The DILF Next Door

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Disclaimer: All characters in this story are aged eighteen or over.

I first started tutoring the Gomez twins about nine months ago, around the same time I started my third year of university. We weren’t close in any way shape or form, only knowing titbits of information from polite small talk exchanged during awkward hallway conversations – I knew that they were about three years younger than me and lived in the apartment next to mine with their dad, they knew that I was studying biochemistry at university and lived with three roommates, all of whom were friends I met at uni – so I was surprised when I answered a knock at my door one day to find them standing there saying they needed my help. It turned out they were really struggling with both biology and chemistry and, as they both wanted to do STEM courses at university, they really needed to improve their grades before the end of the year. Being a broke twenty-one-year-old student, I of course wasn’t going to turn down an offer to make some extra cash and said I would happily tutor them for £20 an hour. Ever since then I met with them at least once a week to cover the topics they found the most difficult and was happy to find that they were pretty good students – they actually paid attention during our sessions, asked all the right questions, and took my constructive criticism without any complaint or offense. Within the space of a few weeks, I began to see an improvement in their grades and class reports, and I became incredibly confident in their ability to earn the final grades they needed for uni.

Now I would find out if my confidence had been well placed. Today was results day and I was standing in front of their door, my hand raised in a fist and prepared to knock. However, before I could bring my fist down on the wood, the door opened, and I found myself standing face to face with Camila, the slightly older one of the Gomez twins.

“Oh, Aidan,” Camila said, a look of surprise spreading over her face. “Sorry, I thought that maybe you were the mailman coming with the results.”

“Ah, so your results haven’t come yet?” I asked. She shook her head sheepishly and I couldn’t help but notice the look on her face, a clear mixture of impatience and nervousness like she was both bothered that the results hadn’t been delivered yet but was also dreading their arrival – it was exactly how I had felt waiting for my own exam results three years ago. “Is that why you look so on edge?”

“Yeah,” she replied, letting out a weak laugh as she ran a hand through her curly hair. “You know what it’s like, these are the grades that are going to determine what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. Once I open that envelope, my life is going to change forever – for better or for worse.”

The look of worry on her face deepened as she said this, and I felt a pang of sympathy in my chest. Reaching out my arm, I placed my hand on her shoulder and gave her a gentle squeeze, “Hey, it’s all going to be okay. I’ve seen first-hand how much hard work you’ve put into your studies this year and your grades so far have reflected that. I know for a fact that it’s all going to work out.”

“I hope you’re right,” she said, flashing me a small smile. “What brings you here anyway? Not that we don’t like having you around or anything.”

I let out a chuckle and removed my hand from her arm before saying, “I actually came to see if you had gotten your exam results yet. I’ve been your tutor all these months, I wanted to be here to make sure all that hard work had paid off.”

“Oh, well in that case come on in,” Camila said, her smile widening as she stepped back from the doorway. “Max and I were waiting in the living room before you got here.”

Walking past Camila, I made my way into the living room where her twin brother Max was waiting on the sofa, staring at the TV. Max looked up as he heard us enter the room and I saw a smile spread across his face as he saw me.

“Hey, Aidan,” he said with his signature cocky smile. “Here to see the disaster happen in person?”

“No,” I replied, taking a seat next to Max on the couch. “I’m actually here to see you two ace your exams.”

“Whatever you say,” Max said with a laugh, his smile and tone of voice exuding confidence even if the nervous fidgeting of his legs suggested otherwise.

“Hopefully we won’t be waiting too much longer,” Camila said, making her way towards the kitchen door. “All results are supposed to be delivered before 5PM, so we’ve got less than an hour before they’re supposed to be here.” Camila stopped in the doorway, turning back to look at the two of us who were sitting on the couch. “You guys wanting anything? Tea? Coffee?”

“I’ll have a tea, thanks,” I said.

“Nothing for me, thanks,” Max said, returning his gaze to the TV.

A minute later Camila returned with two cups of tea, one for me and one for herself, and sat on my other side. I sat chatting with the twins for several minutes before all three of us were surprised by the sound of the front door opening. The twins whipped their heads to the door Bostancı Escort with fearful expressions on their faces, as if their results may have been so bad that the head of the examining board had walked into their house in person to admonish the pair of them. Instead, the twins’ father walked into the living room, holding his toolbox in his hand.

