down on her length. Now he deep throats her on each stroke.

“That was some amazing fellatio honey. I see your practice paid off. I want to cum later after we have some more pleasure. Let’s get on that sex platform and fuck.” She says.

“Am I fucking you Franny?”

“Yes big boy. I gave myself a two quart enema this morning. The passage is clean as a whistle. I want you bareback no rubbers tonight.” She replies.

They leave the shower and dry off. Their erections are a contrast. Her penis is long and thick, while his is hugely thick and nearly as long. Francine crawls onto the table on all fours with her ass in the air. He positions his face into her spread buttocks behind her. Her smooth ball sack hangs below her anus. He flicks his tongue into her anus.

“My god your tongue feels amazing Jonathan.”

Jonathan removes his tongue and sucks on her low hanging testicles. He sucks on each orb as he scratches her scrotum. After a few minutes he grasps her cock and bends it back and swallows her entire length. His fingers penetrate her anus and he massages her prostate as he deep throats her. Her penis swells and dribbles semen into his mouth as he milks her prostate. Francine’s cock twitches in his throat as he swallows her length. Jonathan removes her from his mouth and kneels behind her.

“Roll over baby I want to look at your face as I fuck you.” He says.

She rolls over on her back and raises her legs over her head and toward her shoulders. He grasps her ankles and moves his face toward her anus.

“That’s it eat my ass hole Johnny . I need some lube for that big cock of yours.”

He rims her tight rectum with the tip of his tongue and penetrates her sphincter. She watches him and smiles as his velvet tongue pleasures the nerve ending in her ass. His eyes look into her face as he makes love to her anus. After several minutes he slides two fingers into her and finds her prostate. Francine’s cock twitches in the air and spits a jet of semen into the air. Jonathan moves higher to his knees and places his huge thickness at the entrance to her ass hole.

“Be gentle with me Jonathan. You are so thick, don’t hurt me.”

“I remember what you did to stretch me. Relax and I will break you in gently.” He says.

He smiles as the head of his erection slides into her tight ass.

“Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! You are so huge Jonathan.”

He grunts as he slides about half of his cock in her. She has tears in her eyes and her mouth hangs open as she gasps and pants. Jonathan begins fucking her at this depth hard and fast. He moves her feet to his mouth and swallows her toes as he plows into her. Her eyes are rolled back in her head and she trembles beneath his rapid thrusts.

Francine looks at him and gasps. “Fuck the shit out of me. Use that thick penis to make love to me. You feel so good inside me.”

He smiles and pumps into her until he is balls deep. His hips slap her buttocks as he picks up his pace. His thrusts are now a blur. Francine grunts as his thickness milks her prostate. He moves his mouth from her toes and French kisses her mouth. They look into each other’s eyes as they kiss. Her muscles twitch as he thrusts deeply into her sphincter. Jonathan raises her hips higher as he fucks her violently. Her long penis is erect and leaking thick gobs of semen from its tip. He lowers his mouth and swallows the tip of her cock. He now takes her ass and cock at the same time. Her legs spasm and her toes spread as she approaches orgasm. She gasps with her mouth open and her eyes glaze over as she watches him swallow about half of her cock as he continues to sodomize her.

“Jonathan! Jonathan! Jonathan! I am commmmiinnnggggg!”

He quickly slides out of her anus and deep throats her balls deep in one swallow. His eyes bulge open and watch her face as her cock shoots seven or eight thick bolts of thick semen into his throat.

“You sweet man. We are going to have so much fun this week. I have never cum like that before. I know now what I was missing.”

“Franny you are a fantastic woman. I love every inch of you.”

Francine and Jonathan move off the sex table and relax in the Jacuzzi. They have a dinner date later across town. They talk about their new life together. They kiss and hold each other tightly. Francine cries as they embrace.

To be continued:

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