“Hey kids,” he said as he walked into the room. His eyes darted over to me, and I saw a look of mild surprise on his face before he spoke again. “Oh, Aidan, hey. What are you doing here?”

I opened my mouth to respond but was cut off by Max, who said, “He’s here to make sure all his tutoring actually worked.”

“Oh… well… did it?” He asked, a curious and hopeful expression on his face.

“We don’t know yet,” Camila replied with a sigh. “But the results should be here any minute, so-“

Camila went silent at the sound of something being slipped through the letterbox, followed by a light thud as whatever had been posted hit the floor. Everyone sat in silence for a moment, unable to move as a feeling of deep tension weighed down on us all. After several moments, Max rose unsteadily to his feet and made his way to the front door, his sister hurrying after him shortly after. Mr. Gomez and I shared a look before following the twins, who were now standing in the hallway each holding a large brown envelope in their hands. The twins exchanged an uneasy look, nodded at each other, and finally opened their envelopes, pulling out sheets of rigid yellow paper. The two stared at their results but neither showed any emotion at all, simply standing in silence.

After what felt like an eternity of this, I decided I had to break this unbearable silence. “So, what did you guys get?”

Camila was the first two speak. “I got all As,” she said, her voice sounding shaky and disbelieving. Turning to her brother she asked, “What about you?”

“Five As, and two Bs,” he responded, staring back at her wide eyed.

“You got As in bio and chem though, right?” Camila asked, a note of worry in her voice. “You got what you needed for uni, right?”

“Yeah,” he said, laughing slightly as he said it. “We both got what we needed. We’re both going to uni!”

The twins let out a screech of joy before throwing their arms around each other, both clearly overjoyed with the outcome. Mr. Gomez made his way over to his children and threw his arms around them, pride and happiness practically radiating off him. All the while I stood off to the side, smiling with a mixture of happiness and pride but also feeling somewhat awkward as I watched this display of shared familial joy.

After a moment, Camila turned her head to look at me and asked, “And why aren’t you getting involved in this?”

“Yeah,” Max said, also turning to look at me. “Get in here, dude. You’re the only reason we passed in the first place.”

I stood where I was for a moment, surprised that they wanted me to be involved in such an intimate moment, before stepping forward and joining the group hug, wrapping one arm around each of the twins.

We stood like that for a while before Camila eventually spoke up, “I’m going to have to message Courtney and tell her we’re going to be in the same course after all.”

“Yeah, and I need to tell the guys,” Max said. “We all said we’d go out and do something after we got our results.”

“So, group hug’s over?” Mr. Gomez asked with a laugh.

“Group hug’s over,” the twins answered in unison.

We all awkwardly detangled ourselves from the hug, and the twins each gave me one last grateful look before scurrying off to make celebratory plans with their friends. Mr. Gomez and I stood in awkward silence for a moment, neither of us sure what to do next.

“Well, I suppose I’d better get out of your hair,” I said, deciding to break the silence. “Now that the big reveal is over, I imagine you’ll be wanting to spend some time with the geniuses.”

“Wait!” Mr. Gomez said, stopping me as I was halfway towards the front door. “Do you want to stay for a celebratory drink? You’ve done so much for us these past few months, and I want to show you how grateful I am.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” I replied, feeling a little unsure. “I’ve got uni work I should be doing, and I don’t want to be a bother-“

“It wouldn’t be a bother at all,” Mr. Gomez said. “Please, just stay for one drink? It’s the least I owe you.”

“Okay, I’ll stay,” I replied, after a moment of consideration. “But just for one drink.”

Dear reader, I regret to inform you that I did not in fact stay for just one drink. In fact, I stayed at the Gomez household long after both twins had left, stating that they would likely be staying out late with their friends and so their father shouldn’t wait up for them. I found that Mr. Gomez, who insisted that I call him Gabriel, was incredibly easy to talk to – he was funny, he knew how to make a story sound interesting, and he seemed to be genuinely interested in what I had to say. Over the course of a few hours, I’d practically heard his whole life Ümraniye Escort story – he was originally from Brazil and had moved here as a teenager with his parents, he had worked in construction ever since leaving secondary school, and he was divorced from the twins’ mother but remained on good terms with her.

“What about you?” Gabriel asked, taking a sip of his beer.

“What about me?” I asked, facing him from my spot next to him on the couch.

“Well, I’ve basically spilled all about my love life to you,” he said with a chuckle. “Why don’t you tell me about yours? I’m sure a handsome young man like yourself has girls, or boys, or whoever you’re into just lining up to date you.”

I felt a blush rise into my cheeks as Gabriel said this. Gabriel was an incredibly attractive man – he was tall and, most likely due to his years of manual labour, was in incredibly good shape for a man in his forties, with dark brown eyes, brown skin the shade of burnished copper, and a mop of curly black hair atop his head. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have a bit of a crush on him. Knowing that he considered me handsome made me feel ways that I definitely didn’t want to acknowledge.

“Honestly, there’s not really much to tell,” I said, looking down at my intertwined hands as I found myself unable to meet Gabriel’s eyes. “I was dating this guy for a while, but he ended up calling it off a couple of weeks ago. Said he just didn’t see it going anywhere.”

“Well, sounds to me like that guy didn’t deserve you,” Gabriel said matter-of-factly.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied, refusing to lift my gaze from my hands.

“No seriously,” Gabriel said as he moved slightly forward, clearly hearing the disbelief in my voice. “You’re a catch, Aidan. Any guy who doesn’t see how lucky he is to have you, doesn’t deserve you.”

I felt my breath hitch in my throat as I realised that Gabriel had placed his hand on my thigh, whether intentionally or just as a mindless reflex I didn’t know. Slowly I looked up and saw Gabriel looking at me with an intense expression that I couldn’t quite read.

“Is this okay?” Gabriel asked me, placing his beer on the floor with one hand while his other began to slowly rub my thigh.

“We really shouldn’t be doing this,” I replied, practically forcing the words out. I found it difficult to even gather my thoughts while he was gazing at me with such intensity, never mind talk.

“I know, but I really want to do this,” Gabriel said, moving forward slightly so that our legs were now touching. “Do you want me to do this?”

The atmosphere in the room had become unbearably heavy, the air so thick with tension it felt like I would choke on it if I even tried to take a breath. Unable to talk I simply nodded in response. Inching forward ever so slowly, Gabriel closed the space between us and brought his lips to mine. His lips were much softer than I thought they’d be, and he kissed with a tenderness I hadn’t expected. It was the kind of tenderness exhibited by those feeling the anxiety and uncertainty of trying something strange and new for the first time. Slowly I felt his left hand move to cup my cheek while his right hand, the one which had previously been placed on my thigh, trailed upwards until it eventually rested on my hip. To my surprise Gabriel gripped my hip harder and I felt him begin to pull me towards him, positioning me so that I was now lying underneath him on the couch, all the while he continued to kiss me and run his thumb along my cheek. After several moments like this I felt Gabriel pull back, and I opened my eyes to see him gazing at me with a brilliant smile on his face.

“Wow,” he said breathlessly. “That was amazing.”

I felt a deep blush rise in my cheeks but this time I didn’t look away from him. Instead, I raised my hand to his face and cupped his cheek, feeling the roughness of his stubble against my palm. Smiling back at him I replied, “It really was.”

Gabriel leaned down and brought our lips together in another kiss, this one more fervent and intense than our first. As we kissed I felt Gabriel’s hand move from my cheek and trail down my neck, running along my chest and stomach until eventually I felt his hand settle on the zipper of my jeans.

“Wait, wait,” I said as I broke the kiss, grabbing his wrist in my hand.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he said, looking down at me with concern in his eyes. “Am I going too fast? Do you want me to stop?”

“No!” I said with an urgency that surprised both of us. “No, I want to keep going. It’s just… could we maybe go somewhere a bit more private than your living room?”

“Oh,” he said with a chuckle, his cheeks turning red as if he had only just realised how out in the open we were. “Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. We could go up to my bedroom if you want.”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” I replied with a smile on my face.

Gabriel quickly pecked me on the lips before he moved off the couch. I had begun to move when Gabriel said, “Wait, don’t get up.”

“What?” I responded, confused. “But I thought you Anadolu Yakası Escort wanted to-“

I was cut off as Gabriel placed one arm under my knees and the other behind my back before leaning in and saying, “Hang on.”

I quickly wrapped my arms around his neck, laughing as I allowed him to lift me up and carry me bridle style. “What are you doing?” I asked, continuing to laugh as he walked into the hallway towards his bedroom.

“What?” He replied, looking at me curiously. “I believe when you’re trying to woo someone, you should do everything you can to make them feel special.”

“Well, I guess I’m lucky to have met a true gentleman,” I said, resting one hand tenderly against his chest. I was delighted to see Gabriel smile at my comment before leaning in for another kiss, continuing to carry me as his lips moved against mine.

A moment later we were in his bedroom, where he gently deposited me onto his comfortable king size bed before quickly returning to the door, which he closed and locked. Once he had taken care of that he made his way over to the bed and took a seat beside me, angling his body so that it was facing me. Looking deeply into my eyes he brought his left hand to my neck, cupping the back of it gently, while his right hand took my left, interlacing our fingers together. Once again, he closed the space between us, kissing me with a desperate passion which hadn’t been there during our first kiss. As the kiss progressed, I decided I wanted to take things further and shifted onto my knees before throwing my left leg over Gabriel’s body, so that I was now settled comfortably on the older man’s lap.

“Woah, someone’s eager,” Gabriel said with a chuckle, his hands settling onto my hips.

“Well, I can’t help it when you’ve gotten me all worked up,” I said, rubbing my hands along his chest. “Sorry, do you want me to slow down?”

“No, I’m actually really enjoying this. It’s just…” He trailed off for a moment, his eyes dropping from mine almost as if he were embarrassed of what he way about to say. “I should probably tell you I’ve never done anything like this before. Or at least, I’ve only done this with women before.”

“Yeah, I kind of guessed,” I replied, slowly massaging his pecs with my hands. “And it’s totally normal to be nervous. I could take the lead if that would make you more comfortable. Kind of show you the ropes?”

“Yeah, I think that would make me more comfortable,” he said sheepishly, slowly raising his eyes back to mine. “But by take the lead, you don’t mean…”

He trailed off but I could tell from his expression exactly what he was thinking, and I couldn’t help but chuckle slightly. “If you’re asking if I want to top, I’m strictly a bottom,” I said, laughing even more as I saw relief wash over his face. “Now all you have to do is relax and let me get to work. And remember, we can go as fast or as slow as you want. If at any point you feel uncomfortable or like you want me to stop just tell me and I will, okay?”

“Okay,” he said, with a bright smile on his face. “You really are amazing, you know that?”

“I try my best,” I said, feeling myself blush once again. “Now, how about we get this shirt off you?”

Moving my hands down from his chest, I grabbed the hem of his t-shirt and tugged up, bringing the shirt over his head, and throwing it onto the floor. Looking down I was greeted by a magnificent sight – his arms were powerful and bulging with muscle, his well-defined pectoral muscles coated with curly black hair that continued to trail down his abdomen, lightly dusting a perfect eight pack before disappearing into his jeans. I felt overwhelmed seeing his body up close and unclothed like this – it looked almost perfect, like something straight from a Renaissance painting. I began to kiss him yet again, this time slowly and sensually, while at the same time I began to slowly grind my ass against his crotch, feeling his dick harden beneath me as he moaned into my mouth. Then I began to move my attention downward, my hands exploring the ridges and musculature of his body as my lips trailed kisses across his neck, down his chest and abdomen, before eventually stopping above the waistline of his jeans. At this point I had shifted my position so that I was now on the bed, kneeling between his legs, relishing the moans and mewls he let out as I continued to worship his body with my mouth and hands. Now I looked up at him, my mouth directly above the newly formed tent in his jeans while one hand rested on his stomach and the other gripped his leg. He looked down at me and met my gaze, his eyes filled with a look of delirious lust.

“Is this okay?” I asked him, looking deep into his eyes. “Do you want me to suck your cock?”

“Yes,” he said in a breathless whisper. “Oh God, yes.”

A grin spread across my face as I undid the zipper on Gabriel’s jeans, allowing me to pull the older man’s jeans and underwear down, exposing the treasure that was hidden underneath.

“Holy shit,” I said, pure awe and shock in my voice as I laid my eyes on Gabriel’s dick. It was massive, easily somewhere between nine and ten inches in length, and had such a great girth that I found it difficult to completely wrap my hand around it. I felt a jolt of both thrill and excitement surge through my body as I thought about tangling with such a beast.

